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  1. I see it there, under colours?
  2. I remember when the kids were younger and I demonstrated a cartwheel, out of the blue. Made it, but ow! I also took part in an adult synchronized figure skating team. I bet they rethought the whole “everyone is welcome” thing the next year, lol! So, good for you, best of luck, don’t hurt yourself!
  3. A missing d is really not a good enough excuse for my poor reading - on a kindle thread, yet!
  4. I am no help. I read the title as “Kind of delicate e-reader question” and was curious.
  5. I would let him sell them and recoup the money...
  6. I’m just taking a shot at this, while waiting for actual math wizards (or even math Muggles) to chime in. I imagine a triangle with two 8cm sides, coming from the centre of the sphere. If half of that is a right triangle, then I want the two sides of the right triangle, with 8cm being the hypotenuse. One side is the radius of the cylinder, the other is half the length.
  7. Amen, sister! And wth Easter dinner coming up, and going to my aunt’s, I’m REALLY hoping it’s not ham and scalloped potatoes.... but I’m prepared for the worst.
  8. Yeah, my grandma’s scalloped potatoes were potatoes and milk, I think. I highly recommend not going this route; until recently, scalloped potatoes were one dish I refused to eat. But now you guys are talking: cheese, bacon, white sauce!
  9. I have clearly been making scalloped potatoes all wrong! Bacon? What kind of cheese? I layer thinly sliced potatoes with (yes, some butter or margarine), Parmesan cheese, onions, pepper, dill, add some milk, cover them, and pop them on the barbecue. I don’t think of them as being terribly unhealthy, but we only have then a couple of times during the summer.
  10. DH and I work 12s, 4on 4 off. Meal planning helps (I subscribe to a website - I finally realized that I can’t do it, I am terrible at it), so DH and I both know what to cook, and less excuses to eat out. Ordering groceries online and picking them up helps a lot, too. The day after my last night shift is pretty much just catching up on laundry, etc. The second day off, DH has just finished his last night, so if my mom needs something, I plan it for that morning while he’s sleeping. The next two days off are together, so I reserve one for a date breakfast and running around. And ideally the last morning is housecleaning... and getting ready for the next four days at work. All of the usual kid activities still happen - I use my lunch break for an hour-long nap and eat at my desk instead. Other people use their lunch to run errands or workout.
  11. Very cool pictures!
  12. Woohoo! Exciting!
  13. That seems normal for my 12 & 14 yo boys. A lot of it seems to stem from perspective. As we get older, we can step back and prioritize and consider different ways of tackling a problem. Everything seems equally huge and rigid to them. OMG I HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE PAGE ON FEELINGS WHAT WILL I WRITE ABOUT, vs reframing it to talking about things I like/dislike, how I feel when I ride a horse/hit the ball, etc. And because everything seems equally huge, their responses seem to be just as big (tears of frustration, never being able to get this done, have been working on it forEVER, etc)
  14. I would love to take credit for the changes in DS from grade 7 to grade 8. I’m pretty sure he just took one of those gigantic leaps in growing up over the summer, though! Instead of kicks in the pants, I like to think I aim for more frequent nudges in the right direction. Probably just Mother Nature!
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