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  1. Yes!! Short lines and we usually get to do even more than we thought we would.
  2. I use a regular Norwex cloth. Wet. Dries on its own and looks great. I just wipe the fridge when I wipe the counters.
  3. This is my favorite game. I have 5 versions now. I am hoping to get one I don't have!!
  4. My mom and her siblings exchange gifts. My cousins and our children do an exchange. At Thanksgiving we draw names with whoever will be at Christmas. I love the cousin exchange. We have so much fun with it. I do not exchange with my siblings or buy gifts for my nieces. They live out of town and are rarely at the main family Christmas dinner.
  5. She said she is in CA and it is true here. I live here. my kids are enrolled through a charter school. They have no vaccinations.
  6. If she doesn't attend any classes in a classroom setting she does not need proof of vaccinations.
  7. I voted no do not see the need for myself and my children. I voted other for an adult child who yes got it. She doesn't see the need however was required to do so for her job.
  8. American Heritage Girls allows for both male and female leaders. we have some wonderful male leaders in our troop.
  9. At that age the guideline is family camping only. We do allow girls to attend with another family however they still need separate tents.
  10. When we lived where it snowed and had a gravel driveway we didn't ever have to shovel it (unless the snow was super deep). My favorite part of having a gravel driveway.
  11. We have been in AHG for six years and love it. Our troop is a mix of public and homeschool and also from different churches. It is fabulous. I hope you have a great year!
  12. We have PLC and committee meetings at the same time every other month. That seems to work better than we were doing every month.
  13. I have more to say but the quick answer is that I was in high school and my neighbor friend invited me. I lived lots of places for the following 15 years and stuck with that denomination the whole time. My husband was not that denomination and wanted to try other churches. We tried the one that a co-worker invited him to attend. When we moved cross country we tried lots of churches but ultimately attended the one where we were invited to by new homeschool friends. Same when we moved again. Knowing somebody is going to be the thing that makes it easier for a person to enter the doors of the church.
  14. 18 My oldest is 25 now. No kids and not married.
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