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  1. Thank you to everyone for all of the replies! I’m at a manor in the woods for a women’s retreat and the WiFi is a bit spotty but I’m looking forward to reading all the replies when I get home tomorrow. And please, if anyone starts spinoff threads let me know! :)
  2. I would be VERY interested in a s/o thread especially since the church we visited last week was Reformed Baptist! A wonderful friend of mine has been such an influence on me as of late and she is Reformed Baptist. I am so so intrigued with the family worship at home and the family integrated services. I have also been enjoying sermons she has suggested to me via sermon audio. Some of their beliefs are so wonderfully refreshing although some I do not think I can agree to. I understand there are also folks that are not full 5 point calvanist but 4 point or so on. I struggle with the
  3. They claim he has always been here. Since the beginning. Just like God.
  4. I have gone to the same church my entire life and we are now leaving it. I realize how damaged my thinking has been by this long time exposure to bad teaching. Long story. Skipping to the good part! I am so excited for these changes. I am having to basically relearn everything but it is so refreshing. We are free. Now for the questions.. What is your denomination and what differentiates it from others? I realize this can be pretty lengthy but if you’re able to give a simple answer, the jist, if you will. Also (may seem odd) but do you/your church believe that Satan was never
  5. Our RR order will arrive today.. so naturally I'm checking the porch every five minutes... It might be a long day. :p

  6. Could my RR order ship already!? Itching to start our year and I can't wait for Box Day!

  7. Posting a lot of questions today. Sorry in advance!

  8. Nothing like a Coors light with the hubby.... or 6. :)

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      6 hubbys or 6 Coors? ;-)


    2. Mrs. Hound

      Mrs. Hound

      hehe! If I had 6 hubbys Id need a lot more than 6 Coors ;)


  9. GoT finale is on my DVR... can't bring myself to watch it just yet. I'm not ready for season 5 to be over! I CANT WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR, I TELL YOU!

  10. Really wanted to sleep in today... And I actually could have if it wasn't for my stupid CAT.

    1. gingersmom


      I have two cat alarm clocks that go off at 5:30am. Today I hit snooze button till 7.

    2. Mrs. Hound

      Mrs. Hound

      Ours goes on all night long. I'm at my breaking point with him. (And I giggled at the mental image of "hitting the snooze button." :)


  11. First year schooling through the summer.. Just got back from a 2 week vacation, and still haven't had a day of school this week. Next week, though, for sure. :)

  12. We are out of coffee creamer. NOOOOO!!!!!

    1. TammyinTN


      OMG...I feel your pain!


    2. HeWillSoar


      That is the worst! I always keep a container of powered just for those occasions. It will do in a pinch.

    3. Jenn121


      Sweetened condensed milk, regular milk in equal parts(or more regular milk depending on how sweet you like it) and then flavoring of your choice. I like vanilla. I keep it in the pantry for just such occasions.


  13. Down 4.4 pounds in 2 days! Good start to my summer goal!

  14. Couldn't wait for summer break... one month into it and I'm itching to start school. MAKES NO SENSE!

  15. 3 Days until I order our curriculum.. Going to be the longest 3 days ever.

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