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  1. Thanks for explaining, everyone.
  2. I love how you guys are so supportive. I really need that. so Morning! Today we are cleaning the windows which has probably never been done cause we are pulling brown and black off! I’m not sure how to clean the outsides. Some windows have green stuff on them. I’m thinking white vinegar and Dawn dish soap. Still need to clean bathrooms and vacuum a couple rooms. Laundry is going. ASD Boy is sick.
  3. And just to ruin my false sense of sleeping children: The Girl comes in to ask if she can watch a movie with me to fall asleep. I said yes. Thanks for the hugs, Slache. You guys feeling better? Hot lemonade works for us.
  4. I'm worried about the meeting Wednesday to go over ASD Boy's test results. It is the judgement of strangers I fear and the crazy fear of someone taking my kid away. That hits some PTSD that I do NOT want to and will NOT explain. Scotsman is coming with me as my knight in shining armor. Would y'all mind praying for me? Kids enjoyed dinner. Scotsman and I ate a pint of rainbow sherbert for dessert while compainably watching different shows on our phones and holding hands. Le pant! (as in Pepe LePue the WB French skunk.) Kids were tired tonight. They all dropped like flies after dinner! Normally, I have kids up til midnight, sometimes later. I hope this means they get up earlier tomorrow. I'm going to watch a movie now and check back here a bit, then hopefully fall asleep. Thanks for listening. AND I GET THE BOOYA!!! HAHAHA!!!
  5. I know many of you sing the praises of this program. My question is how does it teach writing? I have read most of Island at different points in our path and could not see how it taught this skill. Does most of the 'real' writing come at later levels? I'm just curious as I start thinking about starting over with Captain in a bit.
  6. My guess from the hints is a new version of the SWI/SICC all wrapped together in one $200+ package.
  7. Sadly, I don’t have a mix on hand and not a bit of chocolate to be had in the house. Course I don’t know how to make homemade brownies. But I know they need frosting.
  8. I agree. Slache you are doing a wonderful job! Look at all you have done this year! Moved cross country, settled into a new city, new job for Matt, new car... lots of new. Take some time to relax and reflect. Have some chocolate.
  9. Susan, I must have missed it. What did you do to yourself?!? Don’t you know getting hurt is against ITT rules?! I want brownies.
  10. Oh yeah! CLE books it starting in 400. Saxon might be an idea to look into. Mac-n-cheese, ground meat with garlic and mushrooms, peas. Kids voted chicken patties and tater tots. Hey they want to cook it, I'll go along. Critter, I'm coming your house. Recipes, please? I've always wanted to try making brisket. It's practically Texas' state food! Can it be done sans grill? And I appreciate everyone's thoughts on my Saxon dilemma. I decided she needs a higher level math after pulling up some different math skills lists. I guess giving her the placement test would have been a good idea. I don't know why I didn't this time! In all honesty, all her books were too young/easy. I bought her BJU DLO 5, at her request, but I'm teaching most of it. I don't do science well. Ok, I don't do science at. all.. Ohh and y'all want to know something cool? I charted out what year my kids will graduate in therory from high school! Quiet Boy is grad year either 2023 or 2024. The Girl is 2027!! Anyone else remember when the years past 2020 seemed so futuristic. Wierd to think about. BTW, Servie, BJU History 5 is an overview of American history. If you like, I can always check my homeschool store for used stuff. I'm hoping it is ok for us as we aren't the same demonination as BJU. Mailed all the free books today, took care of the BJU order, CLE return, and that's about it. I been lazy.
  11. I wish I could teach Singapore Maths. i have tried quite a few times. I just could not get it to make sense to me then. Now I feel like it is too late for her. Agree with you there! It is a major reason I didn't start with it. I need this on a poster in my schoolroom. She is doing 5/4 without tests and skipping the Warm-Ups. But she is 11!! I need to speed things up.
  12. One word: IDIOTS! I'm not feeling nice. Perhaps I should refrain from making comments lest I offend.
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