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  1. Trust me, no one in their right mind would care about us painting over what is there. The person we are hiring is a licensed professional contractor with over 10 years experience. I like the Repose gray! Any greens for the baths/laundry you guys like?
  2. Is it less super messy if you leave out the vinegar? It sounds fun!
  3. I am the opposite. I prefer cool colors/greys but that could be because where I live is so HOT pretty much all the time. The house has beige carpet and beige tile. NO MORE BEIGE! I have to keep it neutral. DH was being felt out for a possible expat assignment to Nigeria next year. The kids and I would not be going! Only 2 trips home a year, though. My dad did it for over 4 years so we have been picking his brain. My dad was the security expert for his base in Vietnam. He said the only difference between that and Nigeria were the lack of nightly mortor shells. The money is beyond good as is the boast to DH's career. Hmm...more details are needed. If he goes, I will need my ITT friends to help me through the long days and nights.
  4. First, I haven't used all the grades yet. Second, my kids historically do like someone to explain math to them so they would complain no matter what. Third, my main complaint has been with some of the grades excessive amount of assigned work and tests. Easy enough to chop those down and out, though. K5: Mrs. Rulapaugh: new teacher so can't comment 1st: Mrs. Lawson: didn't use this year. She is a fine teacher in the courses we have used (reading and english). 2nd: Mrs. Walker: LOVE her! Older video so longer viewing time. 3rd: Mrs. Overly: My dd didn't like her. She felt Mrs. Overly talked down to her and had weird eyebrow raising?. Oddly, DD did like her for Science. 4th: Mrs. Vick: LOVE her! Older video so longer viewing time. 5th: Mrs. Seeling: drove my boys up the wall. Slow, boring. We stopped using it early on. Mrs. Vick is a tough act to follow! 6th: Mr. Matesevac: after 5th, we didn't do this one 7th: Mr. Harmon: These have been redone but we didn't use them as all the teaching we need is in the book so far. The new version supposedly fixes the complaints people had about the old version. Personality-wise, he is a fun teacher. I haven't used any grades above 7th but just to have a complete list: 8th: Mr. Harmon 9th: Mr. Harmon 10th: Mr. Matesevac 11th: Mrs. Richmond 12th: Dr. Conn Overall, I think they are fine teachers and courses if you adjust the workload as needed. I say go for it, give it a whirl if your kids do well learning this way. i will also add that the kids need to participate and not just watch. I was always right there pausing the video so they could work the problems, etc..
  5. I used this for my kids before we did "joined up" writing: Mainly, I used the first page and printed LOTS of copies! I made it a sound game where I said the letter sound and they found and traced it. You could laminate it and use Wet Erase markers. I only used the printing pages. I also like Handwriting Without Tears books and paper but that doesn't sound like what you are needing. How about unlined paper ala Waldorf?
  6. I figured out how to modify BJU and now they are sailing slowly but happily along. Yea!
  7. Paint colors? I started a thread on the Chat Board. I'm limited to 2.
  8. One of my brothers has a few. He never had considered it until the Army told him he had to because he stood out too much not having any. That and grow a beard. Unforunately for the Army, we are not hairy people. He tried for a year and still only looked like he had a five o'clock shadow!
  9. The rental we are moving into hasn't been painted in I swear 10 yrs or longer. Think burgandy red kitchen, milk chocolate family room, light PINK kid rooms, dark blue kid bath, and some mid-tone beige everywhere else. What were they thinking?? I am going to have it painted no matter what but need to pick colors. We are hiring someone cause DH does not have time. If you could pick only one main color and and one color for bathrooms/laundry room (no natural light), what colors would you pick? House sits East - West so LOTS of Houston hot daylight front and back! I was thinking along the lines of a blue-tone grey and some kind of green. I like Valspar Silver Leaf. Ideas?
  10. I loved it and sobbed like I haven't done since watching Les Mis! I liked how well they wrapped up the story lines for the retiring Avengers. Captain marvel was blessedly mostly not in this so that was a plus for me. I love Tony Stark as a character. I'm glad he got to have a family. The scenes with his little girl were so cute. She totally upstaged him. Son 2 and 4 went to a 10 am show then dh and I went at 6. Son 3 and DD will have to wait for the dvd release as they cannot handle the sound level of theaters. It is so hard to not give anything away! DD already guessed Tony Stark dies. Our theater was awesome. Loads of cheering and clapping, sobbing... it was great. I'm looking forward to the blu-ray release, too as I found some lines hard to decipher. I think it was a fitting end to 11 years worth of movies. "I am Iron Man!"
  11. Having done both, I can say some years of DLO are awesome and others (like 5th) are a nightmare! It all depends on who is doing the teaching. My advice is not to switch.
  12. I made a fill in the blank student notebook for English 5 from the teaching notes sections in the TM for each lesson. Child reads their book and fills it in. If you use it, do not skip the stuff in the TM, It is short and is where R&S shines.
  13. MP JrK is NOT for 3 yr olds in any way, shape, or form! MP Preschool or MP Simply Classical A is for that age. SC B and C spread JrK over 2 years, btw. JR K is just not developmentally appropriate for a 3 yr old even with spreading it out. MP Preschool/SC-A is designed for the younger kidlets. It is all oral with some simple crafts. I am planning on using it with Captain, actually, this fall when he turns 3. If you like parts of MP, use just those parts. Use Enrichment, StoryTime Treasures, and the spelling, if those are the parts you like. It is very flexible. Also, pop on over to the MP forums for more advice on how and what to use. Those ladies are experts, let me tell you! Finally, Sons 3 and 4 were some of the original pilot students for MP K and 1st. MP is the only curriculum I ever finished 2 levels of in full. Then I went round and round the garden and finally figured out how to make it work for us. Now that I have it down, everything flows so well. So much so that my kids have begged me not to change what we are doing ever! For the record, we do not teach Latin/Greek, use SWO (GAG!) or R&S Math past 3rd (BJU wins), slog through Classical Writing (CAP fans!), decipher New American Cursive (UK cursive family), or teach Christian Studies/Timeline (we have our own). I also accelerate through the material. And guess what? It all works out fine.
  14. History Odyssey is writing their own Level 1 spine. Ancients should be ready to go this fall with the others being released a year at a time. k12 as Independents?? Veritas Press Self-Paced history videos, if they are your religious cuppa.
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