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  1. My 11 year old son went from LL1 to LL2. It worked great for the first 8 or so chapters but then the grammar got super confusing, perhaps because I was learning it alongside him. There were more translations in LL2 including full page ones and he THRIVED on those.


    We moved over to Latin for Children as I was at a loss how to proceed. Honestly, I'm just not that pleased. I was coming online to see what else might work now for us instead!


    We flew through A as a review and have been doing B this year. The grammar is explained well but boring my son to death. There isn't nearly the translation that we had in Lively Latin at all. Also, this is just us, but each week of vocabulary doesn't have much theme. We did so much better with Lively Latin and how it was grouped with similar words. They helped "hang" together in our heads somehow. This seems more disjointed. And this is totally my son, but he cannot stand how Dr. Perrin says "adjective". LOL


    I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I think it's a more translation-heavy program. We did Minimus and Secundus and he loved them and learned a ton. So obviously something more along that line would fit this particular child and his learning style better.


    Curious to know what direction you end up going in...

  2. My 11 year old doesn't have his facts down. Seriously. We've spent, oh, six years on them. He has zero interest in learning them and has come up with his own way of counting to get there (in his head now). My 7 year old has them down cold and learns them the first time he hears them. Totally different thinkers. My 11 year old gets the concepts great, just can't stand math facts. Why? Who knows. I've decided it's up to him now. He remembers what he wants to (which is just about everything else). Go figure!

  3. Math: Saxon 6/5; Life of Fred Decimals and Percents


    English: Rod and Staff English 5; Rod and Staff Spelling 5; an undecided writing program


    Latin: Latin for Children C


    History: Biblioplan Middle Ages


    Science: Apologia Botany (first half of year); focus on earth science (second half of year)


    Art: God and the History of Art


    Music: continue with recorder and learning to read music; he'd like to add in trumpet lessons but we'll see how finances allow


    Religion: Rod and Staff Bible 5; Who Am I? (Apologia); Practical Happiness by Bob Schultz


    Logic: undecided logic puzzles

  4. LOVED the book as a read-aloud just recently! It's one of our top five, ever.


    We just ercently finished "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" recently which of course is fairly standard. We're more than halfway done with "Mountain Born" and it's just a really sweet story so far. Also read "Understood Betsy" a few weeks ago and that was a huge favorite; my husband especially loved it! (Go figure!)


    I need something new... we'll be done by Thanksgiving! Ack!

  5. Looks like you're sending it back already but I also thought to mention we also do one step over our four-day week. We spread the dictation sentences out; on Monday we'll do 2 or 3 from the previous lesson and then we do them from the current lesson each day. And we definitely space out the new learning! We're finishing level four this week and I don't think we've spent more than 10 minutes on it a day all year. We haven't used the tiles since somewhere around the beginning of level three; and we could have dropped them sooner for him I think. We're moving next year to JUST dictation and dropping spelling as a separate thing; he's learned more from the dictation sentences than the lessons as it turns out.

  6. Thanks for the prayers. I realize I'm sort of blurting out too much information these days! Things are weighing a bit heavy.


    The whole point to my ramble was that we'd be continuing with HOD for sure next year if we can just because of how easy and well this year has gone. The least stress for me and the most growth for the boys since we started homeschooling five years ago. We've done MFW (K and ECC), Cantering the Country, FIAR, KONOS, and TruthQuest (Am History 1, 2 and 3) in the past and by far this year was the best for us.


    What I'd love to hear is how well the kids who have done Preparing do with CTC. Do they continue to show improvement and growth? Is Write with the Best helpful/challenging/interesting/overkill? Does it feel like too much language arts in a given week?


    I'd like to see my son continue to be challenged but not frustrated (which is exactly what Preparing did for him). I think CTC would give that to us based on what I've seen of the samples. And it's so easy to just open the guide up and go... so low stress! Which is probably worth a fair amount to us these days. No stress is good!!

  7. How about writing..... WWE's focus is different from HOD's. Carrie does not work toward a summary style narration but prefers a CM style (allowing a more detailed narration and retention of the original author's wording and style). SWB focus on a summary narration and her reasons for it make sense to me. HOD also does creative writing throughout the years though does rely on R&S for traditional writing instruction. HOD also incorporates a lot of narration, copywork, and dictation (along with written narrations a la CM).


    We used Preparing this year and there was definitely a lot of writing; but it was so good and stretched my son so much. But I also land on the SWB side of writing and definitely don't think that we need to give formal instruction in creative writing this young. (DS does a ton of it on his own; I hate to take the joy of that from him by making it a more formal school lesson!)


    In Preparing, there were weekly written narrations from the history (from CHOW) each week on day 4. They have them writing only 3-5 sentences on a section of the book that was usually about 2 pages long. (Each CHOW story runs about 3-5 pages). There were questions to help them focus down on what was talked about and what was important. So really, it felt a lot more like a summarizing narration then a CM narration with all the details.


    I have no idea how we're going to proceed next year at this point. My DH had a stroke 5 weeks ago and was laid off last week (!) as his whole company is closing business. So we're sort of out of money from the medical emergency and now out of income. Not sure we can afford HOD! (Not sure we can afford our mortgage come July either, so it's sort of a moot point.)


    DS has learned so much from the writing this year; at times it felt like too much so I dropped things that particular week. He did fabulous on his required testing this spring, however, and DH is so urgent that he continue with HOD as it's obvious he has learned a ton and grown so much in his skills this year. But then, maybe that's what happens around 9-10 years old anyway? They are over the hump of learning to read and are solidly in reading for information now; over the hump of forming the letters and just jot off words; etc.


    We use our own math (Saxon) since Singapore confuses him. We don't use DITHOR since it confuses me. So I can see not using Write With the Best and using something else if we get to do CTC next year, but so far Carrie's suggestions in the guide have been right on.


    And my boys love doing things together; they also love having their "own guide". So who knows... I'm having a very bad month. LOL

  8. We do add things in and we also exchanged a few things. We do Saxon instead of Singapore; Phonics Pathways for the little guy instead of whatever is scheduled; and we're doing bible altogether as a family this year and not doing the memory work from Preparing.


    For my eldest, we add in Latin, Greek and Spanish all done daily; guitar practice; extra handwriting practice (he's needing it); and All About Spelling. He's in the Preparing guide and doing the extension pack as well.


    For my youngest, doing Little Hearts, we add in a ton of science readings and endless picture book read-alouds.


    For both, we also have a family chapter book going every evening. Also, they both get that news magazine "God's World News" and we do stuff with that, although it only comes once a month.


    We're done by midday right now so tons of time for outside play, errands, park trips, etc.

  9. We did all of Lively Latin 1 and loved it and half of Lively Latin 2 and just really bogged down. There were full page stories in Latin to translate in the second book, btw. My son *loved* those and did awesome with the translating. We were finding a lot of the chants from early in LL2 weren't being applied right away so he was losing them... he's all about using the words and chants. (Just memorizing something that he won't use has never worked for him.)


    We thought about switching to Latin Prep but actually went with Latin for Children A. It seemed like it would be a "step back" but the review has been awesome and there have been new vocabulary words (not many but some so far). We're 8 chapters in already and he's very pleased with it. I thought he'd find it boring but he hasn't. It's gone quickly enough that he's making all sorts of connections with what he's previously learned.


    I'm amazingly glad we made the switch. I was worried it would be a total waste of money. It's worked wonderfully for us though. Latin is by far his favorite subject and I hated to lose that good attitude!


    My son is only 10 so that may make a difference in what you decide to do... we have some time to kill in here.

  10. It seemed goofy but my math-hating son got them down super quickly and flies through his multiplication sheets now. It was a perfect fit for how he views the world... he's constantly turning his numbers into drawings and there are always little characters peeping out from the edges of his math pages.


    There are directions included and flashcards but in the end we just read through the book every day for a week and he was set.

  11. We never slowed him down in BB1 since it went so very well. He did one page a day, five days a week. We finished it late last spring, took 2.5 months off for a move and the summer, and picked up with BB2.


    He *loved* the first book. Loved the translations, the art, etc. And the pace was just perfect. The amount of content was doable; we learned the vocab at the beginning of each chapter as we went along so by the end of the chapter when you start using it he'd have it down.


    He did not want to change at all which is the main reason we stuck with doing Lively Latin 2. I was thinking to change but in the end he's the main student and he dug in his heels. LOL


    What is different is the pace and the teaching. The first few lessons seemed to be going double fast. We were keeping up, understanding, and learning the vocab. Annoyed that the pace had changed as we liked BB1, but we adjusted! (He has no trouble learning the vocab which is faster now, with a set for each lesson. My old brain is slower but we were keeping up with actual words. It's the random chants with no "hooks" for what they are that is bogging us down.)


    Then it just seemed to triple or quadruple in depth but without the good explanations we'd relied on. We've continued at 4-5 pages a week. He loves the translation stories; just loves them. But all of a sudden all those chants are coming into play and we're sinking fast. Mostly because it's not clear to us what the newer chants were for or how they are being used so they were never cemented as well as the other words were. (We have all the chants in BB1 down cold. But then, you use them a ton too.)


    Before we had good practice and explanations with the chants but now it seems like a lot of that is missing. And it feels like we're squeezing two or three years worth of material into one year now. The content, I'm sure, would be understandable to us if it were presented a bit slower, with a bit more practice, like in BB1.


    At this point I'm not sure we can continue with BB2 without better explanations. I think he'd do great with a reading intensive program with a lighter touch on the grammar. We almost stopped at the beginning of lesson 3 but I took a deep breath and plunged on. (Mostly since I have zero budget to replace it right now!)


    And really, he loves his Latin and has done great. It's all these pronouns and I-stem endings that are bogging us down. Just reading a story (even with the pronouns) presents no problem to him; but filling in charts of pronouns makes his eyes glaze over.


    So maybe that helps? I had read beforehand that it sped up but wasn't sure what that would mean for *us*. Would we do it less often? Spend more time on it each day? Find it was no problem since we'd found BB1 a great, understandable program? We are spending more time each day and are doing it just as often, but in the end we are finding the program a problem. I know she has the explanations in her brain and probably teaches them in the classroom, but somehow it feels they are missing from this program.


    And knowing that, if you don't do BB2, what will y'all move to? That's my question... we did Prima Latina years ago and liked it fine, but he loved Lively Latin (and Minimus) so much more. I'm hesitant to return to Memoria Press after all this time.


    My younger son won't be doing BB1, I think... it's too hard to change horses mid-stream!

  12. This is perhaps a month late (!) but we've been using it and are in lesson 8. I don't like it nearly as well as BB1. The pace is much, much faster. We do great with the full page reading practice lessons (there have been a handful of tehse) but the content in general just seems to be moving so quickly.


    I'm actually on here this morning to look for a replacement. DS loves Latin. We've been studying it for four years now so it's not a new thing for him.


    I was very, very torn about buying BB2 and now I wish I hadn't. I have NO idea what to change to, though. And, of course, there's always the money issue! Perhaps after we've done a year or two of a different program we can come back to BB2 and it will make more sense.


    (We don't do the history portion, btw, at all. We didn't in BB1 either.)

  13. This is similar to what we did for second grade but like the others we didn't do phonics and spelling. He was done with phonics and reading well so we started spelling (All About Spelling). But honestly, ETC never takes that long if you just do a page or two a day and if your 2nd grader loves the books, then go ahead. Mine never took more than five minutes to do a page it seemed!


    We did TONS of read alouds and listened to TONS of music, btw. Without any real list or purpose, just choosing what was interesting next.

  14. I hope so! :) We're about to make the switch from Saxon 3 (halfway done) to MUS. I think we're going all the way back to Alpha... he's just *not* getting something fundamental even though we've worked and worked on math. I'm hoping a new approach will cause the lightbulb to go off and to speed him ahead with understanding instead of just going through the motions.

  15. I have one ds who struggles a bit with sequencing and MUS has helped a ton! It's not just that it hits place value so hard, it also is very visual with estimation and understanding sequencing in rounding.


    He has a terrible time rounding and estimating the numbers. It's so odd though because he can look at a line and tell me "That's about 14 cm long." and it *will* be. But now that you mention it rounding a number would require holding the number line in his head... and since he can't do that rounding won't make much sense.


    I'm definitely looking into MUS more seriously now. DH is on board to spend the money if it will help our son make sense of numbers better.

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