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  1. Are the classical conversation sentences for the new foundations guide (edition 4) different than the old edition three? I know they've switch to their own cards instead of Veritas Press cards & their own timeline song but I was wondering if the history sentences/songs changed.
  2. Favorite apps for iPad to help speed increase for math facts (+, -, x, /)?
  3. Actually, I didn't mean teach. I meant drill for speed. Guess my brain & fingers were not communicating! I'll repost my question!
  4. Favorite iPad app to teach math facts (+,-,x,/)?
  5. We are nearing the end of PAL so I asked on IEW's yahoo group (which I a great resource!) what to do next. With young ones, they recommended Bible Heros.
  6. For middle school & high school, how many words should my children be writing for literary analysis?
  7. For middle school & high school, how many words should my children be writing for literary analysis?
  8. Did someone(s) say they went straight to VideoText after Sungapore 5B?
  9. I'm looking to buy a CC Foundations 3rd edition Guide- anyone have it? Know where to get it?
  10. Multi-Tasking: http://tullyfamily.blogspot.com/2013/06/wordless-wednesday-multi-tasking.html
  11. You choose ONE of the SID- either A, B or C depending on your children's ages but you move through all SICC in order (unless you're starting with older children). Personally, I'm glad we did the SID first because SICC picks up where SID left off. If you skip SID, look online & see what it covers before beginning SICC.
  12. We did SID-A earlier this year & then moved right not SICC-A, which transitions well. My children are ages 12 (almost 13), 11 & 9. I plan on doing a theme early next yer before moving on to SICC-B because of their ages.
  13. We use it along with the writing. I usually make up my own sentences to copy, pulling from other subjects they are learning. For one of my children, it sonetimes moves roo slow in concepts but for the otherchild, its perfect! :) But I love PAL & I'm glad we have both!
  14. I'd see a dr right away! And, I'd buy & use IEW's PAL reading & writing. We used Phonics Pathways for our first 3 children with ease. Child #4 had each issues & struggled with PP. Really struggled & I was lost what to do. I was skeptical of starting PAL but IEW has 100% lifetime guarantee! It was the BEST choice I ever made! I wish all of my children had used it- it's more than reading, it's a complete language program! :) Of course we adjusted the program for our family- after a few weeks, my two children using it were ready for much greater depth copywork.
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