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  1. Sorry o/t but I laughed so hard i choked! HAHAHAHA Susan, Thank you for everything! These boards have been a life-saver for me and I had no idea they cost money to keep up with.
  2. I also wouldn't use them again. They quoted me one price, then when they came to do the job, they didn't do everything they said they would do, and charged me more than the quote, stating they didn't realize how involved the job would be (I was being cited for some downed sheds on my property when I first moved in.) I had explained to them exactly what I had and approximate sizing of what it seemed the sheds were while standing. I also agree that the workers weren't very professional while here.
  3. Yes. Same as the above poster. I disliked it, but it works. The hardest thing is when you're at Walmart and spending from the clothing budget and the food budget and you have to figure it all out either before you get to the register or when you get home. Other than that, it really isn't hard, just takes a little planning, and telling the bank teller "I want 3 $20s, two $10s and 5 $5s." LOL
  4. Okay, some of you know my kids are still in school. It didn't make sense to pull them for two months with the school system already on my back and all the paperwork involved. Anyway, I have been "after schooling" I guess you would call it. Getting really involved with what they're learning in school and supplementing when I can/have the time to. One of the things I have been doing is having them read the homework out loud to me - so for example if it's not a reading lesson, they have to read me the instructions. They skip words they don't know or mumble them to themselves. They can usually get the gist of what's being said, but don't try to sound out the word they don't know. When I was homeschooling them before, we always did that. So i asked them why they don't anymore and they said the teachers don't let them try, they just say the word the kid didn't get. I guess that's the "whole word" method. But it irks me. The other thing that gets me is the writing. First of all, "kid writing" sends me over the edge. But just the way the letters are formed is driving me insane. They don't teach HOW to form letters. As long as you can make the letter look something like a b, then that's okay. you can start in the middle of the bubble if you want to, if it looks like a b, then it's correct. SHEESH! I'm going to have to teach my 5th grader cursive (because she opted out without my permission, which they don't need), 3rd grader how to form b's and d's, and also how to sound out words (which he all already knew, but picked up some bad habits) and my little guy, the 1st grader, I don't even know where to start. He has no phonics at all. He's learned how to form his letters all wrong. It's just awful. I'm gonna spend a year un-doing all of this. *Warning - pity party ahead* WHY did I send them to school???!!! Granted, I thought it was the only decision at the time, but boy if I could turn back the clock... Thanks for reading.
  5. Me, too. Thought i was the only one. the description fits me perfectly, especially the part about being people focused. I tend to live my life around other people, and that's because it makes me happy to do that. When people ask me what do you want, what do you like? I think, whatever you want. Not because I can't make a decision, but because i'm happy when you're happy :)
  6. Don't talk to me about weather. It snowed and iced overnight. It's 30 degrees (which is our high). Boo! It has my mood all messed up. Good news is this should be the coldest it gets for a while.
  7. i think it was done purposefully. even the music was a downer. and their mascara was white, taking even more color out of their faces, the black rose petals... the girls in a circle reminiscent of a witch movie (please don''t hate on me for that, it's just what came to mind.) but seriously, it looked intentional to have the models look like that. so sad.
  8. yes, the rings around the ear are removable. that's actually the FIRST thing i do is take them off, they mess with my glasses :)
  9. coosh have worked well for us. i have three littles, and so far, only one pair broke because someone stepped on them. but normal wear and tear, none have fallen apart in the 3+ years I have been using them so far.
  10. This feels like a silly question, but if you have a brand of pencil that doesn't break as you're sharpening it, or where the led doesn't just fall out of the pencil, can you post it here? We have such a problem with pencils and sharpening, it seems to take up more time than the actual work! Thanks ;)
  11. I also agree that it's fine. My kids spent some time in ps, and they don't start history until 4th grade. So anything before that puts them ahead :)
  12. Well we did talk this morning. Apparently it's a combination of things. She has a bully, he's been a problem in the past, but I gave her some coping strategies. It was fine for a while, but apparently he's bothering her again. Also, she said that when she goes back to school, only one person would have missed her, and that's the student teacher. I have known for some time that she doesn't have many friends at school, which didn't bother me because i never had many either, but the ones i did have were good ones. She was explaining the day to me, and from what it seems, she doesnt even get to SEE her friends, they're not in her class and classes sit together at lunch, PE, etc. So one other thing was that the teacher "dumbed down" (her words) her spelling because she was failing and instead of teaching the words a different way, she decided to give her a modified list so that she can pass on to the next grade without a fail on her record. My belief is that all of this is contributing to the "allergy". She's 10 and in 4th grade. She's older than the rest (should be in 5th), but because of a medical issue, she is by far smaller than the rest. (She's not a little person, but has a growth deficiency). Okay, I think I've gotten it all out. LOL Thank you all so much for your supportive responses!!!
  13. I have a conundrum on my hands. My daughter seems to have developed an "allergy" to school. Everything in me and all of my upbringing tells me to tell her to "suck it up". Send her to school and just deal. That's what I would have to do when I was a kid. But I want to be more compassionate to them. I know it's a harsh world, but we teach them to learn to deal with it, not throw them out there and say sink or swim... She gets headaches, stomach aches, nausea, etc. She's been out for three days, and now she's sick again. I had thought to pull them out of school before the end of the school year to homeschool, but friends advised me to wait till the end of the year and then just start next year. So I ask specifically because the laws here are difficult. Filing affidavits and scope and sequence and finding an evaluator at this late date, and, and, and... so..... wwyd? Take them out or let her deal? (I understand you can't make my decision for me, i just need opinions... I'm at the end of my rope. thanks)
  14. i'm claustrophobic, so i end up sleeping whichever the side of the bed is where there is the most room in the room. Don't know if that makes sense the way I said it. But usually in a room, there is maybe a foot or so on one side the bed, and 3 feet or so on the other, and I sleep on the side with three feet. I cannot sleep on a bed that's against a wall.
  15. I always have to bring someone with me, however my oldest is 10, with the youngers needing to be watched by the older. That doesn't fly so well in waiting rooms, no matter how well they behave. I would think by 10 and 12 it should be okay. I understand your frustration, and feel for you with doctors so far away, ours are like that, as well.
  16. Yes. i absolutely have it! I. Just. Can't. Decide!!! LOL
  17. I just wish I had that much drive! I read things like these and think I turned down AP classes in high school because I couldn't be bothered to do the work! I pray I'm raising my kids to be more driven, like this kid.
  18. I'm starting to realize, as we think about the possibility of moving, that I wouldn't even want to take about half of what we currently own. So I have been going through it very slowly and getting rid of anyhtign I think I wouldn't want to pack and move. It's been slow going, but so far we've gotten rid of quite a bit. And to think about all of what we still have!
  19. THANK YOU! I am plain too. I actually took down my blog a while back because I felt I don't have anything to offer. We do reading, writing, math, history, science, and whatever i can get my hands on by way of arts and crafts or listening to music. We do the library for reading. I do have curriculum for most everything because I'm really, really bad at sticking to a plan unless it's already written out for me. But all the bells and whistles I noticed were distracting us (and costing a lot of money). So plain it is.
  20. I don't have any at that level yet, but my thought with math is when they seem to have mastered the concept, let them do a few more, then call it done. Most of the math programs come back to the theory often enough for review that once they have the concept, it should stick well without hours of repetition. JMO
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