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  1. I bet the number of times he remembers magically equals the number of pictures there are...
  2. And the two newly revealed blackface incidents.
  3. Oh dear. I owe my dad’s gf $200 for tickets..... she hasn’t said a word. I am far from $22. Oy!
  4. Well, lightbulbs *are* annoying, as are things like chargers when they are plugged in! I hope she feels better soon!
  5. Around here at the moment (DS14)? Strictness.... “You are the only mom who _____” -puts time restrictions on phone use -enforces bedtime -has parent restrictions on Netflix And you all can laugh and laugh when I tell you how strict I am. -11:00 all but the essentials of phone use become disabled -10:00 bedtime on school nights, with the phone plugged in beside my bed (you will note that if I was soooo strict about bedtime, DS would never even realize about the first one) - I think PG13 is the highest rating on Netflix without a pin. But oh, the injustice!
  6. Is it because one person is tagging another, so you are seeing the link as a tag instead of a share?
  7. Do you think the statue of the child (that appears to be half-buried and holding on to the ball for dear life) will end up on top? Or forever clinging to the ball?
  8. I am so grateful for interac.... just email or text. So easy and secure!
  9. So... as someone who lives about as far away from a hurricane as you can get, but has the potential for being a snowbird in 15-20 years... If you rent an apartment, who is responsible for covering windows, etc?
  10. There are definitely good moves and bad moves. And it makes it a million times worse if it’s a bad move for your kids. The experience for my kids at our last place was so bad, we pulled them from school and drove them to the next town over. While attending an event to scope out the school, a stranger started a conversation with me and I choked back the tears as I realized it was the first time since we had moved three months before. Sadly things never did improve there, and we moved as soon as we could.
  11. Yes, it would bother me, and yes our expectations are too high. If I really had wanted to look at cars, I would have given the business to someone that was present. Knowing my luck, the guy who didn’t answer my email would get a cut because I was technically already his customer, and that would tick me off more!
  12. I said in front, which is really temporary, but under my pillow is most often the way for me. I’ve often wondered what the best answer is, too. There is no good answer for my head on his chest. Except squished and in the way.
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