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  1. Back when I first started cooking, I really enjoyed the Taste of Home magazine and cookbooks. They have easy and tasty recipes that basically taught me how to cook. I went from following recipes to modifying them to suit our taste. Now I use them just for ideas, usually combining a couple of recipes to make something new.
  2. :D I am from Oklahoma too, but I live in Texas. We should just get out together.
  3. I love the comments on this recipe. It has been around a while and under many names. My mom called it "Burnett's Chocolate Cheesecake". I don't remember where she got the recipe. This is a must have for any family gatherings or my birthday.:D
  4. I know you ladies will appreciate this: Love watching men in kilts dancing. :D
  5. We have been eating paleo/primal for almost 2 years now. Our meals consist of the following: Grilled meat - chicken, steak, hamburger patties Stir fry - chicken or beef Salads - lots of salad Stir fry any mixture of veggies: squash, zucinni, broc., cauliflour, carrots, cabbage Ground beef with cabbage Stew - Ground beef or stew meat, carrots and potatoes, celery, lots of seasoning This is the majority of our meals. I work fulltime so cooking during the week has to be quick. Our go to meal is the grilled meat and stir fry veggies. Or the ground beef and cabbage. You can make a variety of meals the the stir fry.
  6. We use to buy ground up chicken for our dog. We got it as a 5 pound bag of frozen stuff. I would thaw it out in the fridge and while it was still good and cold, I would make meatballs out of it, place on cookie sheets to refreeze. I never had any issues with it, except to find out the dog is allergic to chicken.
  7. So, is this from Paidom? Sounds like thier variety pack. I am getting my order this Sunday.
  8. Here is another vote for Houston area. It fills all requirements, especially the heat part. :D
  9. Blue Bell ice cream is still half a gallon. They advertise such on their trucks. :D
  10. We have been eating primarily paleo for almost two years. My husband, son and myself had significant improvement and weight loss within the first several months. My daughter didn't have any weight to lose, but she did have improvements in her skin. My son had the most significant results. He lost 70 lbs in about 6 months. His terrible acne cleared up. It will flare up if he eats grains or too much sugar even now. He continues to stay thin, even though he will eat off paleo. My husband lost 40 lbs in the first 6 months and has been slowly slimming down even more. He is 46. His overall health and bloodwork has greatly improved. He has to do bloodwork each year for insurance and the difference between December 2010 and December 2011 is extrodinary. I lost 45 lbs in the first 6 months. My IBS was virtually gone after 30 days. My energy level and state of mind was greatly improved. Before eating paleo I felt much older that 44. My skin and hair even gave me a much older look. Now at 46, I feel better that I have in over 20 years. Paleo has become a way of life for us. We buy grass fed, grass finished beef from a farm in Texas. Eat organic veggies when we can. But we actually don't eat a lot of veggies. Since eating this way, we just aren't as hungry as we use to be. We do eat some dairy in the form of good quality, minimal ingredient ice cream and some raw milk cheese. My son will eat some bread products, but the rest of the family doesn't. In the long term, I don't see us going back to the Standard American Diet ever again.
  11. You can order and have shipped individual cuts that you want to try. He will ship it to you, but it isn't cheap to do that. If you were anywhere near Houston, I would gladly give you some meat to try. I have never had any of his meat taste fishy. There is an occasional difference in taste depending on what grass the cow has eaten. But not anything severe.
  12. Sorry, didn't see the post anymore. But Mamagistra is right. The next delivery is mid July. We just bought half a cow last month. Will probably buy some variety packs on the next trip plus some whole chickens. He is suppose to have chickens then, he has been out all winter. Alan is a very nice guy and they do business with a handshake. I hope to never have to buy meat from anyone else.
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