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  1. I hate to be a pessimist, but I don't think we'll ever be able to trace more than a few outbreaks to any specific event(s) or gathering(s). We just don't have the infrastructure, the funding or the public willingness in this country to be able to do that. There are definitely states experiencing spikes right now - NC, AL, ID, just to name a few - but whether or not that's related to any particular events is very difficult, if not impossible, to assess.
  2. (Just for the record, I wear a mask. But I still think this is funny).
  3. I'd like to see (reputable) proof of that as well. What I've read is that a number of scientists actually thought *at the time* that airborne transmission was not that high of risk for the general populace and that, unless one was a healthcare worker in direct & constant exposure with potential Covid patients, there was no need. IOW, we've had a case of evolving knowledge with a novel virus. Which makes sense. But, in the interest of critical thinking, I'm open to seeing evidence that my understanding is incorrect. (However, a post that consists solely of, "They did lie", with no further discussion or evidence offered,.....seems to be rather an example of what we are discussing as opposed to the desire for sharing real information.) ETA: I just listened to a private webinar given by a career microbiologist, researcher & public health careerist and he explained that they now think airborne transmission is the main/most significant means of transmission. So, the 6' rule and (preferably) a mask in any public place (and wash the mask after...which is why cloth are better for the average person) is a wise choice for those seeking to avoid further exposure (as well as the usual washing hands, etc). Mentioning just as an FYI for those who are interested.
  4. I think one of the key points about having a "they" is that "they" are never clearly defined (& certainly never verified). And if you try to point that (lack of definition) out, you'll usually quickly get caught in a round-robin of blame, where it's always the Dems or Repubs, no matter how far-fetched or far-stretched the reasoning has to get. It's a great example of starting with a conclusion and back-filling from there.
  5. And as a fairly alternative-leftish type, I've come to see the behavior of the Left and Right edges to be pretty much one and the same. They think they are the exact opposite of each other (in terms of stances), but from what I observe, they are both pretty equally divorced from physical reality and both are pretty equally unwilling to admit that there even is an external reality that might be different than their own thoughts. And they tend to utterly & completely freak out if reality starts to behave in a way that doesn't match their map...they truly can become unhinged. Whether one is Right or Left shades one's perspective as to which side is "worse" in this behavior. The scary thing is is that I don't know how you get someone "back" once they've reached the point of disconnection from outside reality (or at least making conscious attempts to remember that there *is* an outside reality). If your life truly begins to revolve around your unshakeable belief in your own (& similar) opinions as the only true ones, where do you go from there?
  6. It's pretty obvious that not thinking critically and accepting whatever "The Man" says are characteristics of both sides of this debate.
  7. Except I asked for specific examples re: overhyping of the coronavirus. "The problem in general", "everything", etc is more of the same overgeneralization.
  8. Yep, same with the few (distant) relatives I have in medicine. I'm always curious...are there any verifiable examples of the media overplaying or "hyping" Covid? I would really like to see actual examples. Because I have heard of many accusations, but never any actual links. I understand that there may be some differences in opinion here, but I think those who are leveling the accusations need to provide specific evidence of it. (To be clear, I'm not accusing the OP of this, it's more of a general comment...what SPECIFICALLY counts as "overhyping"?)
  9. My mom has worked as a family law paralegal for 30+ years. I’ve learned a few things from her. Girl, get an excellent, experienced, junk-yard dog lawyer and FIGHT. Your husband is walking all over you and you’re taking it. (No offense intended...I know this is very difficult, but one of the worst mistakes you can make right now is being too passive.).
  10. Yes, I understand that people (including me) need sometimes a break from the fear. We will get through this (probably more than once). It's good to remember that. OTOH, I can't help but be struck by the privilege that is so enshrined in these "betcha won't post this" memes. For people without health insurance, a "survivable" form of this virus could be an instant entryway into lifelong bankruptcy and/or poverty. There are an estimated 30 million people in this country without health insurance. A bunch more are in the process of losing their insurance due to being laid off. Having no insurance while a rabidly contagious virus in which 20% of the ill require hospitalization makes it's way through the country? Terrifying. Regardless of the "positive" outcomes. Or consider what the effect Covid is likely to have on the developing world... for instance, I have a friend who runs a non-profit in Ethiopia. She just sent out a newsletter, discussing the fear and distress occurring there. The entire country (according to her) has FOUR ventilators. I literally can't imagine what it would be like to live there now. What will the death rate be for poverty-stricken, overcrowded countries with extremely limited health care facilities & equipment?
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