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  1. My 8 year old went through alpha and beta this past year. He loves it and it makes sense and sticks. I would start with the beta because it is a different way of doing math and will give a strong foundation. He will probably move through it quickly, but that could be a confidence boost.
  2. Continue reading with him and to him. Write sentences on paper with words that he should know. Let him look it over and highlight the ones that he automatically knows. Then go back and decode others that he should know. After decoding, if he can recognize it, let him highlight them, too. Then sit down and let him read highlighted words while you read nonhighlighted words. If you can find some Saxon/Abeka/whoever little readers, get some and do this with him, too. It will increase his fluency and confidence.
  3. I had planned on using Rod & Staff. I liked what it covered and I liked the price. I am hearing it is dry and boring, but I don't have $150+ to spend on other programs. I need to cover it all this year, not split I to two years. Has anyone used Core Knowledge History & Geography? Any thoughts on AGS from Pearson or Scott Foresman? They are more expensive but not as bad as Saxon. Thanks!
  4. My daughter will be in 5th grade this year. We have used and liked Horizons Math since 3rd grade. We are looking at going to MCP math this year. The Scope and Sequence look almost identical. The reason for the switch is the TM. I am a "math" person. It just makes sense. When we get to a new concept and she struggles at all, I am terrible with explaining it in a different way ( because to me, it just makes sense!) and the Horizons TM is terrible. The MCP TM looked more user friendly. Has anyone made this transition before and how do the two programs compare? We are also looking at doing all other subjects as Rod & Staff. We have never used them before, so any comments there are welcome, too. In the past we have used Horizons, IEW, Shurley English, MOH, Apologia Science and Bridge to Latin Road. Thanks!
  5. Reading just clicked with my eight year old son this year. He has Central Auditory Processing Disorder. He has been going to Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy for over a year. We used Phonics Road this year and it really helped. The biggest improvement lately has been sight words on index cards and using as flash cards to memorize them. After learning 30 or so, we started using Abeka or Saxon readers. He would highlight in 1 color the words he knew (not sound out but knew by sight). We would sit together and read. He reads the highlighted words, I read the nonhighlighted words. We would start with two pages and every day add two more. This has helped so much with his fluency and confidence. As he recognizes and remembers words, he will go back and highlight them on the already highlighted pages.
  6. We switched to phonics road this year because my son has auditory processing issues. It is working great for him. We are in level 1 and there is not a whole lot of writing. She includes letter and blend cards that you can use instead of writing. My son does a lot of writing on the white board. You can request a free preview DVD from their website. It is teacher intensive.
  7. Dyslexia quest is a great app for working memory. Also, look at hear builders. They have a free try it section on their website. Dionne
  8. Has anyone tried this? Do you like it? Pros or cons? Thanks! Dionne
  9. My son is 7 and was diagnosed in February of this year. We started with OT and he loves it and I see some improvement there. We has been working with visual tracking and core body strength and multi step processes. We started speech therapy a few months ago and this is where I have seen the biggest improvement. She has been working hard with background noise discrimination, phonemic awareness, multi step commands and correct pronunciation. We have used Earobics. He doesn't like parts of it and I can't say that I blame him. We have been doing the hear builders free trial online and he really likes it. We also use dyslexia quest, an app for the iPad. It is wonderful. We switched our phonics to the Phonics Road to Reading. It is somewhat boring, but he is getting it! I feel like the biggest help has been the speech therapist. I would love to try fast forward but just don't have the money for it! Good luck! Dionne
  10. Try a flashmaster. Also, this site has some Mad Math Minute sheets http://math.about.com/cs/multiplication/a/multws.htm. I bought a book that is reproducible from an education store that is a five minute multiplication workbook. You start with 0-1. You have 5 minutes to complete the page of 100 facts. If you complete and get all right in 3 minutes or less, you move to the next level, which is just x2. Then 0-2, then x3 then 0-3, etc. This workbook has worked for us. My friend swears by her Flashmaster, but I have never owned one.
  11. DyslexiaQuest is a great app that helps build working memory. Seems like it is less than $5. Earobics and Hear Builders also helps with working memory. My son has central auditory processing disorder and we use dyslexia quest and Earobics for him. He also goes to OT and speech therapy every week.
  12. I agree with everyone else. While we have never been to a developmental pediatrician, we have been to OT to rule out sensory issues, which it sounds like you may be dealing with. We also go to OT and Speech to. Help with working memory. If you have an iPad, dyslexia quest is an excellent app to help with working memory. Good luck!
  13. My son could spell words but not read them. He was diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder. We switched to phonics road to reading to give him an Orton Gillingham based curriculum. It is helping. Good luck!
  14. Feeling much better now. We are doing MOH but wondered if we shuold have been doing some other "social studies" type thing. Thanks everyone!!:)
  15. Anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks, Dionne
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