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  1. Thank you to everyone for all of the replies! I’m at a manor in the woods for a women’s retreat and the WiFi is a bit spotty but I’m looking forward to reading all the replies when I get home tomorrow. And please, if anyone starts spinoff threads let me know! :)
  2. I would be VERY interested in a s/o thread especially since the church we visited last week was Reformed Baptist! A wonderful friend of mine has been such an influence on me as of late and she is Reformed Baptist. I am so so intrigued with the family worship at home and the family integrated services. I have also been enjoying sermons she has suggested to me via sermon audio. Some of their beliefs are so wonderfully refreshing although some I do not think I can agree to. I understand there are also folks that are not full 5 point calvanist but 4 point or so on. I struggle with the
  3. They claim he has always been here. Since the beginning. Just like God.
  4. I have gone to the same church my entire life and we are now leaving it. I realize how damaged my thinking has been by this long time exposure to bad teaching. Long story. Skipping to the good part! I am so excited for these changes. I am having to basically relearn everything but it is so refreshing. We are free. Now for the questions.. What is your denomination and what differentiates it from others? I realize this can be pretty lengthy but if you’re able to give a simple answer, the jist, if you will. Also (may seem odd) but do you/your church believe that Satan was never
  5. Okay, after placing my order I have to switch some things around.. ​Math:​ Horizons 5 ​Science: ​Apologia Swimming Creatures w/Lab Kit and notebooking journal. Creek Edge Press Task Cards-Life Science ​History: ​SOTW 1 with SWB 5th grade instructions to beef it up a bit ​Geography: ​Knowledge Quest Map Trek, Unit studies and Culture studies ​Vocab: ​Doing our own thing. (Pulling words from our different readings) Writing/Grammar:​ Treasured Conversations ​Also have some things leftover from last year that we are going to try to fit in (French
  6. Thank you! Getting ready to order now so I really appreciate it! :hurray:
  7. Ds won't be 5 until August 3 and we will have another ds joining around the same time. So we are keeping it simple and he is following along with dd for a lot of stuff. Whatever sticks, great. Whatever doesn't, no biggie. We didn't really do anything formal for Prek but we will be finishing up our Bible program over the summer and into next year. I'll be using: Bible Nuggets Horizons K Math Zaner Bloser Handwriting K OPGTR He will be listening in (and joining for labs & crafts) with dd for SOTW 1, Map Trek activities, and Apologia Zoology 2. Lots of read alouds and some in
  8. For those who have ordered, what are they printed on? Cardstock, regular paper, etc? And approx how many cards come in a set?
  9. In the middle of planning so this could change at any minute. Math:​ Horizons 5 History:​ SOTW 1 with more reading, projects, and deeper study this time around. Geography:​ Tying in with SOTW and thinking about doing some unit studies on other countries/cultures with ds. Science:​ Apologia Zoology 2 w/Notebook and Lab. Still trying to find something to cover Plant & Anatomy. I was considering Creek Edge Press Life Sciences Task Cards for this. But that adds up to a lot spend on Science alone. :glare: Grammar:​ Hake 5 -Grammar only Writing:​ Heh. Trying
  10. I'm torn between IEW Ancients and CAP W&R (Narrative 1 and 2). Notes: I have never used anything from IEW or W&R (and we would be skipping fables after looking through the samples) DD will be studying ancients this year with SOTW1. I'll be simplifying it for younger brother and beefing up for dd. I've looked through samples and IEW looks great and challenging. W&R looks fun, less complicated, and I notice both Narrative books still have stories to tie in with Ancients theme. Ideally I would love to do the first narrative AND IEW but I notice the latter is a full years writin
  11. Looking ahead to next year and my dd will be starting fifth grade and DS will be starting K. DD is due to begin the SOTW rotation over again so we will be doing Ancients. My question is should I include ds or wait until he's in first? Pros: both kids in the same book in the same year from here on. Not having one kid in middle ages and one starting in ancients (next year) Cons: he'll only be in K and so far we have done very little formal lessons. And by very little I mean VERY. LITTLE. Baby #3 will be here before the school year begins so I'm just trying to keep it simple. Any th
  12. Thanks again Ladies! Loving all the advice and personal stories.
  13. Thank you everyone. I love reading all of your birth stories,advice, and encouragement. I have committed to trying for a natural birth. I've told my husband, best friend, and even contacted my doula friend (she was super excited and encouraging, and suggested all the books and methods you fine ladies did). So I guess we're really going for it! Thank you all so much. You ladies rock!
  14. Thank you all so much. I'm loving reading through all of these replies and I'm so thankful for the encouragement.
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