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  1. Sons have about had it with TT. When I bought it, I stupidly did not realize it was super spiral until after it was written in! This has been a problem for them with CLE and Saxon. I looked at College of the Redwoods Pre-Alg and BJU but they are SOO wordy and have way too many problems! They do better with straight and to the point.
  2. MP Birds is a half year study used in the 6th grade. So you could do it and something else. MP pairs it with Tiner's History of Medicine. Mammals was written for 3rd/4th grade. It is scheduled for twice a week for 33 weeks. I bought it for my DD at her request. It would be fine for 4th grade. My experience with anything made my MP is it is all excellent.
  3. Day 1 down. Son 4 and DD cooperated. Unsurprisingly, Son 3 threw a cow. I don't know what to do with that boy.
  4. So far, I have split the first lesson into 5 days. I'm looking ahead and will likely just have to plan it by ear (and in pencil). I have extreme reluctant writers with a very limited amount of cooperation time for 2 of them.
  5. MBtP seemed too "young" but keep in mind, I was using it with kids much older than the suggested age range. For yours, it might be perfect. Go for it! I may try it for Captain in a few years.
  6. I read this and started laughing so hard I woke DH up. Seriously, too funny.
  7. I loved Overboard. My dad would say "More protien!" if we said we ate bugs. Monday- let's see (cause I'm sure you really are interested): I introduced the kids to our new schedule and books. Much whining, complaining, and general fit throwing was had by Son 3 and DD. Yeah well, suck it up, Buttercups cause Momma says this is how it's a gonna be! I was smart enought to not try to start any new books today. I still need a R&S Math book for DD. I'm calling the other "local" (45 mins away) store tomorrow morning to see if they have it and a TM for the worksheets before I pay ~$15 in speedy shipping to get them from Milestone Books. Seriously, that is about how much the book costs in the first place. Then DD and I went for pedicures. We haven't gone since August. Heavenly! We now both have purple toes with Easter eggs on them. Came home in time to take Son 3, 4 and DD to a friends' house. They are off for Spring Break. While the kids played and Captain napped at home with Son 2, I had the lovely time of getting my blood drawn for my 6 month hypothyroid thing. The tech was fascinating! She gave me all the dirt on her family tree. I was in there like 40 mins.. And last but certainly not least: I GOT MY CAR WASHED!! Yes, pollen ball is now the correct color until tomorrow when it gets covered again.
  8. This is why we have AC and we aren't afraid to use it- year-round. It takes about your first year to acclimate. Just think about it: you don't have to shovel heat off your driveway/parking lot. I went ot school in northern Idaho. You can keep your cold and ice.
  9. No one written MP-style daily plans for this?
  10. We didn't get the house. Landlords didn't like that we had a few credit problems OVER 10 YRS AGO! My realter said they are unreasonable and to keep looking. I'm so sad/mad. I really wanted the house. I had decorating plans ready to go. We could have stayed for years and taken excellent care of the house. It feels unfair cause we have excellent credit now. No lates, no nothing. And schoolbooks arrive Tuesday. And I have to buy DD a new math book. She has been taking a leaf outta Son 3's book and copying answers instead of asking for help. GRR! R&S for you, Baby Girl! I guess that means I have to actually write lesson plans and get a routine going again.
  11. Memoria Press 4Nu for the 4th grader. Ask on the MP forum or call MP about the 7th grader.
  12. Thank you for the positive review, Milo. I am looking forward to them.
  13. MP currently has Physical Science listed for 9th grade in their cores. I was wondering about Novare, too. Is the religious slant over the top?
  14. Be aware there is no answer key for the CHOW workbook. I thought when Calvert made the big switch they discontinued CHOW.
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