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  1. DS12 asked me this morning if he had anything after school. I told reminded him about a fundraiser supper. Then he asked if at some point before or after, maybe, somehow, one of us could take him to the store? Why, I asked? I didn’t know he took his dad to pre-order it ages ago, lol.
  2. I think your idea is great. Something along the lines of not being able to repay her for her generosity, but instead the gift of time with her husband...
  3. Well, in my neck of the woods/prairie I hope it’s *only* 6 months every year.... but if it stays hovering below freezing, I guess I’d learn to live with humidity, sigh.
  4. Once it snows and stays, I call that winter, lol. There’s always that first frost/snow that goes away, and then boom, it happens again, and there’s the hope that it’ll go away, too, just for a couple of days... then that hope dies, and you realize it’s just winter. Bleh.
  5. Um no.... remember how we are leaving the cold and snow for Texas? *stomp* Yesterday was -18C (~0F) without wind chill for Remembrance Day ceremonies. I am so very grateful my DS was inside for his, especially since there was most definitely a wind chill! It is 93% humidity and just below freezing now. Bring back my dry cold. I do not like this damp feeling one bit. I have been sneaking the thermostat up to 19C (66F)!
  6. I’m not a scouting parent, but it seems like he’s taught himself more skills than some full credit classes!
  7. Ours have chequing accounts, as those are no-fee. They can manage their own finances: receive their allowance via e-transfer and get paid for lawn mowing, and use their debit cards, etc.
  8. Sure, my dad was diagnosed when he was around 40. My uncle was also diagnosed around the same age.
  9. I would go around with a candle (or whatever method you choose) and make sure air isn’t coming around the window, then take off the casing and spray foam as necessary.
  10. On the high end of the budget are Disney Adventures, which May at least give sone ideas.
  11. I hope you are all able to get some rest!
  12. When we lived in Iqaluit, there was Polar Man. While googling him so I could link his Wikipedia page, I see he moved south! I’m also disappointed to see his non-super hero name revealed.
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