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  1. I wouldn't worry about it to much, as long as they're on the same level in Math & English. I don't think it matters to much for science/history.
  2. Would it be to much? I was thinking about this for my 2nd grader this fall..:bigear:
  3. I'm jealous!! Someone I know works with a charter and they get $1,000 per child! I've considered doing it but it's secular materials only and the majority of materials we get are not. You can't even get CLE Math or LA because it's a Christian Publisher. :glare: We'll be buying: SL Core B+C SL Core G Oak Meadow Ancient Civilizations History/English Oak Meadow Highschool World History Both of SWB's Highschool Books 3 Levels of CLE Math & LA MFW 1st Deluxe Package SOTW 1 & 2 Audio All the Books for Otters Life Science BF History of Classical Music Lightining Literature Shakespeare MUS Pre-Algebra Life of Fred Books 2 Levels of WWE Landry Academy Geometry ($562!!).. I'm half tempted to drop this and go with VideoText so at least I can hopefully reuse it! Landry Academy Ancient & Middle Ages Art History- $600 when you add in the supplies! But this isn't something I'd be able to do on my own MP Christian Studies World Religions I'm putting together myself for my highschooler First Form Latin The Art of Arguement Luckily my highschooler is taking Bio @ CC! I don't want to know how much those supplies would cost. :svengo:
  4. I guess I'll share first, We're right under $4,000 and that doesn't count everyday supplies (pencils, markers, printer ink, etc) or shipping..:blushing: And I don't even want to share how much my dad spent on Science for my 11 year old (he'll be teaching her).. :001_huh:
  5. This is definitely our most expensive year! I'll have 5 school aged though. We also have a really crappy library so we have to buy all our books. I'm also mixing several different curriculas into our year (OM, SOTW, Sonlight). I also have a highschooler taking 3 classes w/ Landry Academy. Dh & I agree it's worth it, but I feel guilty! This will be my first year not also working part time. Anyone else spending a fortune this upcoming year? I know I can't be alone! :tongue_smilie:
  6. Thanks for the replies! I think we're actually going to use Sonlight Core B+C (up until week 28/29) & Listen to SOTW on Audio and use the AG's for Activities. :001_smile:
  7. It looks pretty good. What about any electives (Art, Music, Computers, Health, etc)?
  8. I still don't know what to use with my younger kiddos (8 in Oct. & 6 in Dec.). My older dc will be doing Ancient History up until the Age of Exploration and I want my younger two to be on the same history period. I also don't want them to miss SOTW, we loved it when we last used it (which was way to long ago!). So crazy idea? Or maybe it's possible? :bigear:
  9. When I was searching on the forums I came across CPO Life Science, Anyone use it? Reviews? :bigear: It looks like it has what I'm wanting, I could always add some living books.
  10. I use to hate busy work, But now I have a 5 year old who doesn't know how to keep herself occupied while I'm doing school with the other dc. She won't just play by herself. Anything I label as school though she will do! :D So I'm looking for anything she can do by herself that has some educational value so she can feel like she's doing more school too. ;) :bigear:
  11. It doesn't matter if it's christian or secular. Thanks for the link to Otters Life science it looks intresting. :D Anyone else? :bigear:
  12. I've been looking at the Primary Character guide for my 5 year old. I think it would be fun for something just for her to do (she gets combined a lot and I'm feeling guilty ;)). She'll be an older K'er next year she turns 6 in December. Has anyone used this? What did you think? :bigear:
  13. This is for my dd who loves science! This year I've pieced it together Earth Science & Astronomy. She's read alot of the BJU 8th grade text with my ds and participated in the experiments. She also helped teach/participated in Elemental Science ESA & Apologia astronomy. She also reads lots of science "living" books. So whats out there for 6th grade life science with a lot of experiments? Maybe a reading list? And something challenging. :bigear:
  14. We've used WP and really enjoyed it! We've used Adventures in Sea & Sky, Hideaways in History and parts of Children Around the World. :001_smile: The most complains are about it feeling disjointed, but I make new schedules for everything, mostly to line up everything between my dc so it could be different using as is but the content is awesome! :D
  15. My dc participate in many activities/contest to earn scholarship money. My kids really enjoy it though, It would depend on the contest if I'd require it.
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