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  1. We use the workbook for WWE four days a week We use the worksheets for our history time period which from Classical House We do the junior journal for her Apologia along with some of the worksheets I have found on line. My dd is 7 we make sure there is a balance of hand writing so they dont all fall on the same days
  2. Karen in CO you dd sounds like mine she can out eat my 250lb father and 20 min later ask for more. My research has lead me to find her corn allergy. We are begining this journey and corn is in so much. I do suggest you look in to it
  3. I guess what I would is then decide for that week what ideas/lessons I wanted to work on or what my student found interesting. For my history loving child I would focus more on history. But if there was something I thing she needed work or would find more interested in science I would do that. Hope that makes sense
  4. My 7 year old has it. Allergery eyes (black circles) tummy pain (also caused by corn for her) can not poo with out 2capfuls daily of miralex. She is 1% for weight and 3 for height. We got rid off all gluten and it took 6 mos for her to look better now our battle is getting rid of corn (corn is I n everyrhing errrrrr)
  5. We do WWE four times a week SOTW five days a week and Apologia 2 days and Elemental Science 2 days.
  6. My dd was the lead baker. She was an angel last year. She does this with the professional group who has open auditions. She has become bff with one of the professionals. She does recreational dance for an hr and a half once a week and 30 min of ballet with a professional ballerina. It is what she at 7 says she wants to do when she grows up. We will see
  7. Get up out of bed if you haven't fallen back to sleep in what feels like 15 min and go to another place to sleep (spare room or couch) It is a common myth that when your head hits the pillow you shouldd be out. It should take about 15 to 20 mins to transition into sleep. Are you having. Racing thoughts?? What do you thinkis keeping you from falling asleep?
  8. My egg and dairy allergic (among others) likes coconut yogurt and frozen fruit with gluten toast and sunbutter or quinoa flakes made like oatmeal with real maple syrup and or karob powder. Some times we fry potatoes with onion peppers mushroom bacon and spinach.
  9. Also, I just roast the green beans with garlic and olive oil, so it's automatically dairy free, gluten free. It's supposed to have balsamic vinegar drizzled on top, but some of us have tannin issues. We put sea salt on it and call it green fries! It was the only thing that got a friends dd to eat them thinking they were fries lol
  10. Thanks! I will have to go and check that out! I loosely follow this because of allergies we have other subs we have to make http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/gluten-free-green-bean-casserole/
  11. We have home made cranberry sauce made fresh this morning! We have fresh bread and dairy free green bean caserole! (we typically have to make two complete dinner for the whole extended family to eat together) What is the noodle recipe? I know my hubs would love to have noodles over mash potatoes heck so would dd.
  12. I have potates and turkey. Potatoes are dairy free mashed with garlic. We also have gluten free stuffing. We are working on the dairy free/gluten pumpkin pie. We are about a half hour away from downtown
  13. What is AHI and the arousal index and lm index with last study? Are there any afnars/rera? Is this a person that needs to sleep longer than others? Some people need 10 hrs vs 8 vs 6 What is your dc normal? Is the lab willing to let your child go to bed at normal and wake on their own? (some will some wont) What are is dc doing different at home vs lab?
  14. With kids the first line of defence is to do surgery. With anyone it is not 100% I have dont study with kids that their apnea was "cured" after and some that it became less. If they have apnea now they typically dont really out grow it as some believe. If you lose the T&A you are less likely to get apnea later in life depending if on why the airway is closing. Get the surgery if they have apnea or other health problems. Please please do a follow up in 6mos to a year and see what is going on some kids are fixed some still have a small air way and will still need CPAP. Make sure there is no deviated septum and the airway is large enough (some are born with a small air way) also talk with the dentist about how far back the jaw falls in to the airway when laying back relaxed (that blocks lots of air ways)
  15. We started with SSL. I teach a co op group 6 to 10year olds. I will add in some PL stuff and move to SSL2 then move to LFC We so lots of games and active learning.
  16. Have they been tested for nocturnal seizures? I have read that waterbeds do help those with rmd (rhytmic movement disorder)
  17. Have they had a sleep study? Any sensory issues? What type of specialist? How much sleep is the child getting? Does ddiet effect anything?
  18. Jean: how often are your blood levels tested for potassium and mag? Another factor for some is true hydration. Meaning water and food fluild intake can play a role in rls as well as when you work out to hard. Garga hubby needs a new sleeptest. Twitching can be from varios factors. He most. Likely has plm and it typically only gets treated if it is waking him. (Sorry about the sweetmiss confusion)
  19. Sweetmiss it is time for a new test. Too much pressure is as bad as not enough
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