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  1. That is interesting. I have lived and traveled abroad, and never had anyone have trouble with this. I see us referred to in the foreign press as "Americans." But I have never traveled to South America. I wonder if this is something you run across there that the rest of the world really doesn't seem concerned with. My Columbian friends definitely refer to the US as "America" and call us "Americans." It never occurred to me that they might actually resent that or feel confused by it. I think it's one of those things that is so commonly used that it's just convention that most people take for granted. But maybe that's because I haven't asked enough "South" Americans.
  2. I was not so much worried about pregnancy. I was more worried about parenting an active teen at 60. DH would be even older. And I was worried about the physical, emotional, and financial requirements of raising a child with special needs - not necessarily due to maternal age, but just the knowledge that some kids need more help or even life long help for various reasons. I just didn't feel able to take that on, but many do it very well. So I chose for me but would never say my limits are universal.
  3. Ok. That is what I will pray for you - release from guilt. His needs are a bucket that no person can fill. You give what you can. But you can't give wholeness, healing, freedom from suffering, the peace that passes all understanding. Those are not your to give, and I will pray that you will see what you do give as enough. You give your best.
  4. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me except that if you want to browse YA books you probably need to let a librarian know. I imagine they will allow that.
  5. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me except that if you want to browse YA books you probably need to let a librarian know. I imagine they will allow that.
  6. I agree. Two five year olds without older siblings need some frequent checking on at the very least.
  7. Well, I guess maybe the OP needs to help him not be confused. I think she is actually confused herself about the level of tact and patience one owes a five year old. How many times a day is she obliged to answer the door and give him the same speech about it not being a good time? If she is in the middle of changing a diaper and doesn't answer the door, is she supposed to accept that he's confused and therefore entitled to kick the door and scream? If the kid is screaming and kicking at her door, I think he sounds like a child with a major issue. That's just not normal for a five year old, and one way to help him with his 'confusion' would be to tell him quite directly that this is unacceptable, that he is not welcome back until further notice, and that she is not obliged to answer the door just because someone rings. But that probably would seem really mean to some people even if most other people, even five year olds, don't need to be told these things.
  8. I believe you have to be honest. Normally I am ok with polite lies, but this woman sounds aggressive and they live too near you. It's ok to say, "We don't want to play today. We are having a family day." Or "I am tired and don't want to watch extra kids today." If you get any push back at all you can just tell her, "I really like being with just my children some days. Why don't we plan to play on Wednesday?"
  9. Dansko clogs helped when the problem was mild. Fitflops did not work at all. Horrid things. Crocs were awful too. Professional inserts helped me the most. That and yoga and stretches. Ice. I am a good wi Weight and have major problems with it, so while losing weight can't hurt, it won't necessarily help either.
  10. Thank you for your note about my dog, Homer. He's really a great dog, and I probably have .... 200..... photos of him. Love that boy:)

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