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  1. Is it worth getting the labpaq for Apologia Physics? I went to the website but can't find the contents of PK-S or any other ones. Thanks.
  2. Wow! Thanks. Are you aware of any curriculum for high schooler?
  3. After watching "the Planet Earth", my ds is insterested in that area of science. It has to do with how the environment/weather affects the life of the animals. What type of science is this, ecology, topography, environmental science, or something else?
  4. Thanks. Do you know if Lial or Foerster has geometry curriculum?
  5. How does Discovering Geometry compare with Jacobs? thanks.
  6. Thank you for all the posts. I have been looking at Chalkdust, Jacobs, Lial, and Foerster Algebra I now that I got a copy of these textbooks (yes, it took a while, because I was looking around for used copies). I also have my ds look at each curriculum, go through the lesson to see which one fits him better. Now I have narrowed it down to Lial and Foerster. Does anyone know where to find a solution manual for Foerster? I can teach the lessons so DVD is not what I am looking for. I just don't want to have to do the problems myself in order to check his work.
  7. We have the same requirements here, 1 year World History, 1 year US History, 1 semester government, and 1 semester econ. I was looking at TOG 4 year scope & sequence and it seems that year 3 and year 4 covers more US history (but not solely). I am not sure if I like the idea of using TOG Y3 & Y4 for 2 years but it only fulfill 1 year of US history requirement. All 4 years of TOG cover government. How does that work for 1 semester government requirement? Does it mean you don't get the credit until after you finish the 4 years? This is starting to get very confusing to me...
  8. Am I correct that for high school, you need world history, US history, government, economics? By using TOG, according to how much each year covers (Ancient World, Medieval World through the American Revoluation, 1800's, 1900's), if you finish Y1 then decide not to continue (hypothetically), then you will not get the credit for world history or US history since the curriculum is not divided in a way that Y1 is world history Y2 is US history. Am I correct? Does it make sense? Has anyone done 1 year with TOG then switch to other curriculum?
  9. Back from vacation.......Now is the real world. Is it possible to start TOG in 9th grade? I have read from other posts that TOG needs a bigger learning curve and it's better to start early. Is the prep work very time consuming?
  10. Thanks! That was very helpful. How about TOG? How do they incorporate their theology into the curriculum, if at all? Is MFW grade-specific?
  11. Why are there so many editions of Lial's? Are the changes for the better? What are the changes? I see one advantage of having many older editions is that it's easier to find the textbook and it's cheaper. Thanks.
  12. Did I just say 'run' across? I must be tired. I meant 'come' across! Just curious, what theology background (or denomination?) do the people put together either TOG and MFW have? Anyone knows?
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