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  1. I really liked the looks of it as well. So sorry to hear about your Rainbow wish list. Have you tried logging out and back in again? Maybe it was just some fluke. I don't know how someone could have edited your list. It is suppose to be password protected. I'm not sure if the folks at Rainbow could help or not, they are usually pretty quick to get back to you. Hope you have a better day! :001_smile:
  2. Our dd will turn 14 in Sept. She had attended a private school for K and missed the cut off date by 10 days. So we had to wait for the following year. The majority of her class was 5. She came home to school after fourth grade. (one of the best decisions we ever made). I am so thankful we have started from the beginning with our son. :)
  3. There is a yahoo group for MOH 1 and a high school group as well. I believe there is a schedule on the high school group for volume 1. Both groups should be able to provide you with a lot of information. We did volume 1 in 6th grade. But I have heard of many that use it for high school. There are other books Linda (the author) recommends that can be used along with the lessons. This is in the back of the book. I loaned my book out to a friend, sorry I can't tell you what they are. Here are the links to both yahoo group sites. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MysteryofHistory1/ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MysteryofHistoryHighSchool/ The high school group is fairly new. Something happen to the old one and they had to start a new one. But the MOH 1 site has been there for a while and has tons of information. HTH, :) Ann-Marie
  4. I have not used that one. I have not used the one I am providing a link to either, but have heard many good reviews on it. I have looked into it myself and like it. It is from Bright Ideas Press - Young Scholar's Guide to Composers http://www.brightideaspress.com/YSGComposers.htm Best wishes with whatever you decide to go with. Maybe you could let us know what you decide and how you like it. :001_smile:
  5. Thank you Janet. :) I'm leaning toward 6. Still waiting to hear back from GWG before I concrete my decision and place my order.
  6. My dd will be in the 8th grade next year. She struggles with grammar. I am thinking about GWG but do not know whether we should go with the 7th grade level or a lower level. We really need a lot of review in this subject. I would appreciate any input from anyone who has used this program. :) TIA!! Ann
  7. Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei by Peter Sis Let's Read and Find Out About Science series Magic School Bus books and videos Usborne Science books Kingfisher Science books Top Readers series (found at Barnes and Noble) Do you have a good library near by? We started to purchase several books, but have found our library to be such a great resource, we now by only what we will have to use multiple times in the year or something our library does not carry. HTH :)
  8. Thank you so much to all who have replied so far. Thank you to Happygrrl and Melissa for your thoughts on GLA. The more I research, this is the program that I am leaning towards. It's also nice to hear the author is so friendly and easy to contact.
  9. Ok everyone. Here's another program that I am very curious about. Great Latin Adventures. From reading other threads on this board, it seems to me that GLA is very easy to use for both teacher and student. Would any of you that have used it, recommend it for an 8th grader?
  10. Hi Linda, First Form was one of the programs that I wanted to learn more about. I actually just signed up for the yahoo group. Do you know of any online samples available anywhere? Thanks! Ann
  11. Thanks Holly, We had looked at this at the FPEA convention last weekend. Not sure that it was the right fit, but I am still looking into it and open to all possibilities. I was also hoping for a program that was not as pricey as this one. Then again, used is always a possibility. Anyone else have opinions on this program or others? Thanks, Ann
  12. DD will be going into the 8th grade next year and we are wanting to do Latin. We tried Latin a couple of Years ago w/ LC and we ended up ditching it after 3 months. I have no experience with Latin and would like a user friendly curriculum for the both of us. Any suggestions, thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated. TIA! Blessings, Ann
  13. SOTW - Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer MOH - Mystery of History by Linda Hobar
  14. All American History from Bright Ideas Press makes a nice American History Program. You can see samples on their website. It comes with review questions, activity ideas, writing ideas and additional books to read that go along with the lessons. The first volume starts with the explorers to the early 1900's. The second volume from the Civil War to the 21st Century. They come with a student reader an activity book and a teachers guide.
  15. I've seen others mention MOH already. We love these books. My daughter will be finishing Volume 2 this year. We already have volume 3 on the shelf waiting for us for next year. It is a beautiful book. I love the Christian perspective. Each volume also gets meatier with it's content. There are separate coloring pages that you can purchase from the publisher. (Bright Ideas Press) There are also craft cd's that have been made to go along with the volumes. I have actually seen many people that use both SOTW and MOH together. In fact there are a couple of yahoo groups that have schedules posted for using both together. You can also find your own coloring pages online. Do a search for ancient history coloring pages. You will wind up with all kinds of options. If you would like to know more about MOH feel free to pm me. No I am not a rep or anything. :) It has just been a wonderful curriculum for our family. HTH, Ann in Fl
  16. I would take a look at Meaningful Composition. You can download free samples at their website. http://tfths.com/samples.php We are actually using their Character Quality Language Arts programs and liking it very much!
  17. We really like Wordly Wise. It is suppose to be great preparation for test taking. They even make test booklets to go along with each level.
  18. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch and The Witch of Blackbird Pond were great. A book not on the Sonlight list we enjoyed was Riding the Flume by Patricia Curtis Pfitsch. I would also recommend looking at the Baldwin Online Children's Literature site. You can read many books online for free, even print them out if you like. Find it at mainlesson.com
  19. You could try making paper. There are several recipes out there. Then have then practice some calligraphy on the paper they made. You could also make a homemade abacus. A book that I checked out at the library that had some nice activities was: History and Activities of Ancient China by Jameson Anderson. This is where I got the idea of the abacus. We will be making a mini version of the Great Wall with Legos. Have fun! [/url]
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