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  1. Paradox5

    Ignore this thread!

    I know, right?
  2. Paradox5

    Ignore this thread!

    I’m having too much fun with the chicken thread on the Chat board.
  3. Paradox5

    Now I've seen it all.

    Think the lady will send you pictures of the chicken wedding? Maybe the extra hens will be the wedding party. cross dressing roos!!! Shocker!
  4. Paradox5

    What's in your nightstand drawer?

    Power cord to my phone tv/dvd player remotes chapstick thyroid med bottle (before anyone freaks out, our tables are turned drawer side to the wall so Captain can’t get in them.) Top has a small lamp and my waterbottle
  5. Paradox5

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    No one has a good source for long tops that aren’t tunics, then?
  6. Paradox5

    Another bathroom remodeling question

    Frameless. I hate how nasty curtains get. Do you have enough space to do a walk- in shower?
  7. Paradox5

    Now I've seen it all.

    6 Chicken dinners and one wedding.
  8. Paradox5

    List of Topics to Cover? Please Help!

    I would suggest getting a copy of WTM for the history and literature lists. Memoria Press enrichment guides come to mind.
  9. Paradox5

    Ignore this thread!

    No skivving today but I did pay the bills. Everyone is being lazy. I been online clothes shopping cause I hate it so much in reality. The hardest part is not feeling able to feel the fabrics to determine heft.
  10. Paradox5

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    I hand wash. Yeah, it is just going to remain a mystery of the universe like how socks disappear in the wash.
  11. Paradox5

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    Yea! Way to go to you all!
  12. Paradox5

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    Nope. Perfect clean edged holes.
  13. Paradox5

    Today is my birthday...

  14. Paradox5

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    Moved it to the top.
  15. Paradox5

    Jeans and Long Torso Tees

    Did this with my cute heavier weight Christmas tee. The camisole was hole free but the tee had two large holes in the front. It is the tabs. Granted this set of 3/4 sleeve LE shirts lasted a year before giving in. But my new at Thanksgiving Talbot's tops are ruined already! My mom said maybe my jeans are too tight so the tab sticks out more. AHEM! Losing 25 pounds might help. Liposuction, anyone?
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