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  1. I just wanted to add, that I know exactly how you feel.  In fact, I feel it several times a year!  I can bang up a schedule with the best of them, but getting myself to do what is on the paper is a whole other story.  It is so hard, especially when there are no other options.  I look at other families who have the means for private school, and I admit I feel a little jealous at times.  However, I try to remind myself that the grass always seems greener etc.  I have to pray every single day before my feet hit the floor, "Lord, please give me the strength, discipline, and motivation to accomplish what you have called me to do."   You are not alone in this fight.   Hang in there! :001_smile:

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  2. Is there something about WWS that wasn't working for him?

    We got to about half way.  It just seem to get complicated.  Also, I don't know how the student is supposed to remember all of the different things being taught.


    I think WWS teaches outlining very well. I agree   I also think it teaches many other things quite well. I understand the format doesn't work for every child,  but it's about perfect for my seventh grader, and I will use it in some form for my other children, too.


    I am really not worried about the persuasive part yet, because I think WWS is teaching him how to write. And so I feel pretty confident he could do some level of persuasive essay now if I required it, but I think it's also perfectly fine to save the rhetoric/persuasive part for high school, and I see the value of SWB's approach there.


    I haven't seen Chreia. I do have Fable and the 2 narrative levels of CAP and have used them with another child, and have mixed opinions. But as to combining programs, maybe that is possible with WWS1 and an older student, but I know that with my seventh grader who will start WWS3 ~that's amazing! when it comes out this fall, I would be unable to do another full program along with WWS unless we took much longer than a year to finish. We already take periodic periodic breaks from WWS to write across the curriculum, but those weeks aren't as heavy for writing because they aren't following a syllabus and learning brand new skills.



    I agree with Penelope, the way WWS teaches outlining is really superior, IMO.  The problem with the outlining in Narrative 2 is that you are outlining narratives - fictional stories - which is different from outlining nonfiction texts.


    In the Chreia workbook, the student writes their Chreia one paragraph at a time, in the space provided.  It is up to the instructor if you want to have them type it and revise/edit it as a regular essay.  So yes, you have to give that additional instruction, but it's not a hard instruction to give.~ I understand now.  That sounds easy enough. 


    Chreia wouldn't be enough for us for 7th grade.  It's a really nice introduction to a very specific type of essay - a very structured essay, where it is clear to the student what they are meant to do in each paragraph.  It's a form of scaffolding that is very useful for us as we embark on learning to write essays.  But no, I can't say Chreia is a sufficient stand-alone program for a 7th or 8th grader, certainly not for a whole year - it's just 12 lessons.  ~Even if he is writing across the curriculum as well?  WWS is.  So if you just want to use one thing, and have it do all the teaching you need, you might stick with WWS if it's working.  ~Hmm there's the rub.  I think the problem is I don't get it, so it's hard for me to teach to someone else.  It just seems to make things more complicated than they need to be.  I don't get a clear picture of where we are going.  I so much wanted to like it though!


    WWS wasn't a good style fit for me as a teacher or for my dd as a writer, which is why we have investigated other options.  I also like using multiple curricula, in parts, as tools, for specific purposes.  So my advice might be totally unworkable for you, and for many other people!  Take it with a grain of salt.  Probably its only real value is that I'm one of only a few people who is using the upper levels of W&R with an older student. ~ I appreciate your help!



    Thank you very much, ladies.  This is one area a would love to outsource if I could afford it!


  3. Writing & Rhetoric teaches very basic outlining in Narrative 2, but the teaching of outlining in WWS is better, IMO.  Problem is, you only do 1-level outlines in WWS1, right? Or am I forgetting? Maybe it does introduce 2-level outlines at the end of the year.  I wonder if they (CAP) will teach outlining in more depth in the future books.  I'd love it if I could just stick with one program.  


    WWS & Chreia are teaching different things, and as such it would be complementary to use them both, if they both work for you. I love all that is taught in WWS, I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.   They are actually at about the same level, IMO, even though they are totally different.  But writing a good Chreia essay - particularly if you are having your student actually write it as a 6-paragraph essay, not just write individual paragraphs in the workbook - is quite challenging, my dd has found. Is this something I'd have to do on my own?  Is it not scheduled in the guide?  I thought that is what they are teaching the kids to do.   She did most of WWS1 and bits of WWS2 and is still learning new things from Chreia.  Chreia is a nice intro to essay writing, I think: the assignments are very constrained, very specific, so they can really practice the form and focus on their content paragraph-by-paragraph, they don't have to worry about constructing an essay form at the same time that they are constructing content.


    The child I want to use this with is in 8th grade.  We tried Medieval Writing with IEW (2 weeks) and I just did not like it.  I felt like the KWO didn't make him think enough.  Anyway, I really wanted to like it, but now I am back to the drawing board.  Is there one curriculum that teaches everything?  


  4. We've done about half of WWS and now we are sampling Writing and Rhetoric Chreia.  Would there be value in alternating between the two throughout the year?  They seem to be teaching different things (expository vs persuasive).  Or should I just focus on one?  Is there a writing program that teaches both?  Also, does Writing an Rhetoric ever teach outlining?   I feel like I need some direction, because I'm so unsure of myself in this area.  I don't think I've done so well with my older ones, and I don't want to repeat that mistake  :sad:

  5. My son is starting his senior year and these are the credits he needs:


    US Govt.


    Computer Technology

    NH State History


    He is a great student so it can be something independent.  I just need it to be very inexpensive.  Any suggestions?


    Thanks! :)

  6. Thank you, Karen! I will check it out.  

    I see you are using LOE with a 7th grader.  How is that working?  I am using it with my 3rd grader and Foundations with my Kindergartener.  I really love it and want to take the rest of my kids through it.  However they are all older.  How much do you do in a day?  You can pm me if you want to.  


    Thanks again,





  7. Thank you all, so very much.  I love the community here and how helpful everyone is!  I have spent all day working on it, and I feel much better now.  I did make a list of his resources, just so I would have it if I needed it some day.  I called the CC and they do need a transcript, but not a portfolio or anything.  It just feels good to have that done.  It has been bothering me for so long!  I used "Teascript" and am pleased with the results.  


    Thanks again!   :001_smile:

  8. I need someone to talk me down off this ledge! My son is a senior this year, and I am trying to make his transcripts. Well, lets just say I have not kept very good records.   :sad: The last few years have been difficult (moving a lot etc.) and I really failed in this area.  My son is a very good student, so I know he did the work.  I just don't have a lot of "proof".  I have some of his work in boxes etc. but nothing organized or anything.  I don't even remember everything he did!  The good thing is, he doesn't need to get into a prestigious college or anything.  He will just be attending a community college for at least 2 years. I don't even know where to start.  Crawling in a hole sounds good right now.  :(  


    Any advice?  I'll definitely be keeping better records for my upcoming freshmen!  Lesson learned.

  9. I highly suggest listening to the homeschooling in real life (homeschoolingirl) podcast. All of them a great, but really pay attention to the ones about hope shifting. They address the issue of kids leaving the faith. Wounderful stuff


    I already have, and yes they were terrific.  I probably should clarify…..  we don't follow the Maxwells.   I wasn't meaning my immediate family.

  10. Does anyone use DITHOR and the book packs with HOD?  I am using the 4/5 book pack for Preparing, but have not decided if I will add on DITHOR yet.  I am using the ER's with my 7yo with the supplemental titles as well.



    I am using it with my 9th grader, but haven't really with the others yet.  I'm just not sure I can swing it yet and don't really want to start if I can't follow through.  I'd LOVE to do it with all of them, but I'm just not sure yet how!    :001_unsure:

  11. First of all, thank you!  I am grateful that you all took the time to help me with specific advice.  I am finding it very helpful.  

    I noticed too, Shannon, that people at the book sale wanted to pay "yard sale" prices.  I even mentioned it to my husband when I came home.  I think I would've just kept all my expensive stuff home, because no one even looked at it (i.e. Sonlight core etc.)  I think you're all right about listing things ppd.  I know when I'm looking for curriculum, that is what I prefer.  I listed something yesterday, but haven't gotten any responses.  I thought it was a good price, but now I'm not so sure.   :001_unsure:   

  12. Please help!  I just spent a week getting everything ready for a used curriculum sale and all day working at it.  I only came home with a little over $100.  It just seems like so much time and work for such a little return.  I'd like to try selling some of it here, but I'm not quite sure how to price things and what's the best way to list them.  Should I add shipping or include it in the price?  What are your best tips for me?  


    Thanks so much!  


  13. I started my 8 year old this year in Logic of English.  I love it, he loves it….it's a win win! :thumbup1:   Most importantly though, I have seen a marked improvement in his reading/spelling.   I did not buy all of the extras though,  just the "must haves" and it is working fine.  The only thing I would have done differently is buy the pdf version of the workbook.  I don't really like the texture of the paper, and I have more children I want to use the program with.  


    Hope that helps!  :001_smile:

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