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  1. Hi Marie,

    Haven't seen any posts from you lately. I pray all is well with you and your family.



  2. My oldest wet until he was 10, then just suddenly stopped. Before that we tried the drugs and an alarm. The alarm seemed to work very well. We just had to use it several times when the wetting started up again. My second son is now 11, and he too has had several dry periods, then starts to wet again. We just start using the alarm again, and within a couple of nights, he is back to dry. He has been dry now for a month or so, keeping our fingers crossed that he has now outgrown it. I highly recommend the alarm. It gives the boys a chance to take control of the situation themselves.
  3. Because it may not be good for them. Children develop in stages. They need to learn certain deveopmental skills before they move on to the next one. It's like learning to walk before learning to crawl; skipping this step can actually cause a child to have reading difficulties later! My daughter taught herself to read at age 4. She loved to read. But by age five, all that reading before her eyes were ready caused visual problems, resulting in expensive therapy and glasses. I wish I would have said, "Stop reading! Go outside and swing!". Just because our kids can do something, doesn't mean
  4. We just got Quelf for Christmas. This has to be the most hilariously fun game for a family or a group ever. During the game you pick cards where you have to write a poem, or play air drums with kitchen implements until someone rolls a 4, or while everyone else if listening to a card, you sneak off and go hide (and then everyone has to find you). You might have to go around the circle and name brands of clothes until someone can't think of any more, or answer a trivia question, or when the phone rings, everyone has to stand up and yell "Pizza Party". We had so much fun playing this! It say
  5. My husband just came home one day without his job. It was not anticipated at all. After the shock wore off, and we figured out we would have health care coverage for 6 months (important since I had breast cancer last year), we started the process of trusting God to provide. It took 5 mos, but he now has a good job (although a lesser position) with good benefits. The best way to support him is to encourage him to keep his daily routine, spending time looking for work, but also using the extra time to pray. My husband said he felt God wasn't closing a door, but opening up a tunnel, which m
  6. There's no place better than the Pacific Northwest! Green, beautiful, four seasons, perfect summer weather, fresh air and water. If you live near Portland, you are 90 minutes from the beach and 90 minutes from skiing or snow play mountains. It has a pretty good homeschooling network, not many homeschooling restrictions (notification and testing at 3rd, 5th, 8th, 10th). Loaded with culture, museums, historic sites (Lewis and Clark or Oregon Trail, anyone?). Can you tell I like it here? Now the bad news...as in many places, the job market is not good at the moment. Given time, the big
  7. My 10 yo loves his Leopard Gecko. He is quite friendly and fun to hold. It is very Jurassic park to watch him stalk and catch his prey, just about the best kind of boy fun. We are raising our own crickets in a box in the garage. They are easy to raise, and make such a pleasant chirping sound in the garage. We can raise 100 crickets in a month or so, just feeding them some cricket food, a little fish food, and small pieces of fruit or veggies.
  8. Those pesky critters strip off the top leaves of lots of things around my house, unless I cover them with netting. Any chance Bambi is around?
  9. Have you asked about a wound vac? This is supposed to encourage and speed up healing. I am currently hooked up to one 24/7 after a failed breast reconstruction. It works like this: a sponge substance is put in the open wound, covered with clear plastic, then a small vacuum is attached to it so that the wound is constantly under pressure. This encourages oxygen and fluids to the area to speed up healing from the inside out. My wound was pretty huge, but it is healing fast according to the nurse. Takes 1-3 months.
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