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  1. My very favorite Latin curriculum is Latin at Home by JennifersLost, fka Jennifer GWOTW. It explains the grammar being taught, all the necessary drill and repetition is built into the program, it doesn't move too fast or too slow. I keep hoping that if I brag on her program enough, she will finish the remaining volumes. :) But I suppose with all the new Latin curricula out there, it might be tough to continue profitably.


    My middle dd is using Latin Primer with the DVDs. It works well for her because she's a very visual learner and the DVD component really helps her to enjoy and remember the lessons. The program moves slowly enough that she is not overwhelmed (she is easily frustrated).


    I like Prima Latina for a very easy introduction for a younger student.


    My oldest dd enjoys Ecce Romani, but I think it would work much better if she had a teacher who knows Latin. It moves fast. Since it's reading based, she has to be careful to write and study the grammar as it's taught. Otherwise, she'll progress a few lessons and then hit a wall.


    The one program we used and hated was Latina Christiana. It's basically a "memorize this chant and don't worry about what it means" kind of curriculum. You would think the concepts would be explained in the TM, but they're not.


    I have not found any modern Latin programs that teach English grammar well enough to use Latin as a substitute for English grammar (imo). However, there are several out-of-copyright textbooks available free on the internet that teach English grammar explicitly and well alongside the Latin. My favorite is Latin for Beginners. I used it for awhile with my oldest dd, but she didn't not like the fact that the book has no color. Her interest level is high with Ecce Romani, so that's what she using currently.



  2. We were in a wreck just before Christmas and my car was totalled. The holidays slowed everything with the insurance company, so it took weeks to find out whether the car was totalled, etc. So we finally went car shopping last week and bought a van. It's a 2004 Nissan Quest, but it only had 18,000 miles and it's in like-new condition. We picked it up on Wednesday and I got rear-ended yesterday. The damage is very minor - the initial estimate is only $460, barring the discovery of hidden damage when they remove the bumper panel. But I am beginning to feel like I'm wearing a hit me sign!

  3. You can download tons of out-of-copyright books as .pdf files from Google Books.


    Some examples:

    Ray's Arithmetic, and some of the answer key books

    Harvey's Grammar (and an answer key for Practical Grammar)

    some really good high school composition and rhetoric books

    tons of primers and readers (McGuffey, among others)

    History books by Edward Eggleston, James Baldwin, H A Guerber and lots of others

    Science/nature books by Jean-Henri Fabre, Parables from Nature, and more

  4. He says it could be any number of things, of course. But dirt in the fuel line and a clogged fuel filter come to mind. If it were the alternator, the car probably would not have started up again. He also said it could be electrical - with the cold weather a sensor could have gotten overloaded and caused the computer to shut down. Or the engine could have overheated. If your antifreeze was not adequate for the weather, your radiator could have frozen and caused the engine to overheat without showing up on the temperature gauge.



  5. But I hate, hate, hate this format. WTM Boards are the only internet boards I read, and the biggest reason I didn't read any others is because I hate the format of other boards. The change could be good...I really need to spend less time on the boards, so this is the perfect time quit or reduce the time I spend here; or it could be bad, because this format takes so much longer to navigate.


    On a more positive note, I just got The History of the Ancient World and I can't wait to begin reading it!


    Elizabeth B. in NC

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