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  1. I would vote more oat-like.... but I’m only surrounded by farms, not intimate with them, lol!
  2. It was many years ago, but it looked a lot like these. And if it worked in our weather, it should work pretty much anywhere, lol.
  3. When my friend’s dad had ALS in hug school, they put in a lift/mini elevator.
  4. I’m not even a Katie. No idea why I clicked!
  5. What’s even weirder is I tried doing the opposite to see if I got numbers, and I didn’t..... but I’m glad it helped!
  6. So weird. How do things change for some? If you change the theme, does it make a difference?
  7. $5 - but I am not in the States, where I know I don’t tip enough, or often enough.
  8. Also, what if word gets around that you are super cheap, or she goes out of town often? 😳
  9. I came across black dress shoes at a clearance store that were acceptable for a 12 yr old for band. Not helpful. But it’s so hard to find something appropriate that they don’t think is stupid looking.
  10. Yeah, I let it go. It’s on my very long list of things not to do when I’m old. Unfortunately, I will probably forget the list.
  11. This is exactly the only person I know who has bought one - friend, about 40, kids out of the house. I looked up the price. It was more then my fully loaded Civic, which is fun to drive. Sooo many choices out there - why does he like that one?
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