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  1. Did you speak with the school counselor or psychiatrist? Many schools have a lunch bunch or lunch group that caters to kids with a variety of concerns. Usually the students can get together as needed, to eat separately in a small group with the counselor or an aide. Would something like this help?
  2. My kids have had a fair number of choices. There are about 120 - 150 students per grade and I think larger schools have even more options. There are 8 periods in the day and 4 of them are usually the core subjects which usually fall along a track CP, honors or AP. Students can pick and chose where they want to fall as long as pre-requisites are met. There is also a state mandated one semester Personal Finance class and the school dictates that they take two hears of Phys ED (which includes health) and two semesters of music/art. After Freshman year there are a fair amount of options even within the core subjects. You can take an accounting track for your math or marine biology or forensic science instead of AP Bio, etc. You have 3-4 periods to fit in the electives (many of the sciences are double period labs). My son does a special engineering program at the school which includes a specific class to be taken each year. I was worried with that extra class and his 4 years of Spanish he would have a hard time fitting in other electives but that hasn't really been the case. Junior year he did have to settle for CP Spanish rather than Honors because that is what fit in his schedule.
  3. We've always said the pledge here in public schools, and they still do. Every day and before any type of assembly or sporting event. I've never exactly seen it as a shining example of patriotism as it was marketed by a man who owned a flag company and wanted to sell his flags to schools. He pulled strings to have legislation created in its favor. It is more of an oath to capitalism.
  4. They meant "Okay" they would take your money.
  5. My daughters university requires vaccination. Vaccinated students will be able to be unmasked on campus (but that may change) and those unvaccinated will be required to wear masks. Also unvaccinated students will be required to get COVID tested twice a week. Any student wearing a mask and getting tested is obviously unvaccinated, no need for a roommate to be explicitly told. Any unvaccinated student not following that protocol risks being expelled. Last spring everyone on campus was masked and everyone tested twice a week. If they did not follow that protocol they could not continue with their classes or even access their dorms for dining halls. Students were expelled over non compliance so I am not worried about the school policing their guidelines this fall.
  6. We live in a town where many people are quite wealthy and we are middle to upper middle class. We live in a small house that is constantly in a state of renovation. There have been a few incidents that have stood out through the years. When my son was in first grade a friend asked if we were poor because he didn't have an IPad. The first time my daughters friend came over (now her best friend) she was about 7 and she was fascinated by our window air conditioning unit. She had never seen one before. But these instances have been few and far between. Not really kids being mean but just unaware of what is outside their little bubble. The pros have been that their schools have been excellent and they have been able to do things we could not necessarily afford. Go on trips with their friends, swim in their pools hang out on their boats. No one ever held it against them that we couldn't reciprocate - It never mattered. They have never been made to feel less than. They have always had numerous friends and practically no drama (even in middle school! lol) No one ever really cared what brand kids wore. Through the years there have been brands my kids were interested in but I'm a Marshalls/TJ Maxx/ Outlet shopper so those name brands were never more expensive than any other clothes I would be buying for them. My kids have never really had an issue. I have sometime felt hmmm, disappointed I guess I'll say. For example my house is too small to hold a pasta party for the swim team like almost all of the other parents do. And kids don't hang out here as often as other houses because there isn't really a separate more private area. Even the other thread about pantries got to me a little. we don't have a pantry or any where for a pantry to be.
  7. Most High school seniors here have the opportunity to do a two week internship in a field they are interested in pursuing, towards the end of the school year. The schools have lists of individuals and firms willing to work with the students in a large variety of fields. Perhaps your local high school can put you in touch with someone that would be more willing to answer questions from a student. They may even be able to provide internship opportunities.
  8. The real problem is that if it weren't for their need to throw a fit, they wouldn't normally know what books were on their child's classroom curriculum or even that a list existed at all.
  9. I think this post and Ordinary Shoes post is combining denominations in a way. Reform Jews are usually not observant meaning that they do not literally follow the 613 commandments and usually are not kosher. Yes, literal interpretations of the Torah are not necessary or common but that it because they are being seen as a guide to teach moral lessons on how to be a better person. I think this point is important to me because I often see posts here with people saying that they know someone Jewish but they are not very religious because they aren't kosher or don't appear to observant. Basically more like how Orthodox Jews appear. To be honest it is sort of offensive to me as a Reform Jew. I feel I am religious because of my faith, my views and my religious education. Being similar to a completely different denomination of my religion does not make me more Jewish. It is like saying a Protestant isn't very religious because their mass isn't in Latin.
  10. I'm curious what movement (denomination) of Judaism you were looking at? In Reform Judaism there are no literal interpretations unless you want to look at them that way. There is no reason to actually believe in the Exodus, Mt Sinai, etc. This is a good summary: https://reformjudaism.org/learning/answers-jewish-questions/can-reform-jew-believe-torah-word-god
  11. In middle school when I was about 12 early 80's. I volunteered at a summer stock theatre and most people that worked there were gay. I started officially working there in high school and continued to work there on and off seasons through college. there were times that I was one of the few straight people working there. I didn't know any peers that were gay until high school. There were a few that came out during that time and others that didn't some out until years later.
  12. Yes - In 9th grade in the 80's I had a class called American Studies. It was a double period that combined History and English. We briefly touched on it though.
  13. Taking a civics class is a requirement for graduation here. there isn't specifically a test to pass, just that the class be completed with a passing grade. In our local high school the classes that satisfy this requirement across the levels are Civics, Honors Civics, and AP Government. They are normally offered in 10th grade.
  14. Sorry just saw the dairy allergy!!
  15. How about a lasagna with zucchini in place of the pasta. That with a side salad might work.
  16. When My kids were in middle school they activities almost every day. For my daughter Spanish and band were part of her school day and she had them every day M-F after school she had whichever sport/season she was in for practice or a game. soccer/basketball/track every day M-F sometimes Sat in the evenings she had Girl scouts once a week and rec soccer, off soccer season, twice a week with games on the weekend. On some Sundays she volunteered with a TOPS soccer program She is an active kid and could have done even more if there were more hours in the day. My son Spanish and band were also part of the school day every day After School he had track every day and sometimes Sat in the spring Evenings he had Karate twice a week all year long Flag Football in the fall, with practices two nights a week and games on the weekend. he isn't quite as active as my daughter so the break during the winter where he only had karate worked for him.
  17. My son has gone back to full in person, but when they were hybrid he had to log in every period for attendance when it was his cohort's virtual day. He still had to participate in each class just like the students there in person. He had to take notes on the lessons, take quizzes and test, participate in discussions, etc. If you aren't actually in those classes on those virtual days aren't you missing half of what is being taught? And daily attendance has nothing to do with public school funding in many places.
  18. Does your daughter have health insurance? If she's not interested in testing via that program, can't she get tested at Rite Aid using her insurance instead. Most people I know that have been tested paid nothing out of pocket through their insurance. This includes clinics, urgent care facilities hospitals and even pharmacies.
  19. I would answer yes to all of these things and I would let the person with a few items ahead of me on line. I also am often reaching items on high shelves for people because I am fairly tall. But, if some one said "watch yourself" to me I would probably be annoyed. To me that is rude. It would be one thing if I was about to step in a puddle I didn't see and could slip(where people here would say "watch out") But you are both headed towards each other. You can control your actions but are telling her to control hers. People don't like to be told what to do by strangers.
  20. Aside from this there is sometimes also an accounting or business track with a variety of accounting classes after Geometry.
  21. When asked if we could do something where the obvious answer was no. my grandfather would always say "you have a good case for judge schmuck." A schmuck in Yiddish is a foolish person. My mother also sometimes says that too.
  22. Here it is illegal for a driver to use hands free devices until they are 18. You may want to double check your state laws.
  23. How interesting. High School level teams wouldn't play other teams outside of their league during the season so they would never be playing a homeschool team in the first place. Public and parochial schools play each other in one division of the league and prep schools and vocational schools have their own divisions. The only crossover would be the occasional scrimmage that doesn't count for anything. There are rec and travel leagues off season and premier level teams, but I've never seen a league where there weren't rules regarding age. Even if our local rec league had no age requirements the state rec league that sanctions the games does so you have to follow those rules. If a homeschool league wanted to play by their own rules that is fine but they would have to play among themselves. I can't image they would ever be allowed to play other teams that abide by the state designations. There are so many rules that high school level athletes have to follow that a game against your team with the rules you have in place could never really count for anything. Also the things happening on your team directly defy rules in place by many leagues to eliminate shady practices. Not just the age differences, but a player new to a school or eligible to play on a new team has to wait out one season to play, to eliminate schools recruiting players out from under each other. If a student moved to a new school and started playing on a team immediately every game played by that team would be considered a forfeit because they were playing with an ineligible player. I am saying this all because I think you are seeing what you perceive to be prejudice and suspicion against homeschoolers when the concerns of the other teams may be well justified. I would look into your state sports governing rules to see exactly what these teams are up against. Sorry to derail this thread OP!
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