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  1. Son accepted to UNC Chapel Hill yesterday- going there!! Also, accepted at App State and Samford (scholarships) to major in Healthcare Management. His older sister will graduate from UNCC in Special Ed this spring at 19yo, turns 20 the next day after graduation! I’m so thankful for homeschooling! I’m sad to be done- but so love to see them grow up too!!
  2. 105 lbs. low carb, intermittent fasting six years ago. Gained 15lbs over last year after loosening up low carb restriction and eating 3 meals. Back to lower carbs and skipping breakfast.
  3. I need it to sync seamlessly and immediately. This is for high school and college student to organize school assignments, so due dates, reminders and sub folders are helpful as well. I used Do More Better recommendations by Tim Challies, he recommends Todoist. It looks like only Premium syncs with google calendar and I would prefer free. Any ideas? {It just seems like a paper planner is a waste of time for repeated tasks and also has a lack of reminders to their google calendars.}
  4. Is that ok to ask here? Does anyone have reviews? I am considering for fall semester. Thanks!
  5. I would park at the 7th street station downtown (free parking with voucher stamped) and get coffee at Not Just Coffee and lunch at the several restaurants in the station area.Then walk around to Museum of New South, downtown area, Spirit Square, Discovery Place etc. Could spend all day around there!
  6. My daughter decided to graduate a year early - 16yo. Applied and accepted to only one university, UNC Charlotte University Honors Program. Her major is Special Education, Adaptive (moderate-profound disabilities). She will be able to begin taking education classes in her spring semester bc of dual enrollment and AP credits. We are all excited!
  7. its just weird that the only facebook group post not viewed was the one she posted. otherwise maybe her personal posts weren't seen - even after liking every single one last semester?
  8. I am trying to figure out if someone unfollowed my family member. What if they get notifications for a mutual group with a read by at the bottom - and it shows they saw/read every single post in the group except the one my family member posted to the group? It doesn't show they read only that one out of all of them. Also, they suddenly stopped liking all (infrequent) posts after liking 100% previously. It isn't a situation where we can ask. I am just asking if the not read facebook group notification is "evidence". Would they not receive a notification for a post to a group if it was posted by someone they unfollowed?
  9. My daughter is graduating a year early at just turned 17. She has been accepted to our nearby 4 year school as a pre special education major. All her choice. She is having cold feet. Questioning whether she made a mistake as she is watching her friends compete for scholarships to Christian universities. Is there any way she could apply for these types of scholarships AFTER a gap year. Not defer acceptances or scholarship offers, but start apply for them during the gap year. And taking the ACT and SAT again too. Totally out of the question right?
  10. Thanks everyone. We decided to do it. Dropped AP lit bc it was elective instead of required and added 2 minimester 8 week dual enrolled required courses. She will apply early decision in Oct. We feel good about. Local reactions have been somewhat negative, so I appreciate hearing some other opinions.
  11. For example, next year she would have to take Calculus and Biology at dual enrollment - dreaded subjects that wouldn't transfer bc they aren't required for her major. Same with any additional humanities classes. She will have fulfilled all requirements. So even thought it is "free", it seems like a collossal waste of time and effort.
  12. Yes. But her senior year classes won't cut toward her major, so wouldn't transfer. She completely meets general ed requirements and equivalent of associates degree this year! Bc she took AP tests too when younger...
  13. She stinks on the new SAT so isn't bothering with PSAT anyway... Her ACT score is very good.
  14. She is certain she wants to major in special education - adapted curriculum (working with severe/profound disabilities). There aren't any more prestigious schools that offer it anyway. She really really wants to live at home. So, scholarships aren't needed anyway... We are kind of looking at it like - she would be driving to cc dual enrollment or driving to university. Either way, she is a 17 year old taking college classes. The university classes will count towards her degree.
  15. My daughter is a junior and in dual enrollment. I looked up her requirements for general ed (as a Special Ed major at our local university she wants to attend) will be done after this year bc she had AP tests last year too. We want to reclassify her as a senior to apply early decision in October. Her June ACT score was in the 90% of what they accept. Can you help me think through this? Her AP reports, online class transcripts and National Latin Exam all have school years but not grades on them. Her 8th grade classes were all high school level and mostly online. Any reason not to do it?
  16. It is so upsetting. Pretty much given up NM hope and will focus on ACT and state schools.
  17. Yes the 4 book tests are the same as the website according to Amazon reviews. And it does sound like to me that there will be no way to score October PSAT for NM. I am assuming that bc I read they are holding the March SAT scores until the May SAT scores so they have a comparison. What will they compare the October PSAT too?
  18. The new PSAT in Oct is for National Merit. I guess she can keep trying for less wrong answers while having no idea if she is close to top % needed for NMF. Her future major really limits where she will apply and I am starting not to care about scholarships like I did when she was younger. Her AP and dual enrollment take 2 years off her degree plan also.
  19. It is the new, official College Board SAT book to prep for new PSAT. She may give up and just prep for ACT, 29 as a sophomore... She doesn't want to go to our alma mater that gives full rides for NMF anyway...
  20. I am typing/yelling because I am beyond irritated. Her NMSQT is in Oct and they release this stupid book???? It doesn't offer any info about how to calculate score. We went to the College Board website to see if they explain how to calculate a score and there is nothing on there yet. Is anyone else trying to take official practice tests yet?
  21. My daughter took both classes with PA homeschoolers in 10th. Psych 4 U.S. Gov 4 She is bummed especially about Psych bc score distributions showed a lot of 5s and she thought she got one. Did on every class practice test too. The school admin lost her paperwork the morning of the test and found it 10 min late. Her nerves were shot but she thought she did well anyway. She really wanted 5s to give her an edge for scholarships etc, but we know she gets credit at least.
  22. Which restaurant? We are Baylor alumni :)
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