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  1. This is an old thread, but want to bump up in case anyone could provide anymore thoughts on using MEP in high school. I have a daughter who has finished pre-algebra but needs more practice before moving on to algebra. I have a son about 3/4 the way through algebra (both using Derek Owens) I would like to move to an integrated approach for both of them. I was thinking of having them start in Year 7 and 8. Would that be a good placement? Any other thoughts on using MEP in high school? Looks like we would work through Level A Pure Mathematics to get through Calculus?
  2. Yes, definitely think we had the same teacher
  3. I think you may have had the same teacher my kids did for EW1this year. Although my kids enjoyed her I had a lot of the same concerns. Very different from last year's experience
  4. We son used Derek Owens math for pre-Algebra and is not in Algebra. My daughter is now using pre-Algebra. It is expensive but great videos and great support.
  5. My kids are currently in EW1 and did the prep class the year before that. It has been a great experience. They meet online twice a week and normally spend about an hour on another day doing the homework (sometimes less)
  6. My older two kids are in their second year of taking writing classes with WTMA. Their Expository Writing 1 teacher is not coming back next year. I was wondering if anyone could share any thoughts or reviews on the three teachers teaching Expository Writing 2 next year? As much as we love the classes, wish they would have more luck with teachers staying for more than one year. This will be their third teacher in three years. Jennifer Roundabush Jessica Otto Elizabeth Edwards
  7. Raodrunner, can I ask what teacher yous son has for EW2 that he likes so much? My kids EW1 teacher is not coming back next year and need to pick a new teacher
  8. We are getting ready to do CPI Middle school earth science Middle school experiment 6B on storms. It says we need a set of six radar plates?? Does anyone know where to find these? If not did anyone find a different way to do this experiment?
  9. Can anyone share any thoughts on the Derek Owens Physical science? Did you like it? (My son is currently enjoying his math) I was wondering how the labs work for the class?
  10. Thank you for suggestions. Megawords looks good! Do you need to start at book 1 or is there a placement test? Spelling wise the words look easy, but maybe for the root practice worth starting there?
  11. My 10 year old daughter in done with AAS, she has finished Level 7. I was thinking having her work on root words to further practice spelling and also word on vocabulary. Favorite programs? I have looked at English from the Roots Up. However, I think she would prefer a workbook format
  12. Thank you for all the suggestion, going to check them out!
  13. Any reviews of the Kolbe literature program, both elementary and junior high?
  14. Has anyone put together a schedule using Oxford University Press with History Odyssey Level 2 Middle Ages that they would be willing to share?
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