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  1. If this was in response to my post (not sure), I looked up the prices here locally (on the East Coast) and gave you those prices. Both restaurants fit your description of your restaurant and one of them even has similar decor.  They both have excellent food. There may be price differences for food from where you are, but you asked all of us what we'd pay. I was trying to be helpful by looking up actual prices of similar restaurants for you.

    I wasn't sure if you meant that you'd checked where you were, or if you'd checked where I am.  :001_smile:

    It sounded like you were describing my closest competition in town here!

  2. Do you mean the other café in my town? If so, the price difference is because they use med eggs and the cheapest bread, and even with that, the restaurant food supply rep says that the other café will be unable to sustain those prices for very long. The other place is also a very different style than mine, and is likely to appeal to a slightly different target market. I don't think I can compete with them price-wise with those things in mind. :-/

  3. What does Food Network Ramsey say? Figure your cost- food, prep, salary etc, and charge double that-- or you won't stay in business.


    Congrats!  I think 5.99 is too low.  How about 7.50?


    Where I live, it would be at least $12.99. (Everything always seems to end in .99)


    I don't go out for breakfast much, but when I do, I expect that anything I order beyond a bagel, will be at least $10.99.  ;)

    Oh, I've done all of the calculating. Food cost needs to fall at no more than 30%. That two egg breakfast as I'm serving it is right at that 30% maximum.

  4. In short, I don't want to tell him to do that.  I don't feel right about it.


    You feel differently.  Not much more I can say than that.

    Yes, I get that you don't want to, and that you don't feel right about it. -And yes, I feel differently. I was simply asking you *why* you don't feel right about it. I tried to ask as politely as possible, and I wasn't asking you to defend yourself as though what you were doing was wrong. I thought there was an interchange of ideas, and I would have liked to understand your perspective!

  5.  I wouldn't mind if you would tell me how you feel, but I can't change the fact my son is with me during the day and again, I won't tell him to go away.


    I mean this ever so respectfully, but I'm trying to understand this perspective, so I hope you don't mind me asking--why?

    Why wouldn't you ask him to occupy himself so you could visit with a friend for a while? I guess I've always looked at it as teaching my kids to be respectful of other people's needs and looking beyond our own momentary desires, but maybe I've missed something?

  6. Ridiculously low as in below the federally mandated minimum wage. 


    When I was a waitress, I made $2.25/hour. That was fairly generous as restaurant jobs go.  The minimum wage at the time was, I believe, $8/hour.  Restaurant dining would be MUCH more expensive if it weren't for the custom of tips.   If newspaper delivery folks were paid minimum wage, the paper would be much more expensive too.


    I am not a fan of the system. But, it is what it is, so I tip.


    Hmm...not here in California. Servers get minimum wage + tips.

  7. I know this thread is long, but if you decide based on which ends up the majority opinion, place me in the category of those who tip whenever possible for great service, but I would not tip if someone reminded me expectantly that I should do so.


    I would be fine with a friendly card or note that said something like, "Thank you for allowing me to serve you, best wishes for the coming New Year." and included information including mailing address and phone number in case I needed to contact them for any reason in the coming year. Anything more than that, and I'd put it in the trash immediately, and I'm part of a service industry that runs on tips.


  8. I had 5 kids in 7 years, and the three oldest are boys, and the two youngest are girls.

    Hand-me-downs pretty much went right from one kid to the next, with no tote in between. None of them have ever seemed to care. Really, even the "new" things were mostly hand-me-downs from cousins or friends. They've always been excited when given "pre-owned" clothes. The oldest kid wore the item, then it'd go to the next kid and I'd put a black dot on the tag. Then it'd be handed down to the third kid, and we'd add another dot. That's the way we knew which clothes belonged with which kid! They liked their hand-me-downs though. Not sure what I would have done if I'd had a kid who didn't, but it wouldn't have likely been to buy new things. That's just not how we roll, regardless of whether we had the money to do so (we did, but new clothes weren't a priority).

  9. My personal situation has been difficult (that's an understatement) for over a year now. It's not exactly the same situation, but it's difficult nonetheless.

    I am embarrassed about the times that I need help. It does make me feel broken, and it makes me feel weak, and it makes me feel stupid and inadequate and that I probably brought the troubles on myself for being so stupid and inadequate (I didn't, but it makes me feel that way).


    Accepting help when I need it has been *extremely* humbling. I have always, *always* been the competent person who helps others. I have LOVED the times I've been able to help a friend, or family, or really anyone. One of my friends finally told me that she felt incredibly, hugely HONORED to have the chance to help me back. I am working at learning to accept help as a sign that other people love me, not that they pity me. It was not until my friend used those particular words that I began to understand and have a little peace about accepting kindnesses.



  10. We built our home about 12 years ago. It was a wonderful experience, but the key to that was having a contractor that we trusted implicitly.

    I never had to worry about something being done wrong, or in a way that was not what I'd specified. They were done on time, on budget, and were glad to see me when I'd stop in each day.


    In my heart of hearts, what I would choose is restoring a gracious, old house, but the new one is very nice. It was surprisingly easy to make the house look nice without spending much money to do so, by choosing small touches of very nice finishes. We have a fireplace, for instance, where we used travertine for the surround. It didn't cost much, because the area is so small, but it made a really big difference in the feel of the house, since it's in a really visible place.


    If I had it to do over again, there isn't much that I'd change, and I found the process to be fun. If quick decision making (or decision making at all) stresses you out, I'd say, don't do it. There were lots of decisions to be made in a short amount of time, some of them with only a few minutes notice.

  11. She probably needs support for PTSD from an experienced and qualified professional.


    Joanne, I hate to piggyback on someone else's post, but can you tell me a little more about this?


    I've recently come to realize that I'm not really okay still. It's been over a year since I found out about my dh's infidelity, and about 9 months since I found out the worst parts. At this point, thoughts about this arise every 10 minutes or so. I can mostly control them, in terms of deciding that now isn't a good time to dwell on whatever it is, but they don't seem to be coming any less frequently as time goes by, and that's a problem. Even though intellectually I'm pretty sure I understand what happened, emotionally, it's just not becoming any easier. I've made my choices (for now), and I think they're reasonable ones, but...my mind isn't letting me get past the intrusive thoughts, no matter how much I've resolved to do so. I know that I look pretty much okay on the outside, but something is seriously, seriously not going well with processing what happened.


    From what I understand, PTSD is, in large part, caused by a failure to process the event/events effectively. I don't know how to fix that. I've thought through what happened, I've received counseling. What more work is there to do with that? I'm feeling more than a little hopeless. :-(

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