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  1. I burned dinner. The kids didn’t mind as it meant IHOP instead. Day 1 of potty training went well—only 3 accidents, and he slept dry at nap time. I’m sorry y’all are all struggling. I’m praying for each of you. I watched a really sweet movie earlier on Prime- I Am Dragon. It’s in Russian with subtitles. Now I’m watching Aquaman with the older kids who will not just go to sleep! Getting up with Captain tomorrow morning is going to be killer. Schoolwork likely won’t be pleasant either. I do mot get why they won’t go to sleep like normal people! I’m thinking no more screens at bedtime.
  2. I just did Mammals with my dd. We stopped doing the guide and just read and talked about it. Honestly, the MP Science feels more like a quick add in. If she hadn’t wanted to read the book, I would have ditched it.
  3. I feel your pain. We’ve all been there. I say double up and skip as much as you can then move on.
  4. The pressies are wrapped all up on the shelf. The cake is prepping on the counter (butter getting soft), the banner is hung... we are ready for Captain turns 3 tomorrow!!!
  5. Looks like 2 are going to try out WriteShop Junior E and Son 4 will be attempting WWS 1 very slowly. Sometimes this is so hard!
  6. I am tired after several nights of 2 am making stuff for The Girl’s writing program. I have nothing useful or amusing to add to tonight’s discussions. Captain has only one more day of being 2. It has gone too fast.
  7. I am experiencing every homeschoolers nightmare... I have run out of bookshelf space!!!
  8. I was boring today. I finally mailed Uni Boy his new glasses and went to The Homeschool Store again. This time of year is lots of trips as I slowly procure our new stuff. I bought WriteShop Jr. E and WriteShop 1. Now I'm wishing I bought WWS 1, too, just to have on hand. There are tons of used copies. Maybe I will go back again tomorrow. I also found a used copy of The Homegrown Preschooler for $15 and a huge binder with A Year of Playing Skillfully AND A Summer of Playing Skillfully for $120. I didn't buy it because I think Captain is still too young for most of it, really, or it could just be that I want to keep him little for a bit longer. No harm in that, right? Right? He turns 3 on Sunday then the potty training will commence. At Chick-fil-A drive through today, they had made too many ice cream cones so the manager gave all my kids free ones. And why is it still so hot here?? Our pool is closed, but it has been too hot to swim for over a month anyway. I made banana muffins with Captian. Once they came out of the oven and cooled a bit, he took a bite out of the top of over half of them.
  9. I don't know where to put this. My daughter would like to request that SOTW 4 have Review Cards at the end like the other 3 volumes. She very much likes using these cards for different things. Thank you (she says).
  10. After doing SOTW 5 times, I am going to use History Quest! I need the change, and I like how it is simpler. I did not get the same impression Janeway did regarding the author's introduction. You will have to read it to form your own idea.
  11. I decided to buy WriteShop for the kids. I feel like we need something not dependent on dvds. Now which level for The Girl? Jr. E or F? I watched an Aussie review of WriteShop which was amusing and helpful. I watched a Logic of English Foundations which was not.
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