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  1. True, true, but I probably won’t correct the teacher, lol. Although the assignment is labelled “Book Report,” the actual piece of paper is titled “Independent Novel Study.” Shrug. Anyway.... thank you for the link and breakdown! I will forward that to him!
  2. Can you point me towards a book list, on this board or elsewhere, or throw out some ideas of books for a high school book report? It must be 200 pages, fiction, and something DS hasn’t read before. The book report is the usual: “ For this assignment, you are required to provide a character analysis of the main character in your book OR an analysis of the symbolism in your book OR how the author uses setting to create tone and mood OR how the author establishes a particular theme in the book.” I’ve sent him the usual lists that include Fahrenheit 451, for example, which is what he chose. Not a copy available in any format except Spanish in the whole city! He is a voracious reader, but not an experienced writer, so I’d love to find something that interests him, but is also obvious to write about one of the topics. I’ve been reading some interesting books, but no sooner do I recommend them, and I turn the page to a sex scene!
  3. How long and how much RS did you have to add to notice a difference?
  4. It looks just as easy to make as simple syrup without the gum arabic! Every recipe very much emphasizes the food grade gum arabic!
  5. I see some on amazon.... I also want to know what you’re planning!
  6. DH’s dad is very happy with the mpg on his diesel Colorado. We just could not afford a diesel, so our second vehicle is a truck that we use as little as possible.
  7. Google, just started using Waze. It’s new enough here that we get excited when we see other Wazers in the map, lol
  8. 5678.... 56=7x8 That’s the only way I remember! My mom was ecstatic the day that stuck!
  9. We took public transport (metro/train/bus) to Mt Vernon from DC for the day. So cheap and easy!
  10. That looks like the newer model of the one I have 🙂 I think how we used it was resetting our clock. In a way, every day required a reset. Otherwise, in the absence of sunlight, your body falls into its own rhythm. You just sleep and get up whenever. Which is fine if you have no need to adhere to a clock.... I mean, there was the time I woke up to DS (4 or 5yo) watching cartoons at 1:30 in the morning. He woke up, the clock said 11, I think it was, and he didn’t know if it was day or night.... If the light works to tell your brain that it is, indeed, time to get up, I think it will help that waking up time be less of a struggle for you. And that being “up” then, will trickle into the rest of your day, enabling your brain to settle down more easily when it is bed time. But I also think you may need melatonin to get into the stare of mind of being ready to sleep. And I think that routine is helpful for the brain at our age, just as we do for our kids. So if the melatonin helped you ease into sleep while listening to a meditation, soon listening to the meditation might be enough on its own, kwim?
  11. Yes, your credit report should show you everything in your name. Personally, I’d be spooked enough that I would take my ID and walk into a branch.
  12. Mine is battery operated and has a wake function on it. It’s a Phillips GoLite. ETA: People react differently. When we lived above the Arctic Circle, and had 24-hour darkness for months at a time, the kids and I took turns using the light at breakfast. I would use it again for 10 minutes to get through the afternoon, otherwise I would be sound asleep by 1500. However, if the kids used it anytime after about 1000, they’d be wide awake until midnight. DH did not use the light because he was on call 24/7 and not following a schedule. He used melatonin during 24-hour daylight to fall asleep.
  13. What happens when you die? Is it taxed as part of the estate?
  14. I honestly can’t remember October Sky, but that’s a whole minefield in movies, isn’t it? One website I have bookmarked is - younger DS can not handle a movie where a dog dies, and I sneak a peak to see if a mom dies, because Guardians of the Galaxy blindsided me and I thought I was going to have a panic attack right there in the theatre.
  15. Hey, so this list has some movies from which science (mostly tech) developed. Not really what you’re looking for, but maybe you could talk your way into Back to the Future, lol? I know you asked specifically about science movies, but I wanted to mention that my science-y kid has also always enjoyed the classics like Mary Poppins, when I went through a phase of “100 movies your kids should see” or something like that.
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