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  1. If you could only use one math program which would you choose and why? I really like both but I'm tired of trying to combine. Joshua would like to stick with R&S, Annette likes Singapore, so no combining there:). My younger ones are the ones I'm trying to decide. I know each child is different and you have to go with which one is best for that child, but I would like your in-put too:D. I have R&S Math for 1-3rd grade that are not being used anymore and am wondering if I should get rid of them or keep them because we have four more dc. Thanks,
  2. I am currently using R&S 3 with my 8yr. old dd who will be 9 in Sept. and in 3rd grade (late B-day) According to a recent assessment she has a word recognition of a high 8th grade. Phonics Word Analysis of mid 4th. Maximum they could get on this is high 4th. Mastered all phonics Oral Vocabulary (Word meaning) is mid 3rd Reading Comprehension is mid 7th My question is do you think I should continue to have her do a formal reading program like R&S? The workbooks are great and that is why I have continued with it, but now I'm wondering if it's a lot of busy work.
  3. I have used them alone for 1st grade but once they hit 2nd grade I add in R&S Phonics 2. As much as I love ETC I prefer the way R&S teaches phonics. If it's over kill for my dc to use both I'll drop ETC. HTH,
  4. Here is what we are using for 5th Grade: Grammar/writing- R&S 4 along with A Journey Through Grammar Land (minus the scrolls/workshee) I'm just adding it in to spice things up now and then. I really think R&S will be plenty. Math-R&S 4 & Math-it Spelling- A Reason for Spelling Level C (he is not a great speller) Reading- Drawn into the Heart of Reading by Heart of Dakota Read Alouds/History/Bible/Art/Science/Greek Roots- MFW CtG
  5. Just guessing but maybe the first 9 weeks are review. I have noticed that R&S begins with review from the school year before, which can easily be skipped by a homeschooler who continues math through the Summer. Nothing major just not stopping completely. Since it is written for ps like Plaid Dad mentioned who take a few months of break before the next school year, thus the review weeks. Again, I'm just guessing here:001_huh:
  6. No spelling for my 1st grader either. He copies words & sentences from Phonics Pathways and sometimes I dictate the sentences to him:001_smile:
  7. Jenn, those milk chocolate bears look so yummy! Now I want some chocolate :D
  8. I'm looking at the TM and it looks like it is the 3 Primers and 1, 2 & 3 books. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but those are the only ones I see. HTH,
  9. I just got mine last week. Dh helped me cut everything because I couldn't wait to use this with my 6 & 7yr old. I love it and the kids enjoy it. If we skip a day of our regular phonics or reading lesson but do some Happy Phonics games I am happy:D We have only used it for a week so far. I plan to use it with my older son who needs some reinforcements but he doesn't know it. I plan on having him play the games with his younger siblings. I told him I could use the help;) which is true by the way:001_huh: Almost everything is made out of cardstock, but I don't know what else they
  10. I guess for me I prefer to buy most of my curriculum from a homeschooler, even if I am paying more. Not saying that I never buy from Amazon. We are all different and I feel we meaning my family should honor their request. Bottom line is it's business. For me the big saving about buying a core or package is everything is done fore me.I don't have to search all over the place. That in it self is a big time saver for me and worth every penny. Blessings
  11. I may be old fashioned but I will honor the companies request. I may give it away but I will not resell it. My kiddos practice origami with any TM I can't resell ;). We used Calvert and you may resell everything but the TM. Again I have no problem with it. WP gives you the TM for free when you purchase their package. Although I have bought some exclusives that I didn't use and I'm stummped with what to do with them because they were $20.00 each and a $40.00 map. I think of it as supporting my homeschool community and I think this is one way I can help out. WP, Calvert or whoe
  12. Rod & Staff English, Math, Reading, Spelling, Penmanship & Phonics Singapore Math Those are the only curriculums that I have stuck with over the years. Blessings,
  13. I have tried to figure this out to. I can't find a Teachers Guide and the one from their website that another poster mentioned, I just couldn't figure it out. So is there a guide that tells you what to do daily or weekly? Blessings,
  14. We use www.bigmathtime.com you have to pay to use it but two of my dc love it. Once they are done with their math they can play a game. Math-U-See also has a speed drill on their website. There are math windows that you can buy from MFW just scroll down to see a picture of them. I'm sure you can find them some place else but at least you can see them. I am out of time. Won't be back on the computer for a week:001_huh: but that will give you a start. I'm sure other's will pop in. Blessings,
  15. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you use Abeka (I haven't but my ps nephew's have) you don't have to wonder if you kids are getting "enough" and it will let you research other options if you do want to get away from "traditional" kind of teaching. With SL's LA's they are getting enough but it just doesn't feel like it:001_huh: if that makes sense to you. Why add that to your plate during your first year. With Abeka or any other traditional curriculum you can always do some of it orally, or do it all it's up to you and you know you are covering your bases All that to add that I
  16. I would go with Sonlight 3 but use Abeka for Language Art's & Math. Only because it's hard to go from a traditional way of doing things to a Ruth Beechick style ( I do love the concept). Then you can research SL LA's later and see if you would like to switch the following year. You might get a little frustrated with SL LA's. Thats just my humble opinion:001_smile:. I used SL for 4yrs and loved it (minus the LA's;))
  17. I forgot to mention. None of my dc could read at age 2 or 3. The only one who took off with reading is my dd and that was at age 5yrs. My 6 & 7 yr olds both read at mid K level and they will be 7 & 8 in the Fall. As for Science we haven't done too much. This summer we are doing a small Dinosaur Unit Study from QueensHomeschool & some Magic School Bus. Math they are all at grade level and my oldest who will be in 5th grade this Fall is working on those multiplication & division facts. Hopefully he will have them memorized so we can start R&S Math 4 this Fall.
  18. Thank you ladies for your in-put. Basically I wanted to know because my ds scored pretty low the first time he took the DORA test. I expected he would because he struggles with reading & spelling. But since then he has been reading a lot and out of curiosity I had him tested again by DORA and he did so much better. Click here to see. Spelling was still pretty low but again I expected it to be. He doesn't spell very well. His test showed that he reads a little below grade level (which is a big improvement) so I just wanted to see how DORA was compared to some others or from your experie
  19. With my just turned 10yr. old I felt like we were alway playing catch up because his sister who is a year younger could read so much better than he could. I too have felt that nagging little voice:glare:. Well my dd read many books my ds only read from is R&S reader. I kept hearing that it's okay if their 'behind' because they catch up around 3rd grade. Third grade came and went and fourth grade was passing by pretty fast. My ds tested at a high 1st grade phonics and about mid 2nd grade reading. That really freaked me out. I kept wondering if maybe he was mildly dislexic, maybe w
  20. :iagree: I am not into reading them for our read aloud time. I did read the first one and after that if they wanted more they had to read them on their own:lol:.
  21. Hmm, I know that they have upgraded since then. Was it his comprehension that was high? My 8 & 10yr olds scored about a mid 8th grade level for comprehension (silent reading) but scored about grade level or a little above for everything else. My 6 & 7 yr. olds scored at a K level on everything but the comprehension they scored about a mid 3rd grade. Thanks,
  22. My 4th grade son (soon to be 5th grade) read at a low 2nd grade level (I had him tested)his phonics was mid 1st grade. This was 2 months ago. Since then he has been devouring the Boxcar Kids & has read some of the Magic Tree House. I had him tested again and now he is at or above grade level. These books may not be great literature and considered twaddle reading, but they sure helped out my son improve his reading. Now for this upcoming year I can add in some History & Science readers to go along with his Boxcar & Magic Tree House books. Blessings,
  23. Hmm, I'm only guessing here. I plan to use WWE but am not doing any formal grammar for 1st & 2nd grade. Maybe it can be used if you are using another grammar program (as someone has mentioned) or if you are not using anything formal at the time:glare: like I said, I'm just taking a wild guess. This gets me thinking, can you use WWE without using a formal grammar program? Will it still work? I think it will. They know some basic grammar. Can't wait to get my hands on WWE. Sorry I added more questions than answers. Maybe Susan will answer soon. Blessings,
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