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  1. One more question...... ;) Math U See seems to go very deep into math. With it also being a mastery can't you move at your pace? Maybe I am just not mathematically minded enough to see fault in this program. Can you go deeper why I would not want him to do Math U See? I like the idea of having everything in one program. With singapore we were doing so many books....textbook, workbook, intensive practice, word problems, and still supplementing with practice from saxon at times. At one time I had him warming up with saxon, using singapore as the lesson and finishing with LOF. He was getting burned out and I was too. I keep thinking Math U See would go pretty deep and we could move at his pace. Maybe I am not seeing something here. I still consider myself a newbie and have yet to find anyone in my area homeschooling for the reasons that we are which are mainly academic reasons, so I have nobody to ask questions to. We also have SEVERAL unschoolers in my area which is fine and that fits their family but not ours so please exscuse all the questions :)
  2. He could do the online class. I am also scared that he has not been getting the critical thinking skills he needs, so I looked at Beast Academy for over the summer to get him ready for AoPS but they only offer 3rd grade......even their 3rd grade curriculum looks more engaging than Saxon however. He also does LOF and LOVES LOF!!! I have forced him into Saxon for 2 years now. He rolls his eyes at math, and just goes through the motions. I want to get something for over the summer. Would the 3rd grade beast academy be the right thing to do?
  3. I need suggestions. My son is 10 and did LOVE math (hopefully I did not ruin it for him). When we pulled our son out he was in 3rd grade and they wanted to skip him to 5th grade. We are not in good schools at all and there was/is no way that was happening. I am homeschooling him. He is very mathematical minded and I am not. I do not feel comfortable teaching math past multiplication, division and simple fractions. I have looked at coops in our area and very few offer math. The one closest to us offers Teaching Textbook math. My hubby is an engineer and obviously is mathematical minded however he works long hours and is on call a lot. We tried him teaching with Singapore in the evenings and after my son homeschooling all day and my hubby working all day they butted heads way too much plus it is just not consistent. My hubby would be in the middle of a lesson and get a call and have to go to work. I feel comfortable with Saxon because it seems very clear and that is how I was taught math in school but my son hates Saxon. He takes 2 hours to do a lesson. He gets so excited when they introduce a new concept but the excitement diminishes quickly when he gets into ALL the review. He wants to go so much deeper and continue learning about a concept and Saxon does not do that. I have read about gifted children and Saxon clashing. He also asks so many questions that I cannot answer…..whys? and hows? And when??? He is currently in Saxon 76. I do not know what to do. I have tried to look for a tutor and cannot find one affordable in my area. He is already in a coop for science, and some electives and many of the tutors charge 50.00 an hour. Geez, that is a lot when you add it up. My husband is to the point of wanting to put him back in school. We have called the “principle†at work several times and to talk with our son and motivate him and I think he is tired of the arguing over math DAILY. I have looked at MUS, and TT. I have also read that both may not challenge him enough. I am very concerned that I cannot meet his needs mathematically. What I did learn in school I used strictly to pass a test with, and rarely use math in my day to day life. I never liked math…..I always just did what I had needed to pass. I have looked at AoPS and it looks great for him, but there is no way I could teach that. Is there a mastery (not spiral) program that would provide the challenge that he needs but is taught on a DVD or computer similar to Teaching Textbooks or Math U See……or would either of those work? I would also like a program that will take him all the way through high school. I feel like he could go so far and so deep in math and enjoy every second of it, but his mathematically crippled momma is going to unintentionally stop that.
  4. Thank you all so much. I have gotten a ton of responses as well as suggestions. :seeya:
  5. I know I am bringing up a really old topic but I was searching for information on "Take a Stand" and this came up. Did you do the classes, and if so how did your son like them? How did you like them? I have a few more questions but I will wait to see if you took the classes :001_smile:
  6. Oh and here is another insight to how OCD I am. I was worried about pulling him twice and there being gaps mainly in math so I was using Saxon as a warm-up, Singapore as the actual lesson and following up with Life of Fred. I have since dropped Singapore. Here is my point: Could it be that I am just way to uptight to homeschool? I really want to do it, and missed it when I put him back into public school, but I am so stressed.
  7. A little background DS is an only child and is now 10 years old DS was in 3rd grade public school last year DS was in GT class and bored out of his mind DS is very social, straight A's, never had a problem in public school Teachers LOVED him Our area schools are not good schools I am not against public schools, just the ones we have around here. I started homeschooling in Jan 2012 when he was in 3rd grade We used traditional method (no intergration at all) He loves to math, science, and reading I discoverd Classical Method and loved it I found TOG and fell in love Started TOG in Feb of 2012 Here is where my OCD comes in Since I started TOG in Feb the only way to finish before Fall was homeschool through the summer....so we did. We homeschooled ALL subjects ALL summer It is hard for me to pick and choose. If it suggest something I am going to TRY to have my DS do it. Total burn out by August 2012 so we put DS in 4th grade in Public School They called a meeting with me about skipping 5th grade. This would have DS going from 4th to 6th grade. NO!!! Pulled DS out again in FEB 2013 Put DS in a Co-op like Classical Conversations but uses a lot of Tapestry. (They write their own curriculum) Very liberal arts feel. Heavy writing!!! Ds wrote 5 papers in one week. Lots of reading which he loved. Math and Science was put on backburner. Also a pick and choose curriculum which is hard for me. I want him to do it ALL!!! There suggested schedule has us homeschooling for 8 hours, and science & math as an elective and last on the schedule. Ahhh!!! Too many choices We have found out about a science, math and technology school in our area. It is through the public school system but has a very small population (around 60 students) and it's own campus. It offers 9th - 12th grades. DS would have to apply in the 8th grade and they do accept homeschoolers. We want to homeschool him till then. I do not want my child to skip a grade in school. I love the classical method but I am really wondering if it is just not a fit for us. I cannot handle a buffet style curriculum because I want him to do it all. I have also looked at several curriculums with schedules. I do better with a daily schedule. I am a planner and the words "just relax" do not fit in my vocabulary. That is just the way I am wired. I very much have our homeschool set up like school, and classical just does not seem to fit that. The things I love about classical Chronological History Lots of great literature intergrated into what DS is learning Things I DO NOT love about classical Days are too long. DH gets home at 4:30 and we are still homeschooling after starting at 7:30. The planning myself. I cannot pick and choose. I need a daily schedule. Reading several books at one time ( I don't get this!!!) Why read 2-3 chapters a day from 4-5 different books? I have looked into MFW, SL, MOH (W/Illuminations Schedule), SOTW, and for some reason keep going back to TOG!!! It is kind of like the perfect shoe that is 2 sizes too small. I think it is perfect but it won't fit on my foot....Ugh!!! My husband says to do Abeka and be done with it. That way DS can be a child too. It has the daily schedule of what to do and when, so me and my OCD would not go crazy and start overworking him, but I really love chronological history and heavy literature. However when we were using a traditional method we were finishing right after lunch and were more relaxed. I also got the "I am done for the day feeling" that I need so very much. What do I do? I am scared that I am going to stress myself out to no end and just put him in public school and be done with it. I also need to have him in a co-op environment because he is an only child. There is one close to me but they are more traditional......Teaching Textbooks, Apologia Science, BJP History, etc. I also do not mind Christian curriculum because we are Christian but MOH seems to be overly Christian for us. Key Points I need a daily schedule Heavy literature Chronological History that does start with creation but does not spend 2 years in the bible. I would like to finish school around 1-2ish. I am not comfortable with a relaxed, choose what you want to do curriculum. I will homeschool him for 4 years prior to the academy he wants to go to. Signed......STRESSED OUT MAMA!!! :eek:
  8. My son was in PS for 3.5 years. I pulled him out in Jan. and homeschooled until now. Our biggest problem in school is that he stayed board. He was in the gifted class and was still board. He has always had straight A's and has never had behavior problems. I tried homeschooling and it did not work for us. He is an only child and even with all the extra things I had him in (boyscouts, YMCA P.E., 4-H, Skeet Team, ect.) he was still board at home with mom most of the time. He also put up MANY fights when it came time to do his work, which really shocked me. I came to the conclusion after reading several articles that maybe he was missing the competitivness of PS and I can not provide that for him (ONLY CHILD). I want to afterschool him, however I do not know what to do. I can not expect him to come home afterschool and do 4 hours worth of work so here is what I was thinking........ PS homework - 15 minutes Saxon 65 Math - 30 minutes Apologia Botany - 15 Minutes (Friday Activity) Easy Grammar - 15 Minute Lesson Wordly Wise & Spelling Workout - 30 minutes SOTW - Read Aloud at night Literature - Books (public library) at night that go with SOTW Close to 2 hours in the evening + night reading :001_huh: IS THIS TOO MUCH, or can you give some examples PLEASE!!!
  9. I pulled my son out of school in the 3rd grade (last year). We did homeschool and I fell in love with Classical Education however......for our family and his future PS will have to do. I do plan on afterschooling with SOTW, Saxon Math, Latin, and Science on the weekends. I also plan to use IEW with him and his writing. I would love to hear more advice on how this is done. When he was in school he was in the Gifted and Talented and he stayed board (he also had a not so good teacher). His homework only takes him about 15 minutes to complete so I figure if we get started at 3:30 and afterschool till 5:00ish that would work. I will also read SOTW to him at night and he will read his literature that goes along side of it. Anymore suggestions would be great :):confused::)
  10. I have decided to do SOTW Years 1,2,and 3. Mainly just reading it to my son and including some of the books. When we get to year 4 (which should not be that long) we will slow down and do more of the activites, and such. Thank you very much. Oh my son will be 10 in October and is pretty advanced. That is the only reason I am worried about it. The co-op we are doing next year has a program when he hits Highschool that would allow him to obtain upwards of 65+ credits for college. I just want him to have a good foundation of history. I feel like we are late in the game. I am not pushing him too hard.....like I said the first 3 SOTW will be just reading, a few discussion questions, and some of the recommended reading from it. We will really get into SOTW in year 4 and do the activities, etc. Thanks again :)
  11. I know I said to touch on the other years. He will be able to do them. He will actually get Tapestry 2 more times from know till 12th. I just do not want to start in year 4 and he have no idea what is going on in the other years. We just started homeschooling in Jan. The only history he has really done is state, so what is you suggestions.:confused:
  12. I am trying to find a sample lay out of how you would do 2 years of tapestry in one year. I want to get my son in a co-op next year. It is a little expensive for us to do this year. Now we know the price and can plan. They are doing year 4 this year, and I was going to do the same. There seems to be a lot of year 3 and sadly year 2 he would need to touch on to get "the big picture". We keep a timeline so he can see it, but I am wanting to touch on those years before fully doing year 4. He is an only child and he LOVES to read. Having said that I have the time and he just wants to read. I can not find anything from anyone on doing this. I know there are people out there that have done 2 years in 1 year. I can not be the only one. Please if you can provide me with suggestions it would be great :001_smile:
  13. Thank you all for all your super bright ideas. I am pretty new to all this, but at the same time obviously I want to do what is best. Thanks again, I am going to stick with singapore for now I think :D
  14. My husband was teaching math in the evenings however he works a lot of hours, on-call, late nights, etc. It got to be too sparatic when he gave the lessons and when I did. We use singapore now, and my son really likes it. I worry when he gets older however, because I contacted singapore and the lady told me to teach the highschool singapore (new elementary) you really need a math background. I know I do not need to worry about that now but I can't help it. I am an OCD planner....LOL :001_smile: I could teach writing all day and history because those are my strong subjects. My husband likes math and science because he says it is black or white, wrong or right. Singapore is really good, and I do use the teacher guide. I may see if maybe my husband can start doing the lessons on at lease a couple nights a week or on the weekend and I will just do the workbook exercises. Do you know anything about MUS? I have heard that the curriculum teaches "thinking math". If I stick with singapore I could always get a tutor for the later years. Thank you so much for all your help.
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