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  1. Need to plan, but keep getting distracted. However, my DD's closet is now clean, all the pencils are sharpened, and I organized the kitchen drawers, so SOME progress...

  2. DD7, trying to be helpful, brought the garbage cans in to the garage this morning. Unfortunately, they hadn't been emptied yet. I didn't realize it until AFTER the garbage truck rumbled down the street. Oops.

    1. mamato4


      My dd did the same thing yesterday. It's a good thing the truck picks up the other side of the street first so we were able to drag the can out again before the truck did our side of the street. :-)

  3. 5-days skiing with grandparents sounded like a great idea; wish I had thought about how the Monday morning AFTER would feel!

  4. Just sent DDs 3 & 4 off with DH ice skating. DD4 asked what I would be doing, then answered her own question with, "Watching Downton Abbey and eating a scone." At only 5, she knows me well.

    1. melbotoast


      Wise daughter :)

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