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  1. I agree with going to an Ortho doctor.  When I broke my foot, it didn't show up on x-ray.  I had to have an MRI.  The break started to show up on x-ray after the bone started.  If it is broken, you might need to be put in a walking boot to give the break time to heal.  Mine was very painful, but I have heard others didn't have much pain.  Hope you get better soon!




  2. I had a toy poodle that lived to be 19.  He went blind and deaf.  We just let him go where he wanted most of the time.  He was very familiar with our house and he did surprisingly well.  I would pick him up to put him outside to do his business and sometimes I would have to go get him to bring him inside.  He was often waiting by the door.  It worked for him because he wasn't very active by the time he went blind.  He slept a lot and spend a lot of time in my lap.  Good luck finding a solution for your baby.  It is hard to see them grow old.



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  3. I don't use Wellness dog food right now, but I have in the past.  I had a Standard Poodle with severe IBS.  We almost lost him before he turned 1.  Wellness fish formula combined with drugs allowed him to live to be 12.  I will always be thankful. 


    That said, I wouldn't recommend them right now.  They have had too many changes recently.  I give my current baby Fromm food and I have been very pleased with it.  We tried adding raw to her kibble as a puppy, but she just didn't tolerate it.



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  4. Get a poodle instead.


    I totally agree.  We have a standard poodle and she is great.  I suffer from allergies and asthma and she doesn't bother me at all. I can't wash her so we have to pay for grooming. She is our third standard.  I have also owned 2 minis and 2 toys before.




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  5. How many dogs do you have currently? One



    What breed? Standard Poodle



    What brand of food do you feed them? Fromm Surf and Turf



    How much do you think you spend on your dog every year? I don't even want to know!  She goes to the groomer every 2 weeks.  I have asthma and cannot deal with bathing her.



    How often do you leave them to travel?   Or do you travel with your dog?   We leave her several times a year.  My daughters dance competitively so we are gone for 3 or 4 weekends.  Then, we add in vacations, etc..



    What do you love about having a dog? I can't imagine not having a dog.  I have had one my entire life.  The unconditional love  and companionship is the best.



    What do you hate about having a dog? The heartbreak of their death or sickness.



    Will you always have a dog?  Yes!!  I will have a dog as long as I am able to care for one.



    How many dogs have you had in your life?  I have had 7 poodles of all three sizes.  I also grew up with numerous dogs. I would estimate around 12.



    Why do you have a dog?  I love them and they become like family members to me. 



  6. She is a fourteen year old ninth grader. I live in TN and most people who homeschool register with an umbrella school.  The umbrella school basically keeps a transcript for you and provides standardized testing.  At our Umbrella school, we are required to report quarterly grades. Most tutorials around here meet for class one or two days a week.  Then, they assign lessons for the rest of the week to do at home.

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