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  1. I would find a new vet. I have had vets recommend that I purchase from them, but they would still provide a prescription if I chose to go elsewhere. I used to have a dog that required a lot of daily medicine. We saved thousands of dollars on medication for him by shopping around. The price quoted at the vets was cost prohibitive for us and it was a medication he needed to survive. If your dog does not have fleas and ticks, I personally would not put him/her on flea/tick medication. Suzanne
  2. We use Tetley loose tea. We get it from amazon. We like it better than Lipton's loose tea. We keep thinking we will try something from Teavana, but we haven't yet. My mom bought me this tea maker - http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/breville-one-touch-tea-maker/ I never would have spent so much on a tea maker, but we really love it and use it all the time. Suzanne
  3. We moved a little over 2 years ago to an area with a really good school system. The high school is in the top ten for the entire state. My daughter, who I have taught at home since K, does not want to go. She will start high school in the fall. My rising first grader really wants to try public school. I may let her in a few years. Right now, she is too young to make that choice and I am not ready to let her. Suzanne
  4. Where do you find information for this? I looked at Pearson onine, but I couldn't find any information. I would love to supplement my husband's income too. thanks, Suzanne
  5. Can you fit a king sized quilt in a speed queen? I really want one when we replace our awful Kenmore. Thanks, Suzanne
  6. I'm so very sorry. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Suzanne
  7. I don't think you did anything wrong. I have been in similar situations with my mother in law. Her interference makes it harder for everyone and blows everything out of proportion. Your descriptions sounded just like it could have came from me. Also, I disagree with many of the posts about not correcting a child during a family gathering. If your child learns that you never correct them in front of others, they can also learn that they can act however they want in that situation. Consistency is important when teaching a new skill of any kind. One of my daughters cries even when she is gently corrected, but I do not avoid correcting her if it is needed. I'm sorry you were put in this situation by your mother in law. I am also sorry for any fall out you may experience. Blessings, Suzanne
  8. Our backyard - last year we put a saltwater pool in the backyard The floor plan works very well for our family The location Suzanne
  9. I have one more thought for you. I have white bookcases in my living room. I bought white metal magazine holders from Ikea. I organized all of my youngest daughter's school box in them. I like them better than plastic. They are white and blend in with my shelves nicely. They have other colors and styles as well. It was great having her school books so organized and it kept her from "stealing" them.
  10. I will sometimes bring a card with money. I have also given small stuffed animals and other small gifts. I have seen other people bring balloons, but I never do. Mine have always appreciated the small gifts or money just as much or more than the flowers. Suzanne
  11. The bins from Really Good Stuff are really durable. I don't know if I would want them in my living room, but I have some in my homeschool room. Suzanne
  12. If she really loves the Charter school, I would try doing both. However, I would explain that some days she would need to do extra work to make up for not being at home for two days. We frequently double up on some subjects to make up for days missed so for us it wouldn't be a big deal. You could also try doing one or two core subjects on the Co-Op day since it doesn't start until 10:00. Suzanne
  13. Just saw this post. I hope she is feeling better. Suzanne
  14. My husband's parents have an Ethan Allen couch that is very firm. I'm sure it was expensive, but they have had it for several years and it still looks and feels new. Suzanne
  15. I agree with the previous posts about the enrichment guide. We have really enjoyed it. We didn't buy the whole program either. My daughter goes to a tutorial one day a week so we follow their curriculum. I just added MP for enrichment. We have also really loved the craft book. The crafts are cute and doable. They have been a favorite this year for my daughter. Suzanne
  16. We used a belly band for my toy poodle when he started having problems. It really helps with the mess. I would also contact my vet. My dog was almost 19 when he started having problems. The belly bands are really gross to change. The concentrated dog urine has a terrible smell, but they really helped with messes in the house. Suzanne
  17. Your new table is really pretty. We covered our table with glass. It protects the table and it provides a smooth surface for writing. Sometimes, I also put maps under the glass. We have a US map and a world map right now. My girls look at them all the time. My husband laughed at me about them, but he looks at them too!! Suzanne
  18. When I had my allergy testing done a few years ago, I was told not to take Singulair. It may have changed, but I would check to be sure. i went by myself and it was fine. You probably won't need anyone to come get you. I would check about the policies too. If you have to get weekly shots, it would be a pain not to be able to have your kids with you. Suzanne
  19. Sorry for her loss. It sounds like she had an awesome learning adventure. Suzanne
  20. I didn't like the pockets so I had my daughter put her work in a binder. I used page protectors and it turned out really nice. I had to resize a few things to make them fit correctly, but I like the binder more than I would have liked the pockets. Suzanne
  21. If I could afford it, I would stick with her current preschool. We moved so my daughter had to switch preschools. She did fine, but we could tell she really missed her old preschool. Suzanne
  22. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Suzanne
  23. We've had this one for 2-3 years and it has been great: http://www.amazon.com/School-Smart-Vertical-Sharpener-Electric/dp/B003U6VSHU Suzanne
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