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  1. I was out all weekend, road tripping to spend time with fil who has advanced dementia. Also got to see various assorted beloved others along the way. Mostly we were in the car or sitting visiting people, but we did fit in a good hour-long walk yesterday with ds and nephew. Today I will do my PT regimen and something aerobic (Zumba or something like that). I ate either super-healthy or terrible all weekend. Salads or veg stirfry a couple times, but then there was also junk in the car and fast food. So this week the goal is totally clean eating—I was astounded at how icky the junk food feels. I am actually craving plain food now. Looking forward to soup and salad for dinner tonight.
  2. Spent the last three days visiting EVERYONE. Ds and nephew at uni. Dd and new sil—lovely to see their new home and new life taking shape. Plus we pranked them—we have been passing an ugly cat statue around the family for years and “blessed” them by hiding it under the bed. Spent lots of time with dfil who is suffering dementia. Connected with dh’s sister and family. Delighted to connect with young cousin who is thankfully stable st least for now. Then back again to ds and nephew at school and thankful to be home again. Whew!!!
  3. Hugs and prayers for your precious family. I’m so sorry.
  4. I'm so glad! Thanks for sharing! You have both worked hard and fully deserve to be proud.
  5. That's wonderful! So excited you will be near family and have light!!!
  6. Wall pushups for me because my shifty elbows cannot take it when I try from the floor. Weights and core and a quick zip along the lane this morning. I shoild have forced myself through another set but did not. I slept horribly last night due to caffeine persisting in my system. Hopefully tonight will be better.
  7. Weights and core and PT today. Lovely cool, rainy weather--I didn't make it out for a walk but I definitely enjoyed the fresh air with the windows open. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day, so my goal is PT stuff and perhaps a Zumba or aerobics video.
  8. I have walked with several through their dementia journeys. Quite frankly, their world narrows and contains so little joy. If bouncing gently on a trampoline with two loving and careful caregivers brings her joy, that is awesome. Her world is only going to grow harder and darker. Celebrate each and every smile.
  9. Beautiful, cool weather today. I'm so thankful the high temps dissipated. The plan today is PT stuff and a lovely walk.
  10. @Jenny in Florida I adore my Brooks shoes. My podiatrist recommended them, and they made a huuuuuge difference for me. @Laura Corin Thanks for the lovely pictures! @Soror I'm sorry it's so rough. I hope you find answers and regain energy soon. I have a whole list of stuff I am supposed to be doing for PT. My goal today is to do the list. If I am amazing I may try another short Zumba video or I may take a walk. Tomorrow I will likely do the PT list again. It's hot today and tomorrow, so I am not feeling as enthused for long walks just now.
  11. Florator is awesome in every way. Ftr I would also take another probiotic such as Align. They are different organisms. Take at different times of day.
  12. Weights and core this morning. I worked hard and am pleased to say I am officially back to normal. Sort of--I have some muscle soreness from being low-intensity while I was sick. I had a good, solid workout on Tuesday and an even better one today. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I will aim for a long walk.
  13. DEFINITELY. Always a kind word and a smile. Slip them notes and gift cards and such. Do so discreetly.
  14. Random thoughts: Photographs of loved ones and good times. Bring a few photographs of your mom for the staff to see her as she was before her decline. It helps them remember the person inside. We had better luck with a fine-tip Sharpie. My aunt and my grandma and my uncle all had wondrous, delight-filled responses to having the cookies they had grown up with--kolacky made with my great-grandmother's recipe. As they bit into the cookie, their faces all lit up. All three said the word, "kolacky," even long into non-verbal dementia. Consider bringing something like that when you visit her--snacks or a scent or some such. Soft shoes with rubber soles. Consider even a slipper that has a good, stiff sole for everyday wear. A familiar lap blanket and cardigan sweaters or light fleece jackets that are easy to get on and off. My aunt used to love it when I would leave her a note after our visit. She had a notebook for our notes. At the end of our visit, I'd dash off a quick note reminding her that I had visited and what we talked about. I left it open on her pillow to find later in the day. She absolutely loved reading and re-reading our notes.
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