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  1. I am still not sleepy. I went reading through old chat board titles. The "Share what your kid has done to embarrass you" thread cracked me up. The lady with the precoious 2 yr old wins hands down. (Obviously I cannot spell. Y'all are very forgiving.)
  2. Echoing-- you so win! I woke my husband up laughing so hard!
  3. Kids just finished watching Ant-Man. We are watching all the Marvel movies (that we own) in order. I am not tired yet.
  4. Ours has this as contactless curb-side pickup. The problem is I need to see the books first. I don't have a list. Zootopia Try Everything!
  5. Yes, you do. Or use a plain notebook to write out answers. The notebook is worth it to us, though.
  6. EdPo: I'm really liking the EvanMoor Preschool Thematic unit I bought for Captain- Plants and I have Farm in the prep box. So far the flower match game is his favorite. We are also playing around with Kate Snow's Preschool Math book. Captain doesn't get copying my block pattern, though. I have sorting "muffins" that we are using for counters cause it is what I had. He can count out whatever number I call out but not copy the pattern like placing them in the pattern you would see on a die. I know he is just barely 4 but is this really that big a deal? Can we move on? And I REALLY REALLY ne
  7. Not ridiculous. I'm the same way. My worry is I am not well-versed in literary terms/noticing them. I thought maybe the TM pointed these out.
  8. I want the new Macbook when it comes out. Scotsman can have this pc. I hate windows.
  9. Late to this but if you do a chapter a day, you can get through all 4 in a year (34 weeks). If you do 3 chaps a week, you can do 2 books a year (29 weeks). We just read, narrate, draw, map, and color review card. Then we make books after. We took a break last year after doing Vol 1 and 2 this way. This year is Vol. 3 and 4. Doing it as sections will take FOREVER and we just don't have the patience for that. We get bored easily here. Can I have your art app link, please? We have some books but the kids aren't interested in them. The most fun we had was the year we did Getting to Know the W
  10. I'm seeing a pattern here-- just buy the textbook. No one felt the need for an answer key or anything else in the TM?
  11. Apologia General on up is this way. BJU and Abeka- if you lean that way RSO Level 2 books are this way- but they only have 2 so... I feel like I know more but can't think of them.
  12. McD’s is packed tonight! Rathe drive through is busier than Chick-fil-A! Shocker!
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