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  1. Thank you to everyone for all of the replies! I’m at a manor in the woods for a women’s retreat and the WiFi is a bit spotty but I’m looking forward to reading all the replies when I get home tomorrow. And please, if anyone starts spinoff threads let me know! :)
  2. I would be VERY interested in a s/o thread especially since the church we visited last week was Reformed Baptist! A wonderful friend of mine has been such an influence on me as of late and she is Reformed Baptist. I am so so intrigued with the family worship at home and the family integrated services. I have also been enjoying sermons she has suggested to me via sermon audio. Some of their beliefs are so wonderfully refreshing although some I do not think I can agree to. I understand there are also folks that are not full 5 point calvanist but 4 point or so on. I struggle with the limited atonement and the idea of only certain ones being chosen to be saved. Although their perseverance of the saints is quite a nice change when coming from a legalistic/threatening you with loss of salvation church. Can’t tell you how many years I’ve spent praying to be saved every other day because I messed up yet again so it must not have been real. Their view on sanctification was that it did not happen over time but it was a second work of grace that when you prayed to become sanctified it would remove your temptation to sin and you would sin No more. As a child I was always scared that I wouldn’t be aware of a sin I committed and I would die before I could ask for forgiveness and therefore I would end up in hell. I won’t give the name of the church but it was a non denominational Wesleyan Church. Again sorry if these replies are a mess. I’m nursing my youngest.
  3. They claim he has always been here. Since the beginning. Just like God.
  4. I have gone to the same church my entire life and we are now leaving it. I realize how damaged my thinking has been by this long time exposure to bad teaching. Long story. Skipping to the good part! I am so excited for these changes. I am having to basically relearn everything but it is so refreshing. We are free. Now for the questions.. What is your denomination and what differentiates it from others? I realize this can be pretty lengthy but if you’re able to give a simple answer, the jist, if you will. Also (may seem odd) but do you/your church believe that Satan was never in heaven? Also if you have any similar personal experience with leaving a church or having to totally relearn everything, I’d appreciate advice/encouragement. (Growing up from a child to an adult under this same bad teaching you find how really deeply ingrained this is,and how damaging. Which is why when the Lord removed these blinders we have taken our children and RAN.) Note: we aren’t necessarily using this info to “pick†a new denomination. We are simply curious as to the distinctions and plan to do further research. During our search for a new church so many different denominations pop up and although we are feeling pretty good about the church/theology we are hearing, this is just an interesting topic to us. As for the second question, I am realizing just how different from most churches our doctrine was. This is one example and I’m curious if anyone else was taught this. I feel angry and frustrated of so much time being wasted and being taught such damaging untruths, but also as we are relearning everything I am feeling so excited and so free. And praising God for being so so good. Sorry if this is a mess, I’m holding a baby!
  5. Okay, after placing my order I have to switch some things around.. ​Math:​ Horizons 5 ​Science: ​Apologia Swimming Creatures w/Lab Kit and notebooking journal. Creek Edge Press Task Cards-Life Science ​History: ​SOTW 1 with SWB 5th grade instructions to beef it up a bit ​Geography: ​Knowledge Quest Map Trek, Unit studies and Culture studies ​Vocab: ​Doing our own thing. (Pulling words from our different readings) Writing/Grammar:​ Treasured Conversations ​Also have some things leftover from last year that we are going to try to fit in (French, Art, Music, Bible) plus reading lists, field trips and a bit of nature study. I've yet to hammer down on a complete plan but the above curriculum has been ordered so... Happy dance :hurray:
  6. Thank you! Getting ready to order now so I really appreciate it! :hurray:
  7. Ds won't be 5 until August 3 and we will have another ds joining around the same time. So we are keeping it simple and he is following along with dd for a lot of stuff. Whatever sticks, great. Whatever doesn't, no biggie. We didn't really do anything formal for Prek but we will be finishing up our Bible program over the summer and into next year. I'll be using: Bible Nuggets Horizons K Math Zaner Bloser Handwriting K OPGTR He will be listening in (and joining for labs & crafts) with dd for SOTW 1, Map Trek activities, and Apologia Zoology 2. Lots of read alouds and some informal nature study. Also gonna throw in some country/culture studies. And LOTS of playing outside :thumbup: A little of everything and loosey goosey sums up our K style.
  8. For those who have ordered, what are they printed on? Cardstock, regular paper, etc? And approx how many cards come in a set?
  9. In the middle of planning so this could change at any minute. Math:​ Horizons 5 History:​ SOTW 1 with more reading, projects, and deeper study this time around. Geography:​ Tying in with SOTW and thinking about doing some unit studies on other countries/cultures with ds. Science:​ Apologia Zoology 2 w/Notebook and Lab. Still trying to find something to cover Plant & Anatomy. I was considering Creek Edge Press Life Sciences Task Cards for this. But that adds up to a lot spend on Science alone. :glare: Grammar:​ Hake 5 -Grammar only Writing:​ Heh. Trying to decide between CAP W&R 2&3 and IEW Ancients. ​Spelling/Vocab:​ Dd has requested we keep "doing our own thing" for this. ​Art/Music:​ Discovering Great Artists and Meet the Great Composers. Both of which I bought for last year and never used :closedeyes: Misc:​ The Easy French, something for Bible, Co-op, Poetry teatime (and other bits of Bravewriter), Reading list and maybe some Lit guides.
  10. I'm torn between IEW Ancients and CAP W&R (Narrative 1 and 2). Notes: I have never used anything from IEW or W&R (and we would be skipping fables after looking through the samples) DD will be studying ancients this year with SOTW1. I'll be simplifying it for younger brother and beefing up for dd. I've looked through samples and IEW looks great and challenging. W&R looks fun, less complicated, and I notice both Narrative books still have stories to tie in with Ancients theme. Ideally I would love to do the first narrative AND IEW but I notice the latter is a full years writing curriculum not a semesters. I'm thinking we will use Hake for grammar if that makes a difference.
  11. Looking ahead to next year and my dd will be starting fifth grade and DS will be starting K. DD is due to begin the SOTW rotation over again so we will be doing Ancients. My question is should I include ds or wait until he's in first? Pros: both kids in the same book in the same year from here on. Not having one kid in middle ages and one starting in ancients (next year) Cons: he'll only be in K and so far we have done very little formal lessons. And by very little I mean VERY. LITTLE. Baby #3 will be here before the school year begins so I'm just trying to keep it simple. Any thoughts? PS sorry if anything is wonky. I'm posting from my phone.
  12. Thanks again Ladies! Loving all the advice and personal stories.
  13. Thank you everyone. I love reading all of your birth stories,advice, and encouragement. I have committed to trying for a natural birth. I've told my husband, best friend, and even contacted my doula friend (she was super excited and encouraging, and suggested all the books and methods you fine ladies did). So I guess we're really going for it! Thank you all so much. You ladies rock!
  14. Thank you all so much. I'm loving reading through all of these replies and I'm so thankful for the encouragement.
  15. Thank you. My midwife is very supportive and understand although she warned me that nurses may be pushy with the epidural. They like to be prepared for worst case scenario. So doula/husband dealing with them would be helpful. Also, forgot to add, midwife said they allow me to go to 41 weeks. I can have trial of labor as long as I have one contraction on monitor no matter how small, and then they can call it labor and "help me along" with pitocin if needed. With my old OB he admitted me and induced with pitocin right away which I always read shouldn't be done with vbacs. So I guess all of this is for nothing if I don't go into labor by 41 weeks.
  16. Thank you cjzimmer1 it makes me feel so great that someone else was unsure and anxious as well and went on to have successful vbacs! I'm definitely a pushover which is another reason I feel I need a doula. If my midwife is there, sweet deal. But there's a chance she might not be and I don't trust myself to stand up to pushy nurses and doctors.
  17. Wow, I am so thankful for each and every response. So encouraging. I thank you ladies so much. A lot of you are reaffirming what I've been thinking /feeling. I do need to work on a birth team. My husband will support whatever I decide, but he really gets nervous with anything medical related involving me, so I'm not sure how he would do under pressure ;) My best friend thinKS I'm totally crazyfor wanting to go natural. I would love to hire a doula. Cost is an issue. I have a friend that offered her services for my last baby, she charges $300 (which I know is great compared to most) but I don't think she's ever assisted a vbac and I don't know how I feel about someone I know, but am not THAT comfortable with being there for that. I'm already using a midwife from our homeschool co-op, lol. I'm VERY introverted and private. I'll most likely be messaging "doula friend" though. I know I need the additional support. I'm feeling very encouraged. I think I'm ready to really commit to a natural birth. (Although, I thought the same thing yesterday until I woke up at 3am LOL.)
  18. Okay see, I was induced both times. Foley bulb, pitocin, you name it. I got the epidural both times not because I needed it, but from pressure and nagging from the nurses. My midwife will let me go to 41 weeks. So Im really hoping I'll go into labor on my own. Which I highly doubt lol. I feel like I'd be one of those 42 weekers. But then again... two "failed labors" really does make you doubt on your body's abilities. Positive thinking, positive thinking.
  19. Thank you barnwife and Melissa B! Adding to my reading list. I'll no doubt be rereading these replies in the months to come! Ha!
  20. Thank you so much Lady Marmalade and Artic Mama! Very helpful and encouraging.
  21. Thank you for the replies. I know I can do it. I know if I had no access to an epidural I would have no other choice. But this will be a choice for me since I'm delivering in a hospital. I just know that when things really get intense I don't want to cave. I'm afraid I will panic. I'm just looking for encouragement I guess.
  22. Thank you Sadie! So many of the things you touched on are big reasons for me wanting to go natural.
  23. Those suggestions are all on my list! So glad to see them recommended. Thank you. Yes avoiding another unnecessary c section is top of the list for me, but I too desire to be my normal self in delivery and after. I definitely have a ton of reasons for not wanting that epidural ever again... I'm just afraid of failure and Of having pain so bad it's unmanageable. Okay im done rambling. Just really in unfamiliar territory right now.
  24. I'm trying for a vba2c so I'm trying to prepare myself for a natural birth. I will have access to an epidural, but I don't want to get one due to fears it will cause a 3rd c section. I'm still in the first trimester but I'm losing sleep and obsessing over the pain of labor specifically transition and pushing. My most recent labor I made it unmedicated to 5cm and I was completely fine but still scared and when the nurse was strongly pushing for me to get the epidural I caved. That vbac ended in a c section very quickly after that. I'm at a new hospital with a midwife for this baby. I'm having trouble committing to natural because I'm afraid of not being able to do it. If I really commit to it I will be meeting with doulas, taking classes, reading and researching, physically preparing, the works.. but right now I can't get over the mental preparing. I tend to get anxiety and I do lots of overthinking. Also, due to needed monitoring I'm pretty sure tub/shower would be out of the question (although I still need to discuss this with midwife-we've only had one appointment so far. ) Okay so, all that rambling to ask. . If you've had a natural birth was the pain better or worse than you had imagined? Was the pain manageable or did you feel completely oUT of control? What advice would you give to someone that wants a natural birth but is scared she won't be able to handle it? One day I'll be thinking "I've got this. I can so do it. " Then (like this morning) I'll wake up at 3am unable to go back to sleep because I'm obsessing over the unknown. I really want to commit, go into this being educated, calm, and confident. I'm not thinking of anything else right now. Help! :) TIA! Sorry for any typos, on my phone.
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