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  1. When you wake up at 515 can you go to to another room that is darker? Or but a different curtian over those smaller windows? My dd wake up the moment light hits her skin we had to get creative with coverings.
  2. What happens if you don't take a nap and just go to bed an hr or two earlier?
  3. I am going to be going back to get my degree in neurodiagnostics. I am in the planning stage as there are no local schools. I already am registered in sleep so next step is to get registered n EEGs.
  4. We give it to dd one 8oz cup to focus in the am with coconut sugar
  5. I work 3rd shift it works for us. I may have to go to days and that will be a struggle for us
  6. we have it to read this summer but only he books....
  7. One of our co op did a family style pancake breakfast and sold the mix there. It was a huge suceess. Some do silent auctions at their play preformance. Some do box tops. Some resturants will help by giving proceeds of that days sales. We have never done trinket sales like the schools or scouts.
  8. I know this is old but do u have addition subtraction and or division?? Thx
  9. We hs an only. It started because of health reasons and now it is also because of how fast she is learning. We have coop on mon wed and thurs so no chance to get lonely here (I long for more athome but she the extrovert needs that time)
  10. http://www.equip.org/audio/boy-came-back-heaven-2/ This is what the mom from the other story shared http://www.equip.org/articles/boy-came-back-heaven/
  11. This is Hank Hanagrff thoughts http://www.equip.org/articles/heaven-real-heaven-real-really/
  12. My brother told the teacher our parents and the principal. It only made things worse. He went further in to depression and then to drugs and alcohol. They were not stopped till sadly they were killed (one by gun shot during highschool and one via suspicious situation shortly after hs) The one had a brother who murder someone and the other who beat the crap out of mom and committed suicide. I figured out a way to deal with my bullies and hate school. I am trying to figure out a way to work on it with my daughter and her sport teams (same girls different sports) Coach is a great coach but a bit of if you dont belong to my circle you dont belong type of guy to the adults but treats all kids as equals (except his dd which he expects way more from). And their are girls on her team who love my dd and some bully her because she is the tiniest and the youngest and more of a dancer than a softball or soccer or baseball player and their parents are ok with them calling them out. Other parents hear it and call their kid out for it then and there. Sadly the biggest bully on my dd teams their parents dont like anyone that is not like them and because that child is a late in life miracle they think child can do no wrong. Thankfully my dd has a high self esteem. But she is very much a people pleasure so she hates to disappoint to anyone including mean girl on the team and that kid knows its.
  13. If you are still looking for on I know my 7yo would
  14. I love Linux. Easy safe easy
  15. how would this compare? there is a pdf that gives table of counts and 1st chapter i can link to also http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Structures-English-Readers-Writers/dp/1581127472
  16. My dd is at one percent she got to 10 perrcent. Due to $$ we no longer use it and are back to 1% http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003B685UC?pc_redir=1397918784&robot_redir=1
  17. We have had luck at Burlington Coat factory. We have a very skinny 7yr old of average height.
  18. Bumping this for you because I am. Interest too (and for whatever you have done for 3)
  19. it could be many things. I recommend a full eeg sleep study at a ped accredited lab with registered RPSGT who specialize in sleep.
  20. Does this help? http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/4224/borderline-usa-edition
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