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  1. My aunts husband kept her isolated and on a very limited budget, telling her that they couldn’t afford more than $75 per week for groceries and there was no money for vacations, car repairs, new clothes for the kids, ect.  He also claimed that he did not receive any raises in salary for years and that their only asset was the house.  My aunt believed him.  When they divorced she found a budget attorney because there was no money, my aunt had been a stay at home mom for 15 years and no recent job skills and a very limited support system.  The divorce went through, she got $75 per week in child support.  About 6 months after the divorce, her now ex-husband took the kids to help with yard work at his rental property.  He owned 6 houses that were rentals and had a very nice retirement portfolio. My aunt did not believe the kids and did not pursue the issue.  When the last kid was in high school the ex-husband came clean and admitted that he had substantial resources and did not feel bad about leaving her with next to nothing.  Today he is retired and he and his wife travel extensively.  My aunt has no retirement. 


  2. My son has had a gtube since he was 6 months old. Best. thing. ever.  Once he was crawling, I could put his feeds in a back pack with his pump and he could crawl and still get fed.  In the car I just hung the feeding bags from the hook over the window using baby linking rings.  Life was better once we were able to do slow, steady feeds as my son was never able to tolerate rapid boluses.  

  3. This happend with dh.  Apparently the drug rep had a deal with a pharmacy that if our doctors office would order xyz medication from this particular pharmacy, then the drug rep would supply coupons to make the drug free for this doctors patients.  When I finally go the whole story from the doctors office I was livid and made very clear that we will only use our local pharmacy and neither dh nor I want "new" drugs that are just reworking of older drugs with an extra ingredient or two.  

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  4. All hospices are not created the same.  Some will allow IV fluids, some won't.  Some have staff that makes visits at nights and weekends and some are only available by phone.  If there is more than one hospice in your area, have them send you information and look to see which one will best meet your needs.

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  5. I am so sorry.


    A few things I have learned along the way:  studies show doctors over estimate life expectancy after a terminal diagnosis by 60%.  With pancreatic cancer, pain isn't the only symptom that needs management, nausea is one of the most common symptoms.  Think ahead, no one wants to plan their funeral but really it is the best gift they can give their family.  

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  6. Some exterminators will do a free check for bedbugs.  It would be worth a call.

    There is a great facebook group called Antmans Hill that will id any kind of bugs you find, including bedbugs, just post a picture.  The site is run by entomologists.  They highly do NOT recommend diamasceous earth to treat bed bugs, no do the exterminators that check into the group as they feel that DE doesn't actually treat the problem but can make the people in the house sick..  


  7. :grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug: 


    When my father was dying in the hospital, we had been estranged for several years, I got the call to see him.  I found a variety of old photos and went and photocopied several per page and put them in a plastic sleeve and placed those in a small three ring binder that I decorated.  I did this so that if the book became lost, I would still have the original pictures.  I left that book with him. it became a conversation starter for many people coming to say goodbye.  By having the book present, friends and family could page through and reminisce with him.  

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