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  1. Thank you. That is helpful! if I think of something I will definitely ask!
  2. My son was going to stay at the local jc for the first year after graduation, but we all agreed he should apply to colleges even though it's quite late. He's been accepted to Grove City College, Geneva, Taylor University and probably Hope College. He wants to study mechanical engineering. I'd love input on these colleges generally and specifically on their engineering programs. Thank you!
  3. Just had a favorable phone call with the state assoc. rule-maker. It will be fine. Thanks everybody.
  4. (We don't have Tebow laws in our state. But when she does return to a public high school for 9th, she will be dual enrolled and still take a couple classes at home and do the minimum 60% required by state rules for public school sports.)
  5. Updated original post to be more clear.
  6. Thanks for any input!!
  7. Please don't quote me~ in our area, we have an Early College program that requires a 13th year and the student graduates with a HS diploma and an AA. The reason she likes dual enrollment is more for flexibility in which college classes she takes and which would transfer to her 4 year. And are AAs really helpful if she's definetly going to 4 year university? Good point about college sports Lori. She will have used up all 4 years of eligibility so she wouldn't play her 13th year, but around here coaches have made up their minds on the junior year season usually and girls sign the fall of the senior year before that season begins. Also, she has AAU going into the 13th year if she hasn't signed and needs more exposure. On a whole other thread I asked about whether she should repeat 8th, where she is now. Lots of factors going into that...beyond the scope of this question. Based on those replies and talking to college coaches and college players and trainers, she will stick with the team she's been with since her early years and not repeat. I also think there's a decent chance our basketball and soccer coaches would allow her to train and scrimmage with the teams that last season when she is ineligible to play and she could offer to assist/manage the team and otherwise be helpful to them In anyway she can. So yes it would be unusual. But some kids get injured and can't play their senior year. Hoping a college coach would consider and not penalize her for a unique situation that she's in. She does not want to do a prep school or move away and do JC and play sports (no JC sports here) But ideally just graduate at the correct age and be at home til then. Otherwise she would be starting college at 17.
  8. ~~Please don't quote me~~ Do public schools generally agree to a request for a student to be a super senior and stay a 5th year in h.s.? In our situation it would not be out of academic necessity but the desire for our daughter to be more emotionally mature and graduate at 18 instead of 17. i realize if everyone did this there may be a big financial burden on the education system, but I also see more Early College programs popping up where they encourage students to do a 13th year and graduate with prerequisites out of the way. She might want to just dual enroll at the local JC and get it done that way rather than an EC program. But just wondering how a public school would respond to a request based on age/maturity of student. Fwiw, it's because of her sports team that she enrolled in high school a year early. Thank you!
  9. I love Spotify and the premium version that is commercial free. But is there something like this without commercials that is not as pricey? it's $9.95 per month. thank you!
  10. There are only four years of high school eligibity where we are so that wouldn't be an option. I've heard of this with small schools under 100- that there may be an exception, but that's not our situation. Even with that, the four years start ticking when competing at the HS level.
  11. When she gets to HS, yes she would be rejoining the winning team. They would be sophomores and there may be some hard feelings/disrespect from them and even the HS coach. I just don't know. Hopefully not and they would be glad to have her. But those girls will be gone when mine is a senior so my daughter will be hard pressed for wins that senior year when colleges are still looking. I guess in a perfect world though, colleges are really looking at junior year and even earlier. As top athletes signing day is usually the fall of their senior year before that last HS basketball season has started. If she's not on the same trajectory then and hasn't signed on to a college team fall of her senior year, they will definitely be looking at her senior season and that team would worry me.
  12. My daughter is an elite basketball player and has always played up a full year at the local public school. She is now 12 and in 8th grade for sports and only takes a couple of extra curricular classes at the public school. She still mostly home schools. After the spring, we need to decide if she should repeat 8th grade so her grade and age finally match or continue playing up a year and go into high school next fall. If she doesn't repeat, she would be graduating from high school and starting college at age 17. If she repeats 8th grade it would be new classes and there would be no academic classes being repeated. We're not concerned about a stigma for repeating. She is serious about playing college basketball and has had coaches tell her this is an acheivable goal for her. She's played with this team since first grade and they are outstanding together. Academically and socially I think she would be fine being a year younger than everyone in high school. But it's hard to know if physically and developmentally she would be disadvantaging herself by being 17 and playing against 22 year olds in college. Or even whether she would be disadvantaging herself in high school when she gets to playing varsity level against older high school girls. If brought up to varsity as a freshman she'd be just 13. One AAU coach advised us that he would not to let his kids start college before age 17 so they can fully develop as a player before starting college. Yet another club ball coach advised that she should be part of a winning team for college "looks." The team that she has played up with has always been a winning team. She is one of the two strongest players on the team. So if she stayed back while they went on to high school, unfortunately she would be breaking up the team pretty substantially. They would still do well, but there may be some grumpy about it. The team one grade down, that is her actual true grade, is not a winning team so far and they have a loooong way to go. She'd be starting over with friendships in that grade, but she's willing to try this. With boys it's becoming more common to "grey shirt" where already in their correct grade, they repeat 8th grade for sports so they go into high school stronger and graduate at 19. There's an undeniable physical advantage when boys do this and I'm not sure if it is as dramatic for girls. However she's not contemplating that scenario. She's considering whether she should repeat 8th grade for sports just to avoid DISadvantaging herself skill wise by being younger than everyone and get back to playing at her true grade level from here forward. She's open to both possibilities. She likes her friends (who are all a year older) for sure, but at this time at least she's very focused on college ball. Thank you for your input and bearing with the long post. I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends over the long weekend.
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