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  1. Update: Overall, my hubby and I think the first visit with the Neuropsychologist went well. Not sure if she's pro homeschool but she didn't seem like she was against it either. Our son is left handed, as a matter of fact he's the only leftie in the entire family on both sides that we know of. The neuropsychologist asked if we every tried to change the hand he write with and make him write with his right hand. I thought that was a strange question. Who would make a child change writing hands just to be right-handed? Anyhow, she also stated that she and her kids were all left-handed. Our visit was a little over an hour. She seem to talk about ADHD quite often. I'm assuming from what we told her that's going to be one of the areas she test for along with giftedness and several other things. We were given more questionnaires to fill out and we were also asked to bring in a handwriting sample on the day of testing. We feel very relieved to finally sit down and talk with a professional concerning our son and our family! Once testing is complete I hope things become more clear. BTW: afterward hubby and I went out for ice cream and the kids had a great time playing at a friends house who also has 4 boys.
  2. In less than 3 hrs hubby and I will be sitting in the Neuropsych office concerning my 9.5 yr old son. Anxious, nervous, and relieved all at the same time.ðŸ˜
  3. What curriculum fit into this category? Looking for all subjects. Thanks
  4. What curriculums are considered audio/visual? Looking for all subjects. This is what I have on my list so far. Math-MUS History-Veritsas Press online English-Essientials In Writing Latin-Visual Latin Thanks
  5. Glad we are able to get it done as well😃. My son has speech on M/W for an hour each session. It's about 45 min total car time there and back home. The VT office is right down the street from ST. It's about 50 min(no traffic) total car time there and back home. I know we will be able to get through it! At times I feel a little overwhelmed about not getting everything I planned done school wise. I also have a 9yr old in the mix.
  6. Please do😃. He's already in ST twice a week. I feel like I'm on the go more than I'm at home.
  7. Sorry for the long post! I'm not surprised with some of the results. My 11 yr old son has dyslexia, APD, and dysgraphia. The conclusions are as follows: Skill deficiencies -deficiencies of Saccadic eye movement -deficiencies of pursuit eye movement -general binocular vision dysfunction He has the following primary weakness in these areas: -visual spatial skills(laterality/directionality(may cause letter/number or word reversals -visual Analysis Skills -visual memory -visual sequential memory(may cause difficulty with remembering the alphabet order, how to spell) -visual closer(may cause difficulty filling in story details) -visual motor integration(eye-hand coordination)(May cause difficulty with handwriting and copying from board) -visual simultaneous processing(difficulty getting the big picture, reading comprehension, visual spatial skills) -speed of information processing(may cause slow or dysfluent reading) -visual sequential processing-(difficulty with ordering of information in a serial manner necessary for early reading and decoding, verbal analytical skills) Secondary perceptual deficiency/weakness -automaticity(may cause difficulty in reading sight words quickly) -Auditory Visual Integration(may cause difficulty when people read aloud and trying to follow the passage visually at the same time) Recommendations Activities will be structured to improve his perceptual and visual skills so that he will be able to process and organize information more rapidly and efficiently in a learning environment. Activities will also be structured to improve eye tracking, eye sight, and binocular(eye teaming) function. Each session will be scheduled for 45 min every week and child is expected to complete his home visual assignments. Therapy will proceed much quicker if homework is done on a daily basis. If the therapist feels homework is not being done the therapist has right to stop the therapy.
  8. Looking for words of wisdom, encouragement, and ideas concerning my situation. I really hate to admit this but I'm very frustrated with homeschoong my 9.5 yr old son. He's the youngest of two boys. It's really getting to the point where his out of control behavior and actions are constantly interrupting our learning environment. My heart isn't where it should be with him right now and I feel extremely sad😪. He's very smart, talented, and learns quickly. He's also gifted at playing the piano. Would you consider sending a kid like this to school? He says he likes homeschooling and would rather be home but his actions don't line up. I really feel as though I can't teach his brother who has dyslexia/APD/ & dysgraphia effectively because of all the interruptions. He seems to do better outside the home. We attend a co-op once a week and he does great. He doesn't seem to have any problems with learning from other adults. We had a really rough day today! My hubby is out of town until tomorrow night. He would be supportive of whatever decision I feel is right. Thanks for listening. Typing it out really helped me feel a little better😊.
  9. I came across the sale today. You can set up an account for free. I end up ordering the Hearbuilders Cd rom. https://m.zulily.com/auth/signup/?ref=auth
  10. Several Hits: DS10- Razor XXX Pro scooter, Air Hog Quad pro copter, Lego Minecraft, Jonathan Park audio book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck book, 2 Old Navy hoodies, 2 sets of PJ's. DS9-Disney Infinity set for xbox360, extra infinity characters, nerf football, Minecraft Lego set, Diary of a Wimpy Kid puzzle & book, 2 old navy sweat shirts, 3pr PJ's. Shared gift- Zoomy microscope Me-New Pj's, soft house shoes, VS velour sweatsuit. Hubby-Dress Socks, i-phone armband (he doesn't like us spending money on him).
  11. Just wanted to say I have 2 boys ages 9 & 10. You are definelty not aloneðŸ˜
  12. Oh boy what is a mom to do? The list goes on and on.....😃 -BB Gun -Airsoft Gun -Bow and Arrow -Duck caller -Pocket Knife
  13. It's the Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat worksheet: Game Board 1 Discrmination of Rhyming Words. Hope this helps😃
  14. It's actually a nonsense word worksheet and he also a discrimination of rhyming words worksheet by Super Duper Publications.
  15. My son is on his second week with seeing the SLP. He attends 2xw for1hr each session. Not only is she a SLP she's also a reading specialist, Barton tutor, and has experience with Visualizing and Verbalizing etc. When the assessment was done she was very concerned about Auditory processing issues along with eye tracking. In the last two weeks she noticed my son having serious eye tracking issues along with him needing to move his entire head as he read and skipping total sentences and words. This is just confirmation for us to continue to go forward with vision therapy. She's also working with phonologic awareness exercises along with Hear Builder. So far his homework has consisted of nonsense worksheet and rhyming words worksheet. I'm surprised at the sounds he really can't hear in the middle and at the end of words. After talking with her about vision therapy I feel a lot better about the doctor we are scheduled with. She's had two previous clients who saw the same doctor and seemed to be pleased with the results. She believes that no matter how many reading programs I try to teach my son, if I didn't get his vision handled, I would be beating a dead horse!
  16. My son is on his 2nd sick day! He's allowed to watch educational videos on Netflix. He got his blanket today and listened as I read to his brother. Our readers covered science, history, bible, and geography.
  17. Thanks! Placed my order with Rainbow Resources. Anxiously waiting for our box😀.
  18. Momx3- I totally understand where you are coming from but the speech is definitely needed and we are willing to give VT a try. GoldenBerryHill and Clemota- Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. One of my sons favorite subject is science. I'm sure we can get experiments done on the evenings and weekends.
  19. I'm sure this has been discussed before but the search engine is making it difficult to find :). In less than 30 days my son who's 4 months shy of turning 11yrs old will began speech therapy 2xw(6 months) and vision therapy(10wks). I'm trying to organize his academics around therapy. I know we will have therapy homework for both. I can pack work for his 9 yr old brother to do while we wait so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking we should at least stay consistent with Math, Phonics, All About Spelling, and our read aloud time. Maybe use apps, watch documentaries, etc. Suggestions would be helpful! Thanks
  20. Both boys will start at 3A. My youngest will most likely work at a faster pace. He's more math minded and catches on pretty quickly without needing a lot of repetition.
  21. My boys are 1 grade level apart and they both placed in the same level of Singapore math. Can they share the same textbook, IP, and CWP books? Or do they need their own? I was planning on ordering the HIG, WB(2), TB(1), IP(1), and CWP(1). Do you think this would work?
  22. I would have to agreeðŸ‘. We use the SCM's pictures in co-op and everyone is pleased!
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