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  1. Sometimes when I get a Frappaccino, I will let dd have some of it. (I have three kidlings (ages 24,15, 11), but only one that likes coffee -- the youngest.) Reason? Cuz it is tasty and doesn't happen often. Concerns? Nope. But we also let them have soda, too. And even some root beer has caffeine.
  2. I miss IKEA. Where we used to live, it was 15 minutes away. Even my son, who HATES going shopping in any way, shape, or form, loved going to IKEA. Now that the closest one is 4 hours away, it *feels* like a tourist attraction!
  3. I have been here since 2008 (and homeschooling since 1997!) - but have always lurked until now, so I am still "just visiting" - lol!
  4. Hello! :001_smile: Get ready for a wonderful journey!
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