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  1. I was just there a week ago. We ate at a great tapas place downtown called Mita’s. There is a bunch of street art in the area if you walk around. There are also a lot of food spots around Findlay Market. The market itself was super crowded so we didn’t go in, but there are shops and food vendors all around it.
  2. You might want to have him try taking a magnesium supplement. I like Natural Calm. It could help with a lot of the symptoms he is having: heart palpitations, muscle spasms, digestive issues, and just general stress/anxiety. I think that acid reflux meds make it harder for your body to absorb magnesium also, so a supplement would be good anyway.
  3. We have a ton of stamped concrete. It’s been 16 years now and it still looks pretty good. We should have sealed it but never did. It would probably look newer if we did. We live in CA and don’t get a lot of weather so that might explain the longevity. But also, the contractor we used was excellent and really knew what he was doing. I would recommend that you ask for referrals and drive by and look at the work that was done before deciding on a contractor. Edited to add that ours isn’t slippery at all, so maybe it depends on the type of finish.
  4. I would love a hug reaction!! Sometimes a like or a laugh just isn’t an appropriate response. Edit: I still plan to use whatever the best reaction is despite what it does to my (or others) reputation!
  5. Hey, I just earned three badges for making this post!! LOL
  6. The other funny thing is the reputation points. I figured out a while back that if you give or receive a sad or confused emojji reaction, it reduces your rep points. But sometimes those are really the only legit reactions to a post!! 😆
  7. Mine got her first dose of the B vaccine this week. She was a bit woozy after for about 15 minutes and then felt fine. Her arm was sore for a few days. Four days afterward, she had a few small red blotches on her face and back. It looked like she was reacting to something but they didn’t itch. Not sure if it was related or not, but I will mention it to her doctor. She is supposed to go back in six months for her second dose.
  8. I taught from the TM but typed up and printed out all of the poems on separate paper. I added blank lines somewhere on the page where they could write a reflection on how the poem made them feel or what was interesting to them. I also added a blank box where they could draw a picture of what they visualized when they read/heard the poem. At the end of they year we bound these, along with some poems they wrote themselves, trying some of the techniques in the book. We also kept notebooks where they added definitions and examples for different terms/elements as they came up in the book. This was just a section in our language arts notebook.
  9. We have used calculators starting in Algebra 2: 1) When working with exponents and logarithms. At the very end of the unit I taught them how to use the different calculator functions. They were also allowed to use them on application problems like exponential growth and decay, future value of money problems, etc. 2) When working with trig functions, after we had spent a lot of time working with special right triangles and exact values. 3) At other times when solving applied word problems where the numbers would be cumbersome to work with and not using a calculator would detract from the skills I wanted them to focus on. Or where having a decimal approximation made more sense than leaving the answer in radical form, etc.
  10. I voted a B for the first and a C for the second. Student X could have easily received an A if they had just checked their work. Student Y is missing some foundational concepts.
  11. Thanks Lori. I didn’t mean that the instruction would only take place during a few weeks in the summer, just that being away from my family for 2-3 weeks at a time would probably be workable, with the rest of the work happening at home. This program definitely sounds interesting. I am adding it to my list! I would want to take some more entry-level English and writing courses first before I’d be ready to apply to a program like this. Thanks for the other resources as well! I will look into them.
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