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  1. This really is a hard situation. If your husband resigns now he will give up a goal that mattered a great deal to him, and also give up valuable retirement benefits. But he can still be very proud (as you can be) of his dedication and of the years he served. And it sounds like he can be very proud of his civilian job too. If he feels he has to resign, try not to end on a bitter note. The decision makers here aren’t in a position to say, “Yeah, your civilian job is more important that the other reservists’ job. The inconvenience to your family matters more than the other reservists’ situation.†They make assignments based on their assessment of the needs of the unit. They may well want the best solider with a good deal of experiences and training. That makes good sense to me. He can resign, but he will feel better in the long run is he does it from a position of strength. He can choose resignation, but it wasn’t forced on him. He made choices that make deployment inconvenient, but he probably knew that deployment would be a possibility - he signed up for that. He hoped it wouldn’t happen before his 20 years were up, but it has. Now he is in a tough situation and has a choice to make. How hard for all of you.
  2. I looked back to see what women were wearing in the 90s. Doesn’t seem like the women’s costumes are substantially different, but I wonder if filming technology and increasingly athletic jumping expectations makes it seem so.
  3. All of the beaches will be crowded around the 4th. It’s not the ideal time to go, but you can still have a great vacation. From Raleigh, the Wilmington area beaches (Wrightsville etc) are easy to get to, and there are good rainy day options. I think you are close to two hours. I also like Ocean Isle and Holden beaches. Topsail has some nice area. Part of the community has had bad erosion. At any of the beaches I would check out reviews on specific parts of the beach to seek. You don’t want to rent where these is no beach at high tide. I have heard good things about Bald Head and Oak Islands.
  4. I am 50 and painting everything but the two story entry and vaulted living room myself. I have found that painting and especially prepping correctly is just too expensive. It’s hard to get someone who will labor over proper repair of drywall tape or junky trim corners like I will. If I hear million dollars, I guess I could, but I do not. I want it right. I am not a decorator or neat nick, but I guess it’s just my thing.
  5. I would explain my position. But I would not draw a line in the sand. This seems like something that a young adult might need to learn for himself. I would be wary of setting myself up as the protector of an adult. I mean, sometimes we still are, but I want to send the message, “I trust that you can handle things and make decisions, but I am always here for you†rather than,â€You aren’t quite competent to handle decisions.â€
  6. You are being so gracious about different viewpoints, and I hope you don’t feel we are piling on. I did notice two things. First, you want all the people you love to be there. I totally relate to how nice that can feel. But your sister was in your home, with you, being a messy, annoying, complicated human (because all of us are). Having her sitting in church with the crew was the big moment you wanted, but you actually had her in your home! And you are ready to not host again because she wasn’t at church. It reminds me of having toddlers - how sometimes it was such a pure pleasure to watch them sleep, and then I would think, “I had them awake and in their toddler glory all day, and I didn’t really embrace it. Why is watching them sleep the big draw? Do I not enjoy the part where they are fully themselves?†Secondly, I am sure you don’t mean it and didn’t lay this in your sister, but she can’t be responsible for your “one happy moment†of the year. Resentment is a problem for me at the holidays. I definitely have those, “Why do I have to do all the work?†moments. But truthfully I have a lot of power to change that. It helps me to reframe everything I “have to do†as a, “want to do.†I want to make the meals. I want to wrap the presents. I want to keep things tidy. Most of those things I could just let go. The McDonalds drive through is open on Christmas Eve. Figuring out why I want to do things helps me feel less resentful.
  7. I dont see how saying, “I am furious, I think this was wrong,†it’s a “tantrum.†Maybe I missed the part you are referring to. When her scores were posted, she gave her head a little shake and raised an eyebrow. Later she told a reporter she was furious. No throwing skates, no shouting, no mentioning other skaters by name, no stomping. What “tantrum†did I miss?
  8. I am no great scorer or commentator on figure skating. I can’t argue that Ashley Wagner is ‘right’ in her protests. But she’s always said what she thinks, and women who do that will always be criticized. My guess is that if she wouldn’t trade her right to speak her mind for a spot on the Olympic team no matter how badly she wanted it. If that’s how the selection process works, that makes me mad too! I hope that’s not how it works. I think the top three skaters earned their spots in the Olympic team. But I like Ashley and I am sad for her.
  9. Southerner here. I have never been called "Babe" in my life (except maybe by a boyfried). I think it has a dismissive quality. I have been called, "Baby" but only by older women and in a very affectionate way. Darling, Honey, Sweatheart? All the time. "Ma'am" I get called every day. I don't think anything of it. In a tense or heated exchange these words can sound vaguely demeaning (with the exception of 'Ma'am'), but generally they are just ways of being warm. I never use terms of endearment with Men I don't know well, though.
  10. Thanks everyone! I am going to take a class - I guess I needed the encouragement to take a helpful class even if it's not the complete and perfect thing.
  11. I want to gain some basic education for dealIng with medical emergencies. If I take a Red Cross CPR and AOE class and a first aid class, how prepared would I really be to handle a crisis? It seems like a three hour class once every two years might give me just enough knowledge to be dangerous! I am in our children's ministry a lot and baby sit for friends. I also like to hike and camp. There are older people in my life. I feel a nagging sense that I should know what to do in an emergency, but would a Red Cross class really prepare me? Is there something else people recommend?
  12. Of course I was not suggesting that. I just thought it was strange you relied on a case affirming the the legality of revoking a drivers license when a suspect refuses a blood test. I don't think anyone can argue in good faith that the officer had authority to order a blood test, with no warrant, on an unconscious patient who couldn't and didn't consent and wasn't not even a suspect, let alone being under arrest.
  13. I don't understand how to comment quote by quote. But (1) I think the news sources I have read make it pretty clear that this wasn't the hospital having funsies and that these is constitutional law that applies (2)I agree. I feel l like I spend a lot of time trying to tell people what their rights are when stopped/questioned/detained by police officers. Some people think they don't need to protect their civil rights. Sigh. (3) I think this nurse did have a good idea about the requirement for her to draw blood. I bet most do. She was very professional. She called her supervisor to confirm the policy. She consulted the policy to confirm and also to try to explain to the cop why she couldn't do what he wanted. I am glad she had that policy to print out instead of having to pull up legislation and cases interpreting it. I don't understand anyone thinking this policy was some kind of private agreement.
  14. I don't understand why you are citing a case about civil revocation of a drivers license. Utah has revised its implied consent laws since this case anyway, but how do you think it applies to this case?
  15. The Supreme Court decision limiting police authority to obtain involuntary blood draws is pretty recent. It takes a long time to revise legislation, and many states still have laws on the books that include "implied consent" for obtaining blood draws. The hospital and police department weren't making a private agreement. Would you suggest the hospital not have a policy but just tell nurses to "follow the law?"
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