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  1. You are right about art, I don't want their young years to go by to fast. Any suggestions of a library book or website? I am definetly not an artist!
  2. Thanks alot, I have a lot to think through. I really appreciate reading the WTM link on education for K-4, I saved the article on my computer. I'm going to look into Rightstart and Math-u-See, hopefully I'll be able to make a choice and order one by the end of next week. I also appreciate the suggestion on not forgetting to do memorization. We have been memorizing nursery rhymns from What your 1st grader need to know book. I think that will count? You ladies have some awesome blogs how do you find the time???? :lol:Just want to say thank you. Wow I'm looking forward to homeschooling but I do know it's not going to always be a easy job.
  3. Hello I have been on this site all night last night reading all the wonderful post and suggestions for homeschooling, you all are awesome. This is officially my first year homeschooling with a curriculum so I just want to know your opinion on what we are doing with our boys ages 5.5 and 4. We school 4 days a week with Friday's off. It takes about 1hr and 20 min with breaks. I do like a light schedule for now. Is this light for their ages? 5.5yr old Boy- Bible 15min-Bible stories with coloring sheets, Memory verse (1 a week) Phonics 20min-Hooked on Phonics K(40 pages before he is done),Bob books, starfall website, easy readers. Math 20 min-K workbook (Need a suggestion he is getting frustrated with this work book) manipulatives(tanagrams, counting bears, dominoes etc) Handwriting 15min-Free worksheets from Donna Young site(Letters,numbers,short sentence) Science-Library Books, Let's read and find out books, Bill Nye, Magic Schoolbus books and Dvd's(They love science experiments need a book for easy experiments at home) History-(Don't know where to Begin) Extra-Piano Lessons 1 day a week, Park everyday, Sonlight Book list, Charlotte Mason booklist, Tanglewood Booklist) 4yr old- Math-counting, number recognition, pre-k workbook Phonics-Hooked on Phonics K slowly Handwriting-free pre-writing skills(lines, circle, slopes, etc) My boys love to build with legos, blocks, etc. Am I doing okay? I really need a math suggestion for my oldest he doesn't seem to like a lot of worksheets or handwriting but he will do some. Thanks,
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