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  1. I wish someone would have protected me as well. Thank you for your courage in posting.

  2. Dear Cheryl, You have no idea how much that sweet note meant to me today. Thank you so much.

  3. In reference to your query regarding whether I am the hsing mother who used Websters dictionary as part of her curricula, I am not she. I absolutely lack the discipline to maintain a blog but surely admire those who do. You are one of the most gracious people I have had the pleasure of discussing important issues with. Furthermore it is apparent from the intelligence and grace in your posts that you are no country bumpkin but rather a caring, involved parent who cares deeply about her daughter's education. My dismay and frustration was directed not at you but rather the adults who choose to shield themselves from any and all areas of life that are gritty, sad and a challenge to the conscience. Sincerely, elizabeth

  4. Ah dear I think attending the hs conference is not on my agenda. I do use SWB book The Well Trained Mind and use many of her suggested texts with nothing but positive things to say about them. Sadly there is not room in my menopausal being to tolerate shenanigans from the gaybashing, flagwaving, bible thumping folk who no doubt are sincere in their beliefs. I have in my own way agreed to live and let live. Too old and too ill tempered...However, I am not an atheist just an old agnostic, doubter and seeker . I am delighted to see another freethinker around here and especially an Iowan! There are some groups in the community section for those of a more liberal bent, secular curricula etc. there are many , many lovely people here of every political and theological stripe. It is amazing how peaceful it is most of the time. I hope that if you go to DM for the conference that it is a positive experience and the food is good! That makes up for darn near anything.elizabeth

  5. Hi there fellow Iowan!! I saw that you had visited my page and wanted to say many welcomes to you. This is a wonderful board filled with very helpful and kind people in the main. I always say I have been spoiled by being born and raised in Iowa . Glad to see you here and hope you will not be a stranger.



  6. http://www.stjohns-chs.org/general_studies/philosophy/indexSW/swindex.html This free guide to Sophies World is outstanding. I am a former philosophy major and am so humbled by what this gentleman put together . Scroll down the link and you will find chapter summaries, additional readings and the like. I hope this suffices as a guide , this is what we are using next fall. May you have a wonderful summer and enjoy a little bit of time off. I am certainly in need of some rest as well. Best wishes, elizabeth
  7. Once again your voice is one of peace and moderation. I appreciate your willingness to speak the truth as you see it even when you are "going against the grain." Standing up for your principles whatever they may be is often hard to do.

  8. I am in awe of your absolute awesomeness. Truly . I am going to start a fan club . Fans of Meanie.

  9. You have done an amazing service to the uninformed or willfully blind regarding the duties of professionals to investigate/report on suspected abuse. Thank you for your eloquence , decency and resolve. You will save lives . elizabeth.

  10. If you can picture a squirrel with coffee in one hand and a bucket of cold chicken on its knees you got it right!! thanks for your kind and gracious words I needed them today. elizabeth

  11. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!! May the next year bring you joy, health and peace. Happy Birthday ! elizabeth

  12. Dear Stacia, You made my evening with the Buffy /Twilight remix. I am often really alarmed by the seemingly devoted fanbase of people who would find the sitcom ,Will and Grace ,to be responsible for the downfall of civilization as we know it but will read these books with their teens. Dd loved the video as well as she is a rabid Buffy fan. Thanks much for sharing this really important pov. Humor is a great way to speak truth . elizabeth

  13. Kathy I tried to send you a private message but am unable to as your quota is full. Great clarification regarding scientific terms of art versus common usage. Nicely done and thanks much . elizabeth

  14. Hello, Welcome to the boards. I am just wondering if your unusual surname bears any relation to one of our folk music greats mentioned here. I am a huge Pete Seeger fan so the name leapt out at me while browsing the hs board. Glad to see another mom with a 13 year old ready to make great strides it can be exhausting. http://books.google.com/books?id=iehNcvWN5JsC&pg=PA147&lpg=PA147&dq=pete+seeger+song+Kuykendall&source=bl&ots=aVOOG4aKXj&sig=AFfqC7KtvJlAdSr-sBFxF3oUtmY&hl=en&ei=HezDSdOyNIq-MpvTuPoJ&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result Just wanted to say hi and welcome. Elizabeth-attorney /momma to one dd who keeps me hoppin'

  15. Hello Reya, The thread was already locked by the time I read it. I am sorry people were unkind and accusatory. I live with a very similar child. I get the same comments often enough to really chap my.... and believe me they are unsolicited. I get you -even though we often disagree . I am sorry for the unkind words tossed around so casually. elizabeth.

  16. Thank you for saying what so many others have felt for so long. Amen !

  17. Thanks for your insight in the thread regarding writing instruction. Your comments were heartening as I am often baffled regarding writing instruction. I really learn from your posts. Thank you, elizabeth

  18. Hello there and sending you best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!! -- elizabeth

  19. May those who love us love us


    And those who don’t love us


    May God turn their hearts,



    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,


    May He turn their ankles,


    So we’ll know them by their limping.


    - Irish Prayer


    I love ya dearly and hope tomorrow is a better day. elizabeth

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