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  1. I met my husband on a blind date but he was not one I was set up. He just was there and knew my girlfriend (blind date was double date) and we have been together since that night.

    poor guy I was set up was so not my type (nor was I his) met his lobster a few months later.

  2. depends where the blockage is. maybe a dental applience made by a dentist.

    not all snoring is apnea related and treated with cpap.

    positional including elevated is one way

    clearing out nasal passages so one can sleep with mouth closed

  3. 40 pregnant with a complete surprise as I was told I couldn't have any more. every thing is going very good here still working. 48hrs overnight. luckily most people can't tell I am pregnant so no unwanted advice or touching. Dr is very supportive and this pregnancy is already easier that. the one in my early 30s

  4. Meds for bi poplar can cause sleep issues all on their own.  I recommend getting a sleep study to see how they are effecting the brainwaves and if that combo is causing arousal and or breathing issues (not obstructive sleep apnea). Maybe talk to the dr about adjusting dose.  Requesting blood work on Vit D levels, potassium and Vit B.

    Also I recommend trying to keep a strict as she can routine.  Same wake same bed same eating and drinking.  Limit artificial sugar and caffeine to bare minimum (or none).  That way the body knows what to expect and learns to shut down.  Even if you get a little sleep get up and go about routine (be careful driving and avoid if necessary)


    Good luck


  5. What kind of sleep problems is she/he having?  Trouble at sleep onset?  Trouble staying asleep?  What medical conditions does this person have out side of normal stress?  How much caffeine?  Is this person a smoker? 

    There is no magic pill.  I have worked in sleep for a lot of years.  If you want to PM me their answers I will give what solutions I think could work or have work for others in the past.

  6. Mrsmommy this is my community too. Praying you are never on jury duty. Because it is on the interet or tv does not make it true. An autopsy done in a funeral home with out all fact (xrays or clothes) is not giving a whole picture. If guy who just rob a store is in a diffrent mineset than someone who is just jaywalking. this a teen who was force by his parent (ie taken forceflly) to his ged school whose teacher were caught saying he was a trouble maker. They said they were going to take him to collge ummm it is not a sleep over school or even starting class this week. I wasn't there I don't know what happen. I want to wait for the grand jury decide on the facts. In that area always petty theif is not reported due to mob like crime and fear of retripution so store not reporting holds no water. Snitches get stitches is real. If they weren't going to report why didclerk go to lock the door? Please pray for our. Communnity it needs healing.

  7. We are at end stages with my mom.  Please let me know if you have have any specific questions.  My mom's condition is complicated with RA and now Parkinson related dementia.  One think the dr told mom to do was move her body and move her mind and concentrate on good nutrition and water.  He knew her sedimentary life style and love to the drive thru. 


    Advise for most people going to the dr is take two people (patient and love one)  to make sure everything is heard and understood and to be able to ask questions.  There are many hospital based programs for the patient and family in our hospital system I advise looking in yours even if it isnt the hospital closest to her house.



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