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  1. More specifically, has anyone used the book recommended in The Well-Trained Mind - Astronomy: The Universe at a Glance that is published by Pearson? Or, have you used other sources for this topic? My son did a combination of Biology and Botany in the 9th grade, and I am looking at Astronomy and Chemistry. He is behind and struggling with Algebra, so I'm thinking we need to put off Chemistry for another year. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
  2. In my state we are required to turn in test scores before the new school year. I have a first grader that is still struggling with reading. Does anyone know of an assessment test that might fit? She is only required to test in reading and math.
  3. My nine-year-old dd has always struggled with retaining what she reads, and understanding it. She has improved, but lately she has struggled tremendously again. We are using level 3 of Writing With Ease. She does well with dictation, and creates sentences well, but when she reads a passage she can't answer any of the questions. I tried reading it to her, but she still can't remember. I would go back and read the specific place where the answer was, and she still struggled. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. My son is 11 years old, and in the fifth grade. We started Writing with Ease, book 1, when he was 8. He is now toward the end of book 3. Technically, he should be finishing book 4, and getting ready for the new Writing With Skill. However, he really struggles. He hates writing of any kind, and is a poor speller. He LOVES to read, though, and understands what he reads well. He summarizes well, but has difficulty with anything involving sequence (first you do this, and then you do this, etc). He still can't remember more than half a sentence for dictation. Should I be concerned at this point? How can I help his memory? Is it possible he will never be good at it? I'm sure he will survive if he never gets better at dictation, but I want him to be able to write decently! He truly hates writing of any kind. I think he needs a secretary, lol! Suggestions and encouragement are welcome!:tongue_smilie: Thanks!
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