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  1. No, the requirements for the paper were not stated. Most of the students have been in his class before so I guess he just assumed they all knew how to head a paper. If he had given more opportunities for the students to improve their grade, I would not have expected the homework to receive more credit. However, he had two grading opportunities for an entire 9 weeks. The importance of hte quarter grade is that it will go on her transcript. I am trying to decide if I am overreacting. Suzanne
  2. Hi - My daughter is taking an outside class for history. I do not agree with the grade her tutor gave her. He told us at parent orientation that most children would fail his first test. He said that if they made a 40 or higher, tell them good job. If they made a 65 or higher, take them out to eat. I wasn't worried about it. my daughter is a very strong student. However, he only graded the one test and an essay. She made a 69 on the test. She didn't have a chance to make up for the test. Also, he gives a large amount of homework, but he doesn't give them much credit for it. He also took away points from her essay because she didn't head her paper the way he requires. She had not met him yet and wasn't aware of the procedure. As a result, my high achieving daughter received a 79 for her quarter grade. I am trying to decide if I should change her grade or not. It is allowable. I teach her four days a week and he has her for only 1. Thus, parents can adjust grades they disagree with. I have never went against any of her other tutors. What would you do? Why or Why not? Thank you, Suzanne
  3. I am so very sorry. It is hard to lose a beloved pet. Suzanne
  4. So sorry for what you are dealing with. It sounds very difficult. I pray you and your family will have relief soon. Blessings, Suzanne
  5. I would recommend Body Wrappers. They always seem to last very well for us. We are at a studio now that requires we use a different brand and they aren't nearly as nice. You can order tights much cheaper at Discount Dance than I could buy locally. I would buy one pair locally to test the fit and then order the rest. Suzanne
  6. So sorry. I went through a pretty bad house fire and all the aftermath a few years ago. We lost a ton of things due to smoke damage and some to the fire itself. We were out of our home for over 6 months. It is tough! I didn't cry for my things at all, but I cried buckets over the girls' things so I totally understand about the dresses. I had to remind myself often that we were so blessed. We weren't home when the fire started and since we were planning on leaving for vacation the next day. And, our dogs were boarded. Otherwise, they would not have survived because they stay in the kitchen when we leave where the fire started. It takes time and patience to go through it all. Hugs :grouphug:
  7. I have pretty bad asthma. I have always been told no sleeping medications whatsoever. I totally understand about the steroid insomnia. It can be pretty miserable. I hope you feel better soon. Suzanne
  8. So very sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family. Suzanne
  9. My oldest is 14 and 5'7". We just bought her a queen. It is big for her room, but she loves it. She was uncomfortable in the twin bed and wanted a bigger one. She is a tosser and turner like me so maybe that was part of the issue. She sleeps much better on the bigger bed. Suzanne
  10. So happy for you. We moved a few years ago and our daughter had to leave her dance studio. She cried and cried. I felt terrible. She ended up loving her new studio even more. I could totally relate to your post. Glad it worked out so well! Suzanne
  11. I'm so very sorry. Losing my dad was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. Suzanne
  12. Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I am just going to add in some of Sonlight's books for her to read. We have used their books in the past and really enjoyed them. I am going to hold off on literature until I see what her tutorial is actually planning. I will keep all of your suggestions in case I decide to add something later. Thanks again, Suzanne
  13. Thank you both for the suggestions! Suzanne
  14. Thank you for your suggestions. She will be doing Notgrass's Exploring World History. She will use their literature in her class, but it doesn't seem like enough to me. I may get more history related books for her or I may go a different direction. I am currently looking at literature based curriculum for ideas, but I thought I would post and see if other ideas came up. I looked at LLATL a few years ago and decided against it, but I will look again since I just need a supplement. Suzanne
  15. Hi - My rising ninth grade daughter will be taking classes at a tutorial one day a week. They provide lesson plans and assignments for us to do throughout the week. Overall it looks very good. However, I think the literature looks too light. I need some suggestions for literature curriculum that I could add to to their plan. I also need some suggestions for reading lists. We have always read a lot more than they will be assigning. Thank you, Suzanne
  16. If you truly want a dog and are prepared for the work it involves, then I would get the dog. For me, a dog is worth all the work, money, etc. That said, we got our latest when my youngest was one and it was harder than I expected. You can find tons of healthy dog food that meet your criteria. We use Fromm now, but we have also used Wellness. I would take the puppy to a formal puppy class. The socialization and training in a good class are well worth the time, money and effort. Suzanne
  17. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dog. It is so hard to lose a precious pet. Suzanne
  18. My 14 year old daughter found some cute two piece swim suits at Aerie. Some of them are appropriate and some are not so you have to pick and choose. We have yet to find a cute one piece that she needs to wear with her church youth group. Suzanne
  19. i had a male standard poodle that had seizures. He had the grand mal type and they were terrifying. Phenobarbital was a game changer for him. He was able to live and have a good quality of life for several years because of that medication. I would definitely give it a try. It was the first thing I thought about when I read your post. Our dog didn't really have any bad side effects from the medicine. I can remember being scared to give it to him. Our dogs are like family to us so I totally understand how hard it can be. Suzanne
  20. We had Robina laminate in our former house. It was really nice quality and we were always getting complements on it. It held up great too. Suzanne
  21. I have a fourteen year old and a six year old. I was concerned about the age gap, but it has been great. My fourteen year old is the best big sister and it is fun to have kids who are at totally different developmental levels. I am almost 48 so I am an older mom too. I would not change a thing. People can be so negative. Enjoy your pregnancy and your beautiful family! Suzanne
  22. Our studio doesn't reuse costumes. I wish they did. I have two girls in dance and last year I spent a fortune on costumes. The costumes they buy for competition get reused, but the recital costumes are all only wore once. So far, I have kept all of them. Suzanne
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