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  1. Hi Dawn, I was thinking that you used to have a different user name. If I've got that right, I was wondering if you could tell me how you changed it. I was thinking I would just have to shut down my whole account and start over, but I can't even figure out how to shut down my account. I haven't decided for sure whether I'll do it or not, buy I'm leaning towards it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


  2. We're gonna have to have some kind of WTM get together at some point over the summer. I'm moving in my new house Friday and it has a fish pond and a nice deck for BBQing!
  3. YHZNS - Are you near the airport? I'm guessing because of the name. :) I'm only 20 mins away myself.
  4. There are a lot of us Bluenosers here and Collen in NS hasn't even piped up yet!
  5. Ah well. If I can't get help at least I got a laugh. :D
  6. My daughter's violin was $100 new. I have cursed it many times since we bought it last fall. It's snapped two bridges and it's a struggle some days to get it to hold a tune BUT I don't regret buying it. Catherine had 3 months of "try it out" lessons where she was to see if she really wanted to play violin and there's no way I wanted to buy something expensive for that. However, it might have been a good option to rent instead for that time. And I wouldn't want one so cheap that it discouraged her because it was too frustrating. We're going to start looking for a better violin this summer.
  7. We currently have 780 sq. feet but as of Friday will have 2000. I. Can't. Wait.
  8. We've dealt with mice in our kitchen and I've never been too worried but a few mice is different then an infestation. I don't know how I'd handle it. I assume this issue is coming up soon and there's already momentum behind it? Maybe you could organize a clean up crew the night before? Volunteer to disinfect the counters and cooktops that morning? But after that I think the mouse issue would have to be addressed by the church. You now know the problem and I don't think it's fair or ethical for other members of the church to expect you to just let it go when it could pose a serious health t
  9. This week I get to lead my Guides troop by myself. The other leaders and some of the girls are Catholic and it's Ash Wednesday so since I'm the resident churchless heathen I've been given the reigns for that night. :D I've got some games and stuff but I would LOVE to introduce a bit of philosophy and I thought it would be wonderful to bring my Philosophy for Kids book and do the first couple of exercises. Plato and Aristotle, being just and friendship, I think. The problem? It's in a box at the bottom of a pile in the back of a storage locker awaiting our move to a new house on Frida
  10. I just want to say that you shouldn't start feeling guilty about the extra pounds. This is a chicken and egg sort of thing. If you aren't getting enough sleep that could very well be why you're carrying extra weight and chances are you aren't going to be able to lose it while you're suffering sleep deprivation. I snore and the best means of battling it for me seems to be just to sleep on my side. If you have trouble staying on your side just stitch something small and annoying, like a tennis ball, onto the back of a t-shirt or night shirt and where that to bed. Otherwise, I'd second s
  11. Stairs aren't a big deal. You do have to make sure that the floor joists you put in to replace the stairs are done correctly. Someone took out stairs leading to the basement in this house and simply nailed 2x6's to the joists. I am fearful of putting any weight on that space because it's already gotten soft over the years. Thank goodness we're moving! I would tear them out. It may be a nice selling feature but there's no sense in living for some future buyer. Besides, mud rooms are selling features too!
  12. That's a given. However, I don't let that stand in the way of having a good time watching it. I do have to say though, with tonight's ceremony with Hugh Jackman hosting (he hosts like a Canuck. I think Aussie and Canuck humour must be similar!) and a lot of jokes poking certain stars and a ton of self-defacing humour...It seems maybe the Oscars gets it as well. I haven't enjoyed an Oscar ceremony this much before and certainly haven't laughed so much!
  13. Thank you! That looks like it would be fantastic for my daughter next year!
  14. Ditto everyone else. The first Anne movie was magic. The second was satisfying. The third...Oh boy. Me thinks Kevin Sullivan needs to give up his Anne obsession.
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