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  1. Did you finish this book in a year or take longer? In order to finish it in a year, it looks like we would have to double up on lessons or skip some. I don't really want to double up on lessons. DS can only take so much grammar in one sitting. I am ok with skipping if I see that he has the concept mastered, but I'm just not sure that will happen enough times to finish the book next year. (We only do our curriculum 4 days a week, the 5th day he will attend a club with enrichment activities) So I guess I'm wanting to hear from anyone who took longer than a year. lol ETA: DS will only be in 6th next year. I have looked through the concepts and think he will do fine with the level. Just thought I'd mention it though since we would be starting the book a year before it is "recommended".
  2. I don't usually find anything at our local sales, at least not in the last few years. I have bought from here on the board, Homeschool Classifieds, ebay, and a couple of facebook groups. As far as selling goes, I mostly wait and sell at our local book sale at the end of each year. However, I don't have a lot to sell lately as much of my stuff I have loaned out for others to use when we are done with it. It seems when one person is done, someone else needs it. I guess you could say I have my own lending library. I know how awesome it is when I can borrow something instead of having to buy it. :001_smile:
  3. I have actually been looking onto Rod and Staff science.
  4. This is my DS as well. We have used levels 100-500 so far. Originally I had planned on switching over to Saxon once we get to Algebra because of the Teacher CDs. However, at this particular point in time, DS does not do well with instruction on the computer. So we may very well stick with CLE. Currently, for the upper levels, they only have Algebra 1 updated to the sunrise edition. So I guess we'll just see where they are with the upper levels when we get there.
  5. Thank you! I figured as much, but wanted to double check. You've been very helpful.
  6. Thank you. I was searching under Classics for Young Readers Guide. Now when I do the search the guides come up. However, I see a Literature guide and Language Arts guide. Will the language arts include literature too or is that only in the lit guide?
  7. I do like the reading selections in these. I looked on Amazon and ebay though and couldn't find any guides.
  8. A Christian publisher is not an issue at all, and I do agree that they do a great job with all that you mentioned. We just didn't enjoy the stories when we used the second grade set. Do they change any from the 2nd to the 6th?
  9. ***Edited because I responded while at work and didn't really express what I wanted to say correctly. :tongue_smilie: Honestly, I have used CLE reading (grade 1 and 2) and didn't care for it. I really think it was the stories in the readers that I didn't care for. However, we did enjoy Lit 1 that DD used in high school.
  10. Thanks ladies...I will pass along this information to my friend.
  11. Murrayshire and/or Oneddmanybooks, can the workbooks be used without the teacher guides? Or are the instructions for the workbooks pages in the teacher's guide? I just keep coming back to these and really want to make them work for what we need.
  12. Thank you Murrayshire. That is exactly what I needed to know. I love the literature selections! However, I don't want to use Mosdos for just comprehension questions. I want it for literature analysis, but I just can't spend that much money on the entire program right now. ugh................
  13. Thank you. That was actually helpful. :001_smile:
  14. Oneddmanybooks, I see from the samples on Mosdos' site that plot, theme, character, etc. is talked about before the literature selection in the student books. However, it doesn't look like it is discussed in further context in the student books after the student reads the selection. Is there more on these elements in context with the reading selections in the workbook or is it in the teacher's book.
  15. Thank you oneddmanybooks. I have been looking at the samples over and over again and was considering using just the student books. I will look for them used and see what I find.
  16. Ok, so a quick background why I am looking for this. In case someone has any other great suggestions. :001_smile: I always have a book that I am reading aloud to DS. It's sometimes tied into our history, but not all the time. he loves it when I read to him. However, he does not like to read himself. (I have had him evaluated to eliminate the possibility of any eye issues.) I have been slowly gathering all different kinds of books at and below his reading level (in addition to the tons we have now). From now on, I will be scheduling regular trips to the library for him to pick out tons of books of his choice. (unfortunately lately it's been hurry up and get in and pick up what's waiting for us at the desk that I have placed on reserve) I never want him to have the excuse that there is not something laying around that he would be interested in reading. I want him to develop a love for reading. Since a love for reading is my main goal right now (or at least enjoying more), I do not want squash the joy of reading by using the typical literature study guides at this time. I'm sure we will at some point, but not any time soon. When we sit down to read a book together, or when he reads one on his own, I want it to be for the pure joy of reading, not to later analyze what he just read. However, I don't want to omit learning about the elements of literature either. For this reason I would like to do literature study based on excerpts from great writers. We would probably only use it a couple of days a week. I would like something with a gentle approach. I like the looks of Mosdos Press Literature in that it has an anthology of literature containing short stories, poetry, excerpts from classical literature, non-fiction reading, etc. I like the comprehension questions, focus questions and writing ideas. However, the price tag is a bit much. I know it offers a lot and that is why the expense, but I just can't afford that right now. I do have Figuratively Speaking, but I don't think he's ready for that yet. So is there anything out there that is comparable to Mosdos, but less expensive?
  17. I am asking for a friend....... The Home Science Adventure kits say they can be used up to 8th grade. For those that have used them for 7th or 8th graders.....Are they stand alone or do they need more added to them for that grade level? If more is needed, are there any suggestions they give to beef it up?
  18. Thank you all for your input. We will be doing both. :001_smile:
  19. We will actually be using them in this order as I like to line up historical fiction with what time period we are on in history. We will be starting the cycle all over again next year with ancients.
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