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  1. My six year old daughter loves them. We have read the Ancient Africa one. She loved it so much that we ordered the set. Suzanne
  2. My six year old loves it. We use the CD version. The CD was disappointing to me, but she really likes it. At the end of each lesson, you can take a quiz. She does really well with it. We also use STOW, but she really likes history so for us it works well. Suzanne
  3. I hope so too! The code doesn't expire until August 22nd. If you don't hear from them soon, I would call them or send them an e-mail. They specifically ask in the newsletter not to distribute the code so I don't want to violate their policies. Suzanne
  4. I haven't ordered from them before. Many people on the Sonlight Forum highly recommend their history kits so I plan to order a history kit to try. I am combining STOW 1 with Core 1. I think I will order the kit for Greece and Rome since I already bought some extras for Egypt. I do recommend the Evan Moore History Pockets books, but I didn't purchase them from this company. Suzanne
  5. Hi - I just got my newsletter from Hands and Hearts. They have 20% off of everything! You have to subcribe to their newsletter to get the sale price, but that is easy enough. Hopefully this helps someone! Suzanne
  6. I too believe character is best taught in real life. But, I also purchased Beautiful Feet's Teaching Character through Literature Curriculum. We just started it, but I really like it so far. Suzanne
  7. Level 6 - Module A and B Supply List Here is the list of primary materials needed: 12X18 Sky Blue Construction Paper White Drawing Paper - 18X24 and 12X18 - 60lb 12X18 Assorted Construction Paper Paper Plates Tempera Paint - Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White Felt Lined Black Felt Tip Pen Soft Pastels - Alphacolor Box of 12 3/4'" easel brush #10 General Purpose Camel Hair Brush Small Sponges - approx. 4X5 Tin Water Cans various sizes Scissors Drawing Pencils - Beginner's Model Erasers School Glue Liquid Starch 3/4" roll masking tape 18X24 Grey Construction Paper Crayola Classic Colors Markers - set of 8 OVL 8 Color Half Pan Watercolors Oil Pastels - Pentel - 16 colors
  8. I just received my order last week. I ordered level 1 with the parent manual and art appreciation set. I am personally glad I ordered all of it. You could definitely use the program with just the modules. The parent guide is helpful to me, but I don't have any sort of art background. I think a lot of people might find that they don't need it, but it includes a lot of information. It includes an overview of the program, concepts that are taught, brief introduction to artists that are studied, tips for visiting an art museum, scope and sequence for the entire program, teaching tips, information about the art appreciation component, evaluation tips, information on how to have an art show, lesson objectives and descriptions of all the projects in the program, information about art supplies and when they are needed, a glossary of art terms, and a reference list. The art appreciation component is optional, but it is well done. The prints are really nice and you get guides to go with them as well as information that you could use for other prints. I didn't order the supply kit because we have a lot of art material and I usually can get good deals at Michael's with their coupons. If I had needed all the things they sold, I might have bought it for convenience. Hope this helps! Suzanne
  9. I just received level 1 last week. I haven't used it yet, but it looks great! I watched the first lesson to get a feel for it and I can't wait to try it out. We will probably have a chance to do a lesson on Friday. I was reluctant to spend so much money, but I am glad now that I did. There is a lot of variety in the lessons. If lesson 1 is an indication, the lessons are taught completely on the DVD. You could add to it for enrichment, but it definitely stands alone. Suzanne
  10. I used their first grade program last year. I would recommend getting the manual. We also got the listening cds and really enjoyed them. Suzanne
  11. I haven't seen How Great Thou Art, but I just received my order for Atelier and it looks great! Atelier has some appreciation and some technique. For example in the first lesson, they view a picture by Matisse and then do a lesson on lines. We are excited to use it. Suzanne
  12. Our Atelier just came in this week. We haven't used it yet, but it looks great. I watched one lesson and I was so impressed. We can't wait to get started. Suzanne
  13. I used the first grade level and my daughter enjoyed it. I really liked the listening CD"s and the fact that it correlated with my handwriting. I used it for her kindergarten year. I will not use it for her first grade year because she is advanced in language arts and it was not challenging her at all. Suzanne
  14. Thanks for the link. This book does look very good! Suzanne
  15. I don't know of anyone who goes through the school district either. Everyone recommended that I register with an umbrella school when I first started. I prefer this method anyway. I don't want to involve our local school system in anyway. Suzanne
  16. I just made a sewing board timeline for my first grader. You can see pictures on them if you join the Mystery of History 1 group. It could be used with any curriculum. It folds up so you can store it when you are not using it. Suzanne
  17. Thank you so much for posting this information. I really appreciate it! I have been reading this forum for a few months, but I just registered so I could thank you. I have a daughter adopted from Kazakhstan and I am doing a unit on Kazakhstan with her over the summer. I have had a lot of trouble finding good materials to use and I found some great stuff on the website you posted. Thanks again, Suzanne
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