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  1. If he wants to try, go for it! Just don't expect full potty trained for a bit. He may want to try then not then try then not for a bit. It is mainly a muscle control thing they need to develop. Some kids do earlier than others. I potty-trained myself at 16 months because I hated feeling wet. I was a strange child.
  2. Ok, I bought ELTL Level E. I will update once we have used it for a bit.
  3. Just keep going along at her pace, fast or slow. You are doing great!
  4. How about Five in a Row? It is all the "gravy" lessons tied to one book a week (or more). Mine at all ages, loved it. They also print a Bible supplement for FIAR Volumes 1-3. Bible is included in Volume 4. Rainbow Resource carries packages of books for each volume or just use whatever you or your library has. The books do not need to be used in order for Vols. 1-3. I haven't done Vol. 4 or higher. Another similar option are the Enrichment guides from Memoria Press. Does about the same as FIAR, though many of us feel MP is better organized yet feels more 'rigid'.
  5. EDPO: Servie: Five in a Row is something you really should check out. They have a separate Bible supplement you might like. I should go add it to your other thread, too. How I did loop scheduling when I did Memoria Press last year was to lay out a 6 day schedule. We didn't do school on Saturday, though. I marked in my planner which day we were on. We covered a ton a material and the kids retained it. Daily stuff was Math, Grammar, Spell/Vocab. The other subjects were like this: Days 1, 3, 5: Writing, Classics, Science Days 2, 4, 6: Literature, Geography, Art Hmm... I thought I had something else witty to say but I guess I don't.
  6. By child then: ASD Boy/Son 3 WINNERS: every single thing I have given him this year! YEA! HUGE, HUGE improvement over past years! Saxon Math, Hake Grammar, Word Roots, Tiner Science, All American History, and MP Geography No LOSERS!! Son 4: LOSERS: BJU dlo 8: English, PreAlg, and Lit- It was a good experiment, but not one to repeat. R&S English- just cannot make ourselves do it. Nothing wrong with it, just really not for us... again and for the last time. Word Roots- The discovery method does not work for him. VideoText Algebra- He needs constant review to remember concepts. Great explanations. Went so over his head. Advice to to others: Do a thorough PreAlg first before this. Hake Grammar- literally made him fall asleep. WINNERS: BJU dlo 8: American History and Earth Science- He loves these two and is learning a ton. We laugh at the bias. Saxon Math- He needs the constant review and step-by-step Saxon gives. Just started Alg 1/2. Tiner Science- Loved these! He did skip the Mathematics one. It is very different than the others. CAP Fable: loved this! Yes, it was 'young' but we had a ton of fun doing it! The Girl: LOSERS: BJU dlo 5: English, Math, Heritage Studies, and Reading- I liked the English. The rest was unbearably preachy and slow. The math is not enough. R&S English- just cannot make ourselves do it. Nothing wrong with it, just really not for us... again and for the last time. Hake Grammar- literally madeher fall asleep. Tiner Science- went completely over her head after Planet Earth. She is more a hands-on girl. WINNERS: BJU dlo 5: Spelling and Science- She tolerates the spelling but loves the science. I told her this was the last time I would have her do a spelling bk. Saxon Math- She does well with it and likes that she doesn't need me. Just started Math 65. CAP Fable: loved this! Yes, it was 'young' but we had a ton of fun doing it! Captain (the 3 yr old): LOSERS: MP Simply Classical Charter School Edition Preschool Level A: love the books, not the 'activities'. R&S Preschool bks: He hates R&S, apparently. WINNERS: POTTY TRAINING!!!!! being read to, played, with, loved on, making random messes, and all the other regular fun stuff a 3 yr old likes.
  7. Somewhere in there is an article about The 9 Year Old Change. It is real. It will pass. Then something new will take it's place.
  8. I would encourage you not to rule out Oak Meadow until you have actually looked at it. I don't recall any mention of age of the Earth/evolution stuff when my boys did it. And certainly nothing in the grade range you are looking at- 4th. Once you hit 5th, the science is in a separate book so can be left off.
  9. Serive, you won;'t see this until tomorrow morning, but I posted on your K-8 thread a nice long list of things for you to look up. You're welcome. I really should go to sleep. Did I tell you guys I found a 6 bedroom/3 bath house in Scotland with a great layout near where Scotsman's work will be at a price we could actually afford to rent it? Now all we need is for the company to get the contract, hire him, and move us before someone else snatches it up! Not gonna happen, but I can dream. You know, they have seasons there? I haven't lived somewhere with actual seasons in more than 20 years. My kids never have. All those "do this acitivity in x season" could actually be done!
  10. English Lessons Through Literature covers all of language arts but not in the way you are used to seeing. Still, it might be worth a look. She has a Wayfarers thing that schedules a bunch of stuff, too. Trial Guide to Learning Learning Language Arts Through Literature, maybe? TRISMS is the ultimate unit study. Oak Meadow does this, as well, to some extent. You do not have to enroll to use it. Rather different approach. Maybe some of those are a start?
  11. I've never been to an Aldi's, and I bet we do have them here in Houston. Only time I shopped at Whole Foods was for Captain's special baby formula. I've heard it referred to as "Whole Paycheck"!
  12. Basically it is anything I post even remotely related to school curriculum. I'm a terrible offender. I'm lucky I haven't been asked to leave. Saying you had a bad or good school day is not EdPo.
  13. Speaking of chicken for dinner: I overcooked the orange chicken so now it is too crunchy for me. The boys are eating it, though. Captain never eats it anyway. The Girl says she is still full from the soup a while ago. Scotsman isn't home yet, but I know he will eat it, too. Youth Night tonight. I'm going with The Girl so she will focus. I think she is really too young/immature to be going yet. Career Night. or we may ditch and go to Chick-fil-A. I love their Cobb salad. Ducky, you can order it with grilled chicken instead of the breaded. Wanna know something I figured out? My ears itch like mad when I drink Barq's root beer. I love root beer. I haven't discovered if it is an all soda thing or not as I don't like other sodas. And red dye in drinks/foods makes me sick.
  14. Well, if Slache does it, it's totally kosher then! OK! So I have the following down, keeping in mind portability, cost, and long-term use: (No, we don't know if we are going yet, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.) Math: Saxon (I'm thinking about making the daily drill sheets as write on/wipe off with wet erase markers. Those wkbks are $35 each!) Lang Arts: English Lessons Through Literature by barefoot ragamuffin (just decided like 5 mins. ago) I can buy the whole thing as a pdf from anywhere works. Science: BJU dlo (found out we can access it in the UK! Thank goodness! This was my biggest worry. Still going to cost a boatload.) History: still deciding because if we are there, they really should focus on UK history. I would like to bring one good middle school level USA history and geography resource. We hate Hakim, btw. Art: Draw, Write, Now series and You Can Draw in 30 Days, plus whatever. I would really like to get the entire set of Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists, too.
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