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  1. Ugh lost post. Have you checked for retained reflexes? My ds body calmed immensely when we integrated reflexes. What does he like to do? Any noteworthy developmental history, speech issues, pain with writing, sensory issues, etc?
  2. Are you teaching more kids or dealing with work or other distractions? I’m trying to figure out what your limitations are. As you say, you have some choices here (continue or change). And as the others are saying, beating against unmedicated ADHD without expanding your toolbox isn’t pretty. I missed your previous threads. What were your questions and what advice were you given? Right now you’d like evals to know your assumptions about ADHD (as the sole explanation) are correct. I don’t know him, but a percentage of kids presenting this way are in the spectrum. You might need some Social Thinking intervention to get him on track. If the other parent refuses evals, say fine and enroll him. As you’re finding, he responds well to structure and is socially motivated. He’d probably do well. With evals you’d have more info to modify instruction. Otherwise you’re guessing. We can help you guess, but it would be better to have evals. Try coming over to LC. We don’t bite.
  3. I’ve been reading about studies with stem cells so it could be something to ask about.
  4. Also try reading outside your homeschool style, like something on unschooling. Now I read stuff meant for ps teachers. (Book Whisperer, etc)
  5. Now I keep shovels for bonking my kid, like hello, get in line. 😂 But seriously what y’all are highlighting well for op is that there is skill in teaching reading and that she can continue to read and grow as an educator. Some kids slide right into it and some will need more tools. Like shovels, haha. I’ve had to do a lot more reading about teaching reading for my ds than I did for my dd. Sometimes we end up buying out the hardware store! 😁
  6. You might notice whether he was asking to READ them or more like saying they’re cute and wanting them read to him. If it’s instructional time, supervise and structure for your goals. If it’s his pleasure time, hand it to him and walk away. He could “read” them on his own with pictures and later reread with you. Bob books are a fleeting stage and frankly some kids outgrow them before they’re ready to decode them.
  7. So as a suggestion, she could do that by covering the text, studying pictures, then covering pictures. Sure that would be cool! It’s only a problem because he’s jumping and not decoding. She probably needs to work on fluency and can get control of the impulsivity. With my kids I wrote little books for them to read and illustrate. Lots of valid ways to work on this.
  8. Either way. Cover pics till reads or do more fluency drills. When I worked in K5 we drilled for fluency. Some kids need quite a bit, so don’t be afraid to do it. Just short sessions, like 10 words, multiple times a day. You can drill words, phrases, sentences to fluency. My dd (very ADHD, now on meds in college ) needed more fluency work than my dyslexic ds. You have to meet them right where they are. Your gut was right on this, so listen to it! 😀
  9. So yes, Melissa is right on this. However it’s best as a comprehension strategy with someone who can already read the material on the page. In decoding instruction we want to stick with straight decoding. So OP can cover the pictures with an index card and uncover after he read or rewrite the book into blank. Thing is, he should be reading Bob books after fluent (to my mind). So I agree with OP’s concern that he’s guessing instead of doing the hard work of building fluency. You’re not typically pushing comprehension too much in the beginning. If she wants that, there are other ways to engage prior knowledge without undermining decoding. (Do you remember a time when ... etc) What is your main curriculum? Maybe do more fluency work? I drilled both my kids. With my dd I used flash cards and with my ds Quizlet.
  10. Well my dd had terrible visual memory and unmediated ADHD and struggled to learn math facts. My ds has great visual memory (per testing) and for him they’re relatively easy (considering he has SLD math lol). So sometimes it’s something else, not the magic curriculum. Fwiw Ronit Bird is what I’m using with him.
  11. My dd was total mess with wisdom teeth. Lay low till meds out of system completely. Do videos or audiobooks. No Fb or anything permanent. Probably can’t focus to read without the stim meds.
  12. Genetics, MTHFR status? Why off the concerta? Going back on? Anxiety would go up off meds, sure. And meds are methyl donor where drugs from surgery maybe depleted? Other methyl donors orange juice, tyrosine, quercitin. Check half life of the pain meds. Might be loopy till they clear=6X half life Ask doc about dizzy, call them.
  13. Story I’m glad they’re working hard on it! I guess I’m confused whether he gets extended time, scribe, or dictation tech for tests? Why repeat in study hall if could do extended time? My kids would be too tired to get more out. Just thinking. Anyways glad it was a productive meeting!
  14. I lost track. All this went firestorm this school year? Can she go back to catholic? They may have been providing more support (demeanor, calm days, coregulating) than you realized. If anxiety is up sensory will go up. Reverse is true for ds too. If sensory was tolerable at catholic then issue is the school or whatever stress. How is her D?
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