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  1. This is my biggest fear. I hate when non allergy parents tell me its no big deal she has an epi pen. It is a big deal. Yes I hate cooking all of her food due to allergies but it is what I have to do. One small innocent slip up and I could lose my baby girl.
  2. I never owned one so never tried but in theory after driving a motor cycle it didnt seem that hard (am I wrong) hubby tried both before we were married and well he makes a great passenger!
  3. Wishes there was more stories like this on the TV and online. I am sick of the bad teen stories when I know there are far more good teen stories....
  4. It depends on the type of homestudy. Are they measuring sleep or just breathing and pulse and blood oxygen? Is it the full hook up just at home? If you can get a in lab test they are the gold standard if ran by an rpsgt. As for a mouth piece check with various denists due to wide pricing gap and know to get one to work it will take time as they need to slowly move the jaw forward.
  5. Something very similar happened to a gf of mine. She waited and let nature take its course and well now she has a healthy little girl. She did make a dramatic early entry though. My personal experience I waited till I had signs of miscarriage till I did anything.
  6. For us we do CC as a separate subject. I look books on the subject matter and have a book basket along with what we are working on in our science and where we are in history. Some times she reads them some times she does. Sometimes she will go and google what she wants to learn about. She gets really excited when she learns something in history/science or where ever that we have sung on CC
  7. My daughter has tons of allergies this was a godsend to us. We love it I hope you enjoy it.
  8. This is what I use for pasta sauce http://www.adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com/2010/01/tomato-free-marinara-sauce/
  9. We have made ricotta using coconut milk and agar. It is not perfect but close enough for us.
  10. I have but it has been 15+ years ago. We were teens and had a blast. My cousins daughter went to space camp there in the late 90s early 2000s
  11. we do something similar but make it dairy free with nutritional yeast we also use a spiralizer and use zukes. thanks for another alternative
  12. We had one growing up and it was useless but the one in my house currently cools the house beautifully.
  13. my dd thrived off the jeopardy challenge from run of them mill however I cant get anything to work on their site. Is there anything similar that would work for dd? we are doing story's narrations and activities but looking for more games for my competitive dd
  14. We didnt use many of the pages from the book so I cant answer. We used it more for book references and for activities and use runofthemill.blog for movies and other copy work. We also used stuff from Hannahshelp yahoo group. Good luck on your journey. History is my dd fave subject. we are working on planning SOTW 2 now
  15. http://classicalacademicpress.com/song-school-latin-book-1-dvd-set/ We use the MP3 on their sight and then wee do the information in the book sing the song and then use the DVD for review and the story and the River. Then we play various games that aide in our review.
  16. What i use to teach the class is the student book that came with a cd and the dvd and the free color pages. If I can find the link again I will come back and post it.
  17. Those are about the ages my co op kids who are enjoying Song School Latin.
  18. We use it as a supplement and do not use the lesson plans. She does at least one page a week but as many as she wants.
  19. I am teaching a co op class with out it! We are using CD and DVD and the color pages made in to flash cards.
  20. Fourcat you are some one who needs bi level support and if u need to breath orally u need a fullface. It is possible due to your lung issues you need ASV. Please continue to work on finding something that works For all new patience I always say if breathing is hard for whatever the reason sit and hold mask to you face and watch tv. One u are comfortable with that turn air on and breathe. One u can do that comfortable (it may take days/weeks) then strap to face and watch tv and leave on as long as you can till you work your way up to all night Masks can be changd out with in first 90 days just calll them dme . If it isn't working after 61days tell dr you want to have a pap nap or another study in lab to make sure you are at the right pressure the mask is correct style or they can change you to bi level support.
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