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    Brain MRI

    For brain mri I ask for a washcloth over my eyes before they restrain my head. It really helps to NOT be able to open my eyes. I also ask for the fan turned up bc I like to feel the air blow on my face. Both of those prevent claustrophobia to the degree I don't need sedation. I have one tomorrow morning too!
  2. Don't we have factories capable of mass producing hazmat suits and respirators for every regional hospital designated for Ebola patients? Surely there is demand for this increase in production? These nurses are wearing what I wear to access my son's port. Totally unacceptable level of protection imo.
  3. All I could think of was we used to live on her street (street name reported in article I read). A few houses away. The neighbors were reversed 911 called about the hazmat cleanup. Of course, I am very sorry for her and her family. She is a brave lady to care for that patient.
  4. Thanks everyone for thoughts and advice. I think I will update in a month about how things look. She dropped one weekly afternoon volunteer comittment - she has 100s of volunteer hours certified as a 10th grader, but with increased academics has to slow down just a bit. She also got study advice from an AP class TA which really ecouraged her. The class first 2 test grades were low class wide, and the teacher said by far the hardest of the year, which the TA confirmed based on her previous experience in the class. She is almost caught up in English, by Tues, and is finding that workload manageable, yet rigorous, now. I dont think she will be working "all" weekend like the last two, so we can plan a fun outing with friends. I showed her this thread, and she enjoyed reading it. She said she wouldn't enjoy taking high school level classes anymore now that she has experienced AP. So I guess I am not not ruining her life! I will update about if grades, time management and efficiency improve in a month. Maybe our rough start can help someone else!
  5. I was going to add that Dive Chemistry and Chalkdust Algebra 2 are incredibly easy for her. A huge blessing considering, but they still take some time.
  6. With the AP classes the weekly assignments look like read 1 chapter, read several articles, read or watch lectures, watch videos, attend chats, group projects, on and on. Takes forever, but she LOVES the material and wants to talk about it all the time in her free time! I think she needs to get in a better groove. She is setting up appts to Skype with a TA about study methods and time management, which I am glad she is initiating. The amount of assignments is why I am considering getting my own syllabi approved for a couple AP classes next year. The 2nd problems was catching up in English, which is almost resolved. Next year, Lukion 3 is going to be incredibly hard and time consuming which we need to be prepared for. So far so good with Latin bc she was really well prepared from previous dialectic stage programs, but it is ramping up...
  7. I wouldn't use someone else's syllabus, but I am looking at many for multimedia links and textbooks with resources I like.
  8. Some if you mentioned NC block schedules. I live in NC so the 4 class per semester block schedule/ 8 total per year is what I have heard for public school too. BUT - APUSH and most other APs are 2 semester classes at our local high school. So AP students take far less than 8 classes per year. That is what I am comparing with.
  9. 8 classes might include drama, pe/dance and music - all of which she takes weekly and I could give credit for. I was counting them as extra curriculars instead of a course.
  10. Well, if I had known how time consuming the classwork would be I wouldn't have done it. And I am trying to fix it for the future. I don't think she would be happy with a high school level class or textbook at this point. She loves what she is learning, but we both think it is too time consuming. We would try to cut down classwork by self studying for AP Environmental Science all year and AP Microeconomics (after AP Macro class finished in Feb). Just 2 AP classes online. I think AP English Lit will take the same time as Blue Tent Honors English 2. So really, one less online class next year.
  11. You can see my 10th grade daughter's schedule in my signature. Her pace not is not doable long term. 2 hrs per day for 4 online classes = so 8hrs plus piano, math, and chemistry. Her English load is extra heavy still bc we jumped in at the end of week 3 and she is catching up. Is 5 classes standard or 6? I definately think she should self study for 1-2 AP classes in the future bc the AP classwork is too time consuming and stressful. We were already planning to avoid the really heavy science, math and history APs!! Next year 11th grade: Pre calculus - dual enrollment AP Environmental science - self study with approved syllabus AP Macro Economics - Pa Homeschoolers - class ends in Feb then self study Micro too AP English Lit - Blue Tent Lukeion Latin 3 Will this still be working 8am-8pm plus most of the weekend? I I feel like I am ruining her life, please advise!.
  12. Yes I know about CB samples thanks. I am googling for teacher websites with included multimedia web links also. I would LOVE to find a text with annotated teacher's text available too. Those 2 finds would be ideal.
  13. My daughter may self-study for 11th grade with approved syllabi for AP Human Geography and AP Environmental Science alongside 5 Steps to a 5 prep books. I really like their study schedules. My daughter's 10th grade workload with PA Homeschoolers plus other online classes is UNREAL. We would like to condense test prep next year instead of taking so many online classes, 1 or 2 online AP classes plus 2 self study APs with approved syllabi. I am having trouble finding sample websites/syllabi for Environmental Science. Does anyone have some bookmarked?
  14. Thanks. They moved up my appt to Oct 6. Said to go to er for totally saturated pad per hr, which I have had every 2 hrs so far... I can't take bc pills bc of autoimmune clotting disorder & take baby aspirin daily (also have MS). I take Iron for anemia already, hopefully not getting much worse... I guess they can do an ultrasound, blood work and exam on the 6th and figure out if it is a fibroid or just perimenopause hormones... I wonder what hormone therapies cause clots?
  15. Would you be very worried about 30 days bleeding? I am almost 46. I had my monthly early last month, then several weeks spotting daily continuous. Called my primary care and she said I could wait to get first available with gyn. It isn't until 10/23 bc I am a new patient. Today I am bleeding a lot! Tons. I called the gyn office and said I feel helpless bc I am not an established patient anywhere and can't make an urgent appt...They gave the message to the triage nurse. Any ideas?
  16. She talked to the one AP teacher by phone to walk through the website bc she still couldn't find the week's assignment. The miscommunication was caused by the teacher submitting the week's assignment as a draft instead of to the website. 1 1/2 days late (2 days for her bc she has extracurricular commitments after school and tonight). But at least my daughter knew she wasn't crazy that she couldn't figure out what to do. The teacher said she was surprised no one else asked. :) The other thing she did wrong was watch/take notes on all 5 posted videos instead of waiting until they were assigned. I guess she will get the hang of it. We withdrew another class to join Blue Tent in week 3. She has been trying to catch up since, which is stretching her soooo thin. She loves Psych class bc she want to be a speech pathologist, but doesn't like all these low early quiz, test, and paper grades! Lukeion 2 is harder too. She has had a 92 and 94 on her latest quizzes after a 99% ave for Latin 1 last year... All of her quizzes and tests are on Mondays for 2 APs and Latin, so she has needed to study a lot on weekends...
  17. Can someone whose child had difficulty adjusting to AP courses with PAH pm me or post tips? Does it get better? She is taking 2 APs plus two other rigorous online classes. She is panicking because she made 70s on her first AP quizzes/tests. She is studying every afternoon plus weekends. A lot of the problem is juggling so many online chats, videos, lectures, google hangouts for so many subjects and the times vary each week. Plus tons of reading and writing. She has trouble navigating assignments on website vs syllabus (they are different) and is waiting for a reply from one teacher. She has a lot of extracurriculars that she wants to cut down or out to make time for all the academic components plus studying... I am getting worried. Thanks!
  18. We are deciding between between the Brother and this HP my husband found last night. The cartridges seem expensive but at least won't dry out with intermittent use! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004QM8J8S/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=C75C85V50IFR&coliid=I3CWTU6N2NPAAW http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00847UWUE/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=C75C85V50IFR&coliid=I3P3GF9FRX3KB2
  19. I want something reliable but not too expensive. Only black ink. I can't take my clogged inkjet one more day.... Thanks!
  20. Well I don't know what to think about the smaller school situation. Feeling like the well was poisoned with the girls in the better dorm is subjective and who knows if it could be overcome. However since I am a Baylor grad I can't help but think START OVER AT BAYLOR WITH A SCHOLARSHIP! If my chdren can get a scholarship, they are going, and we live really far away!
  21. This year I am getting inducted into my local branch of Daughter of American Revolution Thursday morning! Usually I watch tv and cry...
  22. What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew ??!
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