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  1. I was very, very grateful. This is such a stressful audition season, with all of the unknowns and the new audition formats. I wish more places had done that too! Or just ask for a 2-3 minute video or recording of a variation. They aren’t going to watch more that 2-3 minutes anyway!
  2. Thank you! I have heard from many people that both Bloomington and Indy are great. We’ve never been. College visits are so tricky this year. 😞
  3. What we did for dd was to start her in DE classes in 9th grade at our local CC. She was accelerated and was taking mostly high school courses as an 8th grader, so this worked well for her, and enabled her to finish high school in 3 years. When we decided on DE, she wasn’t sure if she would be going to college or dancing straight out of high school. The DE was meant to be a head start, so she could continue getting her gen ed classes out of the way while she was dancing and then transfer to a 4-year college later, either after her dance career or once she had settled down somewhere. She ea
  4. Thank you! And I’m glad to know it looks like a comprehensive list! 😁
  5. After all of the college auditions, dd was so burnt out! She was offered an extended acceptance from a couple of the summer intensives she auditioned for last summer and decided to take one of them up on their offer. I have to admit I was relieved!!
  6. Here are all of the schools that were on her list (she didn’t end up applying to all of these - the requirements were brutal!) UNCSA Virginia Commonwealth (they have a partnership with Richmond ballet) U of Utah Butler U Oklahoma U Indiana U U of Cincinnati Mercyhurst U of Arizona Point Park Texas Christian
  7. My dd is graduating at 16 this spring. We decided not to have her go away until she graduated. We’ve managed to balance school and a very full ballet schedule and even several DE classes. The plan for next fall was for her to either leave home to train at a company school full time, or go to college. With everything going on last year with Covid and how that is affecting ballet companies, she decided on the college route. I have to admit that I am relieved because at college she will be in a more insulated environment for 4 years, and can double major so she has a backup option. She’ll graduat
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methemoglobinemia Wikipedia says it can be caused by some antibiotics - I wonder if he was prescribed one of the ones on the list? Hope it gets figured out tomorrow (or sooner). ❤️
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/health/rhode-island-woman-black-blood-toothache.amp Seems like it can be caused by some medications also. I wonder if the bite could be the culprit. Was he putting any meds on the bite?
  10. CA reported 678 deaths today. We are on our way to becoming the next NY. 😞
  11. You are definitely not alone.
  12. I thought that was odd too, as well as the fact that there were only two days between potential exposure and symptoms, which seemed short. Have they tested to make sure this isn’t the U.K. variant? 🤔
  13. This is frightening. I really hope that some of the rapid spread we have experienced recently is due to this strain and this isn’t newly arrived. Things don’t need to get any worse here. 😞
  14. https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/01/04/she-was-just-spreading-joy-kaiser-nurse-reveals-details-of-suspected-christmas-tree-costume-covid-superspreader/amp/ A nurse’s account of what happened. This is getting stranger....
  15. That’s what I’m thinking. And hoping he didn’t spend too much time in the actual ER with patients.
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