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  1. Worldwide deaths have doubled again but the doubling rate slowed - took 7 days this time instead of 5. April 4 64700 7 days to double March 28 31000 5 days to double March 23 16500 6 days to double March 17 8000 8 days to double March 9 4000 20 days to double Feb 18 2000
  2. Total US deaths doubled again today. We’ve been maintaining a pretty steady rate of increase. 😞 U.S. Deaths April 3 7400 3 days to double (7296) March 31 3900 3 days to double (3648) March 28 2200 3 days to double (1824) March 25 1030 2 days to double (912) March 23 550 3 days to double (456) March 20 250 3 days to double (228) March 17 110 3 days to double (114) March 14 57 (based on worldometers data)
  3. I’m teaching 4 classes (all different subjects) at a private school. We also had just one weekend to convert to online classes, so I can sympathize. I probably worked 60 hours a week for the first two weeks trying to figure everything out. I’m so tired. It’s so hard to connect with the students. And trying to do all of this surrounded by a general aura of stress and sadness.... a grandparent of a student died this week, and another grandparent is currently in the hospital. My school families are stressed trying to figure out the new system and I’m double stressed because my 13 year old 8th grader is high-drama about school right now and I have become her main teacher on top of everything else. I’m an introvert but haven’t been able to enjoy being home yet at all. Next week is spring break so I will get a reprieve.
  4. Quoting myself to add: US deaths: March 31 3900 3 days to double (actual double 3648) Worldwide deaths haven’t doubled again yet (currently at 42000).
  5. My hope is that a month or two from now, we will be past the peak and at a point where the number of daily new cases is relatively small. Then if restrictions are eased, we will be back to where we were in January, except with a) warmer weather, b) better testing ability, c) better knowledge of potential treatments, d) more inventory of needed supplies, and e) at least a small percentage (maybe a significant percentage?) of the population that is immune. All of those things will mean that the next wave will be smaller and we will see it coming much sooner.
  6. A ballet barre and vinyl flooring for my dancer. She can’t take weeks off at this point in her training. It’s not the same but it’s enough.
  7. Yes. He has really made a point to come across as appreciative and complimentary of the federal response.
  8. Yes. Hopefully the recently lower ICU admissions in NY will soon translate into slower growth in the number of deaths there. But I can already see that there are several states that are starting to pick up and it’s possible that it won’t be long before their numbers start looking like NY’s. 😞😞😞 Edit: I really, really hope we see a slowdown soon.
  9. I’ve been keeping track of how fast deaths are doubling, both worldwide and in the US. Here is a snapshot (these numbers are approximate and from worldometers; they also aren’t exact doubles - I picked the end-of-day numbers that were closest to the actual double. Worldwide deaths: Feb 18 2000 March 9 4000 (20 days to double) March 17 8000 (8 days to double) March 23 16500 (6 days to double) - actual double 16000 March 28 31000 (5 days to double) - actual double 32000 US Deaths March 14 57 March 17 110 (3 days to double) actual double 114 March 20 250 ( 3 days to double) actual double 228 March 23 550 (3 days to double) actual double 456 March 25 1030 (2 days to double) actual double 912 March 28 2200 (3 days to double) actual double 1824 I really hope these rates change... if they don’t, we will be looking at 250,000 total worldwide deaths and 70,000 US deaths 15 days from now.
  10. It’s taped down but we aren’t moving it at all. Just living around it. It’s just a 5x10 piece for now. I’d have to seriously move furniture around to make room for more than that. Hoping I don’t have to go that far!
  11. I hope they offer something for your dancers to do at home! I know my dd would feel so cut off if she didn’t have those classes. The marley is on wood. I don’t think it would work on carpet. But she has to reLly limit her jumping because there is concrete underneath. Definitely not like a sprung floor!
  12. My dd’s dance studio has been such a blessing. They are offering daily online classes through Zoom. She has a barre and Marley set up in the living room and although she doesn’t have a ton of space she is able to keep moving. She’s working on her form and getting corrections. Just as importantly, she has been able to stay connected to the other dancers in her tight-knit studio company. They are meeting with the directors just to chat a couple times a week. Every morning some of them do a virtual group workout together. She’s working out about 3 - 4 hours a day, which considering everything is pretty dang good. It’s seriously been such a blessing that I am holding back tears of gratitude. I’m sure next time she is able to dance full out in a big space it will feel like flying. I just hope it’s sooner than the pessimist in me says it will be.
  13. What happens if we get to the point that so many senators are quarantined that there aren’t enough left to pass legislation? 😟
  14. Italy recorded almost 800 deaths in the last 24 hours. US cases are increasing rapidly, mainly because of what looks like a massive amount of testing being done in NY. We have passed Germany and are about to pass Spain in total cases. However, our death rate based on reported cases looks like it’s close to 1 percent, and Italy’s looks like it’s around 9 percent. I still think we are underreporting cases massively, especially in my state (CA).
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