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  1. Following as I have one who is the same. I am considering all the options you mentioned. My husband is an engineer and likes the looks of 42 electronics. ALso, has some basci computer literacy lessons, or so dh found poking around. I haven't looked into myself yet. My guy is interested in either electrical or mechanical engineering-- he wants to build things, but not buildings.
  2. Quiet Boy is 15 today! Wow! Too fast.. it goes too fast.
  3. I loved my NUNA infant seat and current Peg Pegero convertible. Not anywhere close to your price range but sometimes-- especially for a carseat-- it is worth it to spend more. If I had to do it again, I would just go with the Peg Pegero convertiable right off. Works for 5 lbs on up to toddler. Rear faces for a long time, too. My baby carrier was a lifesaver. We used it until he was over 2. It was a LilleBaby. The Tula has a higher head support, though. But I wanted one I didn't need an infant insert for as Houston is hot! This was easy to clip on and safe. Worth every penny!
  4. This is how my ASD kid is, too. He is just 16. I fought dh for years about not getting ASD Boy a tablet but dh said it would have parent controls and time limits. Yeah-- which he (or the other kids) disables all the time because ASD Boy just fights with everyone when he's not on it. He literally cannot think of anything else to do.
  5. I did not exactly ketchup, but I agree with Lynn's assessment that Mom gets to decide all things when it comes to post-partum and new babies with no explanation necessary to anyone. Everyone who can't understand this can go stuff it.
  6. How did you do this? ASD Boy has TWO curves in his spine! One between his shoulder blades and one lower down. Oh, and HI EVERYONE! Yes, I am alive. I have been helping my sister with her house and now at her librarian job as her "aide" is a piece of work. That lady is nasty. We finished cleaning her "junk" out of the office, circulation desk, and back storage room today. I wish I could show you guys the piles of stuff we left for her to take home as the school district has declared all personal items must be removed from the school. This lady hasn't dared to show up this week. If she doesn't by next Friday, it all goes in the trash. Seriously, she turned the back storage room into a mini Hobby Lobby and personal free storage unit. Utterly ridciulous. I could go on, but I won't. I also managed to pull the ligaments in my lower back. I went to the chiro yesterday who adjusted everything but WOW! did it hurt! It is better today, but I know I did way too much twisting as I stuffed carp into boxes and bags. We haven't done real school in a month as I have been busy with other things. I am not worried as we go year-round. I plan to hit it hard after next week. WHAT?! No Baby Tater Tot yet? She is waiting to make an entrance, isn't she? I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have been praying for you all.
  7. bumping for you. I tried to do WriteShop Jr but found the prep work incredibly over the top. WriteShop 1 and 2 are very different. I decided for mine to use writing via their other subjects. Namely, History Odyssey and Lightning Lit. This makes more sense for us and doesn't add one more subject on.
  8. One of my hearing aids stopped working but thankfully the Costco Hearing Center was open so now I have 2 new receivers and the world sounds fine again. I sorted through toys again. I’m trying to convince The Girl to give up her play kitchen. She doesn’t use it and neither does Captain. He only likes to play outside the schoolroom doors where there is a “dead” corner so I’m trying to clear their room out for a dresser. Right now, the 4x2 IKEA cube shelves, the castle, doll bed, and doll house my dad made, the IKEA kitchen, and a doll high chair are taking up all of the space. EdPo: I went to The Homeschool Store today for the 3 books I forgot last time. Somehow those morphed into about 8 more! I need to order an Apologia Gen. lab kit and figure out writing for ASD Boy. I really need to get on with planning and get school back to a regular thing. Speaking of books, I need a fiction book for Ancient China for Quiet Boy to go along with History Odyssey Level 2. Ideas? I need to check to see if I have one for all the other sections. Did I mention I need to do some planning? Dinner was orange chicken and fried rice.
  9. My youngest is a lefty. He showed a preference right off. He is my first lefty so I’m coming back later to read the rest of this thread. I do know one thing- don’t force her to write with her right. A lefty’s brain is wired differently from a righty.
  10. I have 23 nieces and 16 nephews. That’s counting both sides of the Atlantic. I think one of my sisters still is hoping for more but the rest of us are done.
  11. Laundry load 1 done and put away. Loads 2 and 3 are in the washer and dryer. Load 4 is on the floor waiting. Because I know you wanted to know.
  12. I’m giving you guys all my likes today. I’m trying to see how many I can give out until I get cut off.
  13. Apples and Pears by Sound Foundations. It’s a UK program. Rod and Staff Spelling- start at book 4.
  14. My younger 4 wore Robeez leather moccasin shoes until they outgrew all the sizes. I had huge babies, though. I don’t remember with the older 2. Everyone wore socks until their feet grew enough for Robeez size 0-3 months. I did: made German pancake and oatmeal for brekkie returned mattress to Costco did a little shopping at Costco took two loads to Goodwill; first filled the entire back area behind the front seats to the the trunk of my Explorer and second was 2 small boxes and a large trash bag dropped off the 5 library books; rest of library still closed had lesson plan book spiral bound at Office Depot bought lawn feed, a spreader, and door handle at Lowe’s did some Kroger shopping started laundry I guess it doesn’t look like much but it’s in the 90’s here already so all that outside driving stuff feels like more. I haven’t called TXCH yet.
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