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  1. It's not making them digital, but for the sake of space we got "cd binders" and eliminated all our cases.
  2. I think they are dropping acellus because of the price hike, but brought on other programs that are similar. We don't use any of the "main curriculum" resources so I don't pay much attention to what happens with them. We use some of the video resources and it was our reason for buying a membership. Getting the one site listed in this thread made it worth the price, everything else was a bonus. We then bought teacher accounts for another huge video and resource site at a fraction of the price of even buying at hsbc.
  3. So I don't know what programs we are allowed to say that we have and what ones we cant. Some of the things we have access to, we are not allowed to discuss with non charter members. I guess so people are joining the charter just to get this item or that crazy cheap... but isn't that why all of us are "there"? Anyway, here is a walk through video that is available on the nonmember group page, if you look you can see most of what is included. Somethings are added on for extra money. She did just change the pricing for the main membership, I don't understand all of that yet. Video link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1182184321835910?view=permalink&id=1726851624035841
  4. From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? It's not a locker or even a train station though. What about The Invention of Hugo Cabret? It's not very old though.
  5. We are part of Griffin Academy. It includes tons of resources plus many other options you can add. It was more affordable than KOLA. They have a fb group for prospective members https://m.facebook.com/groups/1182184321835910 Their site is griffinacademy.org
  6. I have dreamed of a flexible all in one secular LA forever. The new WS would fit it completely if it was secular. I looked it it as a flook last night and got all giddy until I really read the sample. Broke my heart, seriously.
  7. The newly updated Writing Strands in a secular version.
  8. For those who have their kids use Fires to listen, are they listening on the kids accounts? I just bought my kids a kindle book with whispersync and I can't get it to play the audio portion on the kids accounts and read I couldn't "share" audible books with the kids.
  9. I'm using it with 3rd, 6th, and 7th graders. We work together. I print everything and the have binders it goes in. I have a color printer with cheap generic ink. It takes us less than a half hour a day for sure. My older kids are enjoying the cut and paste stuff it's been a long time since school wasn't "hours" of handwriting, and the "3Dish" hands-on approach is making it all make sense for them.
  10. We are working through it also. First time in 12 years of homeschooling that my kids are actually "getting it" and they actually like doing grammar!
  11. Rebel is spot on. The immunizations are a grey area, even with hslda. I provide a copy of them to our district but all other medical/dental/vision information is not shared with them. I just make sure that I have a statement that its all completed and records are kept on file. Many file an exemption with the school because they don't want to share the records, but it's advised against because if we all are filing exemptions they will find a way to eliminate them.
  12. McRuffy Color Math is fabulous! Lots of hands on, lots of games built in, very solid but not overwhelming each day.
  13. There is a pretty large homeschool community in Luzerne County ;) I'm in Montour County, just down river or RT11 or I-80 from you. ;) There are FB groups for the area once you are settled more :)
  14. Welcome to PA. Our laws look scary but aren't hard to live with. What part of PA are you in? Maybe someone local can help you maneuver your local district. Most districts are cake but others are harder to deal with until you show them you stuff your stuff.
  15. We love it. One of my kids uses it ahead, one on level and the other has chosen to stick with McRuffy color math until the end of it. McRuffy is our favorite math before TT. My oldest used TT about 2 grades ahead. Use the placement tests.
  16. https://knowledgequestmaps.com/maps-and-timelines/map-trek/map-trek-integration-guides/
  17. I have rising 7th, 6th, and 3rd. For all, I combine all content subjects..history, geography, science, art, music, etc. For skill subjects I combine the older 2 for LA because it is where they both are, math they have their own.
  18. Teaching Textbooks. But don't let the program be the teacher and corrector and expect the kids to truly get it. Watch the lesson with the kid, make them use the workbook. Check the workbook. Make them fix errors then they can enter them on the computer. If you both don't get a problem, you can view a step by step solution on the disks, and if you're still stuck you can call TT and they will help you figure it out.
  19. I think AG would be great for you to learn. You could also look at KISS online its free.
  20. Glencoe iScience is a general science textbook Prentice Hall Science Explorer you can get as small topic books or larger year long strand books (earth or life for example) Or there is Mr Q science or REAL Science Odyssey but both are single strand, RSO is very lab heavy, Mr Q is more reading and the labs are take 'em or leave 'em.
  21. I have had a good long talk with myself, I had to admit that the same reason I wouldn't buy a boxed curriculum is why I need to not use an all in one LA. We need to focus on things specific to each kid, and those things can change at any given time. I went over and over and over the options for each component, narrowed down and narrowed down again, and think I finally have a plan that will cover all the components of LA without overwhelming us. Thanks for your first reply, it really made me think about what we really need.
  22. My older kids love the lower levels just as much as the older levels. I always tell people to start with the kindy disk, your kids will love it.
  23. His vocabulary was great, reading comp was really good, spelling was meh, grammar/mechanics were horrible.
  24. I buy cheaper alternatives to their supply kit from Amazon or Walmart or even Dollar Tree.
  25. I know several on here use MBTP LA as their full LA. Though I want to trust in it, we have slacked on it because I can't seem to see the big picture as we go through the units. The sometimes feel random and disjointed. Anyway, we just finished up CAT testing, and I'm not impressed with our LA scores. We need to knuckle down with LA and be sure the kids understand our own language. If you use MBTP LA as your sole LA, and you do testing, how well do your kids do on it? I really want an all in one LA and its the only secular one out there, so before test scores I decided that we were going to just go with it, but now I'm nervous and thinking we may need something with more explicit instruction.
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