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  1. Hi, I am also planning to add Mcgraw Hill Treasure Readers with its workbook for my 1st Grader.Would you mind sharing that do you also use http://www.mhschool.com/reading/treasure_workbooks/national/g1/on_level_pb.pdf workbook?Does it contain reading comprehension questions with focus on deeper critical thinking? How do you schedule Mcgraw Hill Treasure Readers with its workbook and other Literature readings per week? Thanks.
  2. Hello! I have to buy MCT Level 5 books and need help to understand what to buy. Does anyone know the difference between MCT Homeschool Parent Manual and Teacher Manual for The Magic Lens I, The Word Within the Word I, 4Practice I, Advanced Academic Writing I, andPoetry and Humanity?and Does the Parent Manual and Teacher Manual contain all the student texts? Should I buy these only? 1. The Magic Lens I: Parent Manual 2. The Word Within the Word I: Parent Manual 3. Poetry and Humanity: Teacher Manual 4. Advanced Academic Writing I: Teacher Manual 5. 4Practice I: Teacher Manual Buying these individually will cost me $125. Would these be enough or what do you recommend? What does the Advanced Academic Writing 1 Teacher Manual contain?Answers for all the exercises and what about writing questions(Options -which has usually 5 or 6 qs.?)How do you use the questions? Thanks for reading!
  3. @MikeinSA could you clear a bit that where is SC suffix for courses?EDX or MIT or Coursera?Any course code for example?Thanks.
  4. My daughter is 6yo and she's at the end of kindergarten. She's done 100 EZ Lessons and doing PP and ETC 2 nowadays.and I've had her read aloud to me every day for about 3-4 hours from a Mcguffey first reader, picture books and Beginning books on her level. I know it's according to the stamina and interest level of each child but may I know how many pages does your child mostly read from The Free & Treadwell and Elson reader with some earlier readers like I Can Read It series(Biscuit books),Elephant and Piggie, Fly Guy books, Scholastic level 1 readers,Step into reading level 1 and 2, US Borne first reading, Penguin young readers level 2, Green Light Readers, Dr. Seuss books.(Using these readers for her read aloud time) Do you let him/her read one whole book(32 pages) every day or few pages from 3-5 books daily until she/he finishes all? and for how long?30 mins. or 1 hour? Do you reread the same book twice or thrice for the language and comprehension development? How to cut on reading time as it usually takes 3-4 hours daily only for her to read aloud to me from various early reading books?Sometimes she gets frustrated and I know it's too much. Should I let her read from one early reader or continue 4-5 reading books daily?We do discuss things while reading and she enjoys the reading and new vocabulary.(As English is not her first language so want to keep her around the English books so that she could pick up a lot and she does.) Thanks!
  5. Amazing idea! Could you share how many pages(approx.) he reads daily to you in 15 minutes time?
  6. @Arliemaria If you don't mind to share that what is on your reading list(Any readers like Mcguffey,Treadwell or Elson) for first and second grade? Thanks.
  7. May I know which MCT LA are you planning to do for 3rd Grade?Is that MCT Level one comprises of Grammer Island, Building Language, Sentence Island, Practice Island and Music of the Spheres with Aesop Fables books? Thanks.
  8. Evan-moor building spelling skills or Evan-moor Skill sharpener Spell and write book for Grade 1- which one are you using?
  9. We are using Phonics Pathways with Harcourt Phonetic Readers, Step into reading level 1, I can read (Shared My first reading), Ladybird Read it yourself level1, Real kids readers level 1(Phonics based story), US Borne very first reading, Progressive Phonics readers, Elephant and Piggie, Dr. Seuss and PD Eastman readers. Biscuit and Little's critter books are her favorite. We also use Mcguffey First primer, Elson and Treadwell Readers twice a week for reading aloud practice.
  10. Which programs would you prefer for copy work,spelling with dictation and why? http://spencerlearning.com/downloads/ultimate-phonics-word-lists.pdf http://www.donpotter.net/pdf/easy-steps-to-reading.pdf http://www.donpotter.net/pdf/bplitebooks.pdf http://www.forgottenbooks.com/books/The_Modern_Speller_v1_1000646435 Phonics Pathways---(How to use it for spelling and dictation?) Thanks for Reading!
  11. Would you mind sharing the free link for Essentials in spelling? Thanks....
  12. Thanks for all your time and efforts. Soon I will post my new LA plan for the upcoming year! Learned a lot and Love all your suggestions!
  13. I am planning for Grade 1 and need your help in finalizing my plans.I need something independent which consist of short but meaty and solid skills for the years ahead! Reading: Phonics pathways, Reading in 100 easy lessons ETC Workbooks Spectrum Reading 1 Treasures reading with its workbook Mcguffey First reader,Treadwell, Elson or Everyday classic first reader ?---Which reader to choose in terms of excellence and reading fluency plus narration,copy work and dictation? Sonlight and library readers---How many pages should be read each day with discussion? Spelling: Treasures spelling workbook or Evan-moor building spelling skills ??? Grammer: Treasures Grammar workbook or Evan-moor Grammar and punctuation??? Writing: Treasures writing and Copy work/Dictation Does it cover the basics pretty well or something is lacking in this plan?How to fix that? How to distribute it all daily/weekly in order to keep Language Arts school work 1-2 hours each day? Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions, or how this curriculum looks would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  14. Thanks for the reply.That's great!Is the dictation day by day on the Google books for free for 2nd Grade?Would love to know it's author name.Thanks.
  15. Would you mind sharing that which Dictation day by day and Copywork for first grade you are using?
  16. I am looking for a language arts program for my 6 yo dd who is doing ETC workbook 3.5, Teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons and Phonics pathways with McGuffey First reader and other library readers. Before this, she had finished Spectrum Reading Kindergarten and Treasure's Readings and its activity book. I came across this Language Arts a few days ago. Has anyone used this? http://www.jennyphillips.com/home-school-curriculum/ Is this an all-in-one meaty LA Curriculum? Does it need any supplementing? I hope to get some feedback on the Good and Beautiful LA curriculum. What are your thoughts and opinions ? Are they complete? Can it be used as a spine? From what I am reading on their website, they sound like something I'd like, but I'd love some honest feedback from those of you who have actually used it or reviewed it. I'm also very curious about Treasure workbooks and Evan moor Spelling and Grammar(Evan moor building spelling skills and Evan moor Grammar and punctuation) books.. Can we use them together? How does Good and Beautiful LA compare to the Evan moor books that I am very interested in? I have a nagging feeling that I'm missing something and I'm curious to see what your opinions are regarding this course? If I need to supplement, then which books (Treasures or Evan moor) will be a good and solid choice with Good and Beautiful LA curriculum? Any thoughts, opinions, or how you use this curriculum in your home school would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  17. Would you kindly share which taped class have you chosen for summer?(Middle school or high school from Home school connections)and the charges for summer writing course?Are they 2 months long? Thanks in advance.....
  18. Thanks Wapiti! Is Tablet class Algebra 1 a rigorous Math curriculum than CK 12 Algebra 1 honors course?
  19. Hi, I need a suggestion regarding Math Curriculum for High School. My son is just finishing Tablet class Pre Algebra in the next few weeks. I originally planned to have him complete both Pre Algebra and Algebra I this year. We were planning to do other programs until next year also- Math mammoth 7a&b, Math Mammoth Algebra 1, and CK12 Algebra 1 Honors. What do you think which Algebra 1,Algebra 2 and Geometry course is rigorous for Stem career child? Tablet Class, CK 12 and Math Mammoth(Since it has only Pre Algebra and Algebra 1).I want to stick to only one rigorous curriculum. http://www.tabletclass.com/courses/algebra.aspx http://www.tabletclass.com/courses/algebra2.aspx http://www.tabletclass.com/courses/geometry.aspx http://www.mathmammoth.com/complete/grade_7.php http://www.mathmammoth.com/worksheets/algebra_1.php http://www.ck12.org/book/CK-12-Algebra-I-Concepts-Honors/ Since he will finish Pre Algebra next month should we start Algebra 1 this year and then do Geometry and Algebra 2 next year? Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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