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  1. Just because you make a cooking timeline and post it above the oven, doesn't mean you're actually going to consult it so you don't put your turkey in 1/2 an hour early. At least, that's how it works here.

  2. I won't have a car till about 1 this afternoon... hope there is still some cheap chocolate left in the stores!

  3. Why oh why are the weeks of leaf pickup the windiest of the year? Hard to rake when the wind just moves the piles down the street.

    1. TravelingChris


      Be glad you have leaf pickup. We only do if we bag it. So we blow it into unused parts of our property and our neighbors (who allowed us to put leaves there).

  4. Today I received an Amazon gift card for $100, and also today the coffeemaker died. Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Jean in Newcastle
    2. marbel


      You're right, Jean. We ordered a new pot, which has free 1-day delivery. So, only one day to either use the French press or get two coffees to go from the cafe where my daughter works. She usually walks to work, but I think I'll drive her tomorrow so I can get home while the coffee is still hot. :-)

    3. Jean in Newcastle
  5. So glad I have discovered the wonderfulness of homemade yogurt... but wondering why it took me so long to try it.

    1. gingersmom


      Do you use one of those machines they sell on Amazon?

    2. marbel


      Nope, no machine, just a saucepan, a big bowl, and a warm place.

  6. I thought I was getting a good start on baking by getting a batch of pumpkin gingerbread in the oven. That is till I opened the refrigerator and saw the carton of eggs... and remembered that the recipe called for one egg. Who knows, maybe it will be better.

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    2. Jenn121
    3. Rosie_0801


      I've never had pumpkin gingerbread. I probably need more gingerbread in my life. Though now Christmas stuff is on the shelves, my annual craving for shortbread is beginning.

    4. marbel


      The recipe is actually called "harvest pumpkin bread" and I found it about 15 years ago in a craft book I got at the library. When I served it once to a friend he said "oh this is very good gingerbread!" and since he loves gingerbread I figured he knew what he was talking about. So that's what I call it now. I think everyone needs some gingerbread now and then. And shortbread! :-)

  7. My volunteer firefighter-in-training is marching in his first parade tomorrow!

  8. Getting really good at setting mousetraps tonight. Not really a skill I wanted to have to master.

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    2. PollyOR
    3. PollyOR


      I guess you'll have to copy and paste. It is a video on how to set up the trap with the tootsie roll. I have a Tom Cat so I wrap the candy around a toothpick. Works better than peanut butter for me.

    4. marbel


      I will give that a try! Thanks!

  9. It's amazing how long the day seems, and how much we can get done, when we are able to just stay home!

  10. Every school in our county and the 3 adjacent is closed for snow today... except my daughter's and my husband's.

  11. Good school day and decent dinner which means, of course, that the house is a wreck.

    1. swimmermom3


      There is definitely a direct correlation here too.

  12. My kids are fighting over who gets the lead role in the 2-person production of Hamlet they're planning.

    1. StellaM


      LOL. Now that's a Hamlet I'd like to see.

  13. Week Zero in our little homeschool. Find the books, clean up the shelves, place last-minute order for lab supplies.....

    1. Rebel Yell

      Rebel Yell

      WEEK ZERO! I love it- we use that phrase too. :)


    2. marbel


      :-) It really helps to set the expectation and build enthusiasm for the following week.

  14. Listening to "Francesca da Rimini" in preparation for starting The Inferno next week!

  15. Is anyone else having trouble posting? I replied to a post and it came out all wonky. Editing doesn't help!

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    2. nmoira


      A temporary workaround is using mobile view. You can change themes to mobile in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

    3. nmoira


      Is it working for everyone now?

    4. marbel


      I just tried it using Firefox and it's fine here.

  16. No matter how bad the day is, if it ends at the library and we come home with a big pile of books, it feels like a good day.

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