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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/09/world/pfizer-covid-vaccine-young-teens.html Pfizer has already applied! I agree that @Corraleno’s posts are always informative and much appreciated!
  2. Ok, thanks. My only other experience with this was at the smaller university, where the admission advisor put us in touch with a transfer advisor that got back to us the next day with course equivalencies for all of dd's classes, and then ran everything by the ballet and math departments for us. I realize now that this is not the norm! Because dd really wants to be able to double major in four years, and can't do that without transfer credits, it sounds like this has become a relatively more important issue for us. Thanks. I do understand the dilemma and realize my expectati
  3. We've made a little progress on transfer credits. The registrar told her to input her classes into the the online transfer system (the one that the website said in-state students should use). So we did that, and it gave equivalencies for three of her twelve CC classes. The other nine are not in the system and might count but will need to be reviewed. Sent screenshots of that info to the registrar and they basically said that the review process would not be happening right now, but that she could make an appointment to talk to a transfer advisor. We'll see if they will talk to her; th
  4. She has from the smaller school. A friend a couple years older than her from our studio is currently there and loves it. I’ve also connected with a mom there and asked her a lot of questions. We don’t know anyone at the larger school, but she was connected with a dancer there through Instagram and has asked her a couple questions. It’s hard because everyone seems to have only positive things to say. I know the performances won’t give much info on class style, but they will give an idea of the rep she’d be auditioning for/performing, and that’s important to her too. She loves story ballets
  5. I wish she had been able to audition in person. 😭 Covid really made this a challenge. She was able to visit small school and the dance department, and was supposed to observe class, but classes ended up being cancelled that day due to a performance, which was a bummer. We were able to watch a couple recent virtual performances from this year and those were very impressive and in line with the type of rep that she would like to perform. So she at least was able to do that. For the audition she had to record herself doingset combinations that they provided a recording of using one of their stude
  6. They have a system, but only for in-state colleges, and we are out of state. So going through admissions seems to be the only option, at least that I can see. Hopefully they will get back to us.
  7. Thank you! We did a lot of research into which schools were placing dancers into professional companies, and both of these schools do that. Not for all graduates, of course, but they both have good track records. They are definitely preparing them for performing, and both degrees would be BFA degrees in performance. So the schools are pretty equal in that regard. The way the ballet departments tell it at the Q&As we attended, double majors are encouraged and they are willing to work with second major in terms of scheduling conflicts. Many of the smaller school dancers do have dou
  8. We found a form to contact the registrar about transfer credits and sent in a transcript. Hopefully we get a response back! Knowing how many GE requirements would be fulfilled would be a big help. Small school is counting 19 credits toward specific required courses and the rest toward general electives (she has around 40 credits). Once we get that info back she can reach out to the specific departments and get their feedback on how realistic completing this double major would be in 4 years. That will at least give us that piece of info.
  9. Yes, I’ve been looking into this. At the smaller school there are fewer class offerings but they seem to be at times that work with the ballet class schedule. We need to check into this more at the state school. To teach, she would need education classes and would have to do student teaching. She wouldn’t be able to do student teaching simultaneously with the ballet major. So the idea is for her to get the math degree now and either teach at a private school part time or tutor while she dances to supplement her income, then go back to school later and get her masters in math education
  10. Thank you! Yes, we have already eliminated a few schools that don’t encourage or allow double majoring. And I’d rather her not be stuck taking the majority of her second major classes at night or online. I’ve been looking at the spring schedule of classes for each school to get a feel for what the schedule would actually look like, and that has been helpful.
  11. Yes, I don’t know how much help to expect an advisor to give a non-enrolled student. But the help is very much appreciated when it is given! We shouldn’t need to take out loans.
  12. We are going to try to visit next week, depending on my comfort level on traveling. She hasn't reached out yet other than to send her CC transcript to her advisor with questions. She needs to dig a bit more now and reach out to each department, as well as to someone that can help her figure out how her credits transfer, since her advisor didn't give her any answers on that either. This is the first time (out of 3 attempts) that this advisor has actually replied to an email, so I guess that's something, although his response felt pretty dismissive.
  13. We are finally down to two choices in dd's college search. The issue is that one of them is more expensive than the other (probably $10k per year), and of course it is also dd's top choice and is the better fit. How do you decide if the extra cost would be justified? Some background: Dd wants to dance professionally. She will be majoring in ballet, but also adding a double major in math, thinking that she might like to teach math at the high school or possibly college level down the road. She will be transferring in enough DE credits to make this possible within four years at either
  14. I was once diverted on a flight from LA to NYC. It was Fourth of July weekend and there was so much traffic at the airport that it took us almost an hour to reach our gate from the airport entrance. LAX gets crowded but this was a whole other level! Left LA at 8am and finally got off the plane in NY at midnight after circling a storm, running low on fuel, landing elsewhere, sitting trapped on the runway for hours, and finally being approved to take off again. We ran out of snacks and I was soooo hungry. It was 2am before we got to our hotel because the rental car line was so long. Luckily you
  15. We used First Form and Second Form Latin after GSWL, then moved on to Wheelock’s.
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